The First Post


All blogs must have a first post to start it off…so here I proceed to ramble…

We had written travel blogs over at another site but as our travels grew, we decided to start a new one because there are so many things we want to share and record.

There are those funny embarrassing moments of our mistakes while traveling, those breath-taking moments when we first saw some sceneries and also various interaction with people around us or with our child. These are stories we want to remember and reminisce.

I’m also thinking of sharing some stories on trips we had taken even before we got married. They are almost a decade ago and the places may have changed but some stories might still be interesting to some people.

I have a few supportive friends who love to read our stories of travel and I hope to be making new ones too through this blog as we discuss and share places to see or go or places to eat. Yes, we enjoy good food too!

The first few posts would be about our Taiwan Trip and subsequently, continuation from where we left off, the remaining 4 days of the trip. Hope to get it up as soon as possible though I’m still working now and I have limited time to blog at night.

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