Koh Samui: Departure from Resort & Flight

Travel Period : 9th Jun – 13th Jun 2011

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A farewell photo taken outside our room’s gate

I had set my alarm to wake me up early on this last morning, as I wanted to go for a swim at the Lamai Beach once more. When I arrived at the beach, the sun had already risen, which was actually a good thing since the ocean would be better illuminated and thus offering a clearer view underwater. The beach was completely vacant and it felt like the entire beach belonged to me!

On the other hand, it did feel a little scary since if anything was to happen to me, nobody would know and be able to come rescue me in time. That’s why I had to watch myself and tread carefully, trying not to swim at the deeper parts of the beach.

After a 30-minute swim, I was satisfied and returned to our room to take a shower. Soon, Cat and Dar woke up too and we made our way to the restaurant for our breakfast. After that, we decided to head for the beach as a family again. Similar to the morning before, all three of us had a great time together and were contented with the ample time we had at the beach.

We then went back to our room to shower and finish our packing, so that we were able to check out the room by noon.

Taxi to Sabienglae

After locking our luggage bags, we left them at the lobby under the care of the resort and got ourselves ready for lunch. Our plan was to visit the Sabienglae Restaurant, a famous eatery recommended by many locals.

We had noticed several taxis constantly waiting in front of our resort and the resort staff offered to help us flag for one while negotiating the fees. Though most taxis on the island are supposed to be running metered fare, the reality is that most don’t and rely on a negotiated fixed price with their customers instead.

The staff managed to get us a good rate of 250 baht (around S$10) for the ride. It was already a good bargain according to my knowledge, though it was still quite expensive given the cost of living in Koh Samui, as we soon found out that the restaurant was actually just about 10 minutes’ drive from our resort.

Upon arrival, we finally realised out where the restaurant was at exactly. It was indeed along the route we had passed by several times during our trip but we could never located this signboard. Guess we just weren’t fated to patronise it until this very last day?

Anyway, the taxi driver who brought us here had left his contact number with us before he left, and said that he would fetch us back to the resort when we were done with our food, at the same taxi fee of 250 baht. This was very thoughtful of him since it could be difficult to flag a cab along the road from here.

Taxi to Tesco Lotus 

He arrived promptly after I made the call but instead of returning to the resort directly, we changed our minds and wanted to visit Lamai’s Tesco Lotus mall (we had a fulfilling visit at Chaweng’s) since we still had time to spare before the scheduled time to leave for the airport.

The cab driver agreed to bring us there at 200 baht and after dropping us at the mall, he told us he would fetch us again after we called him, for only 50 baht to bring us back to the resort. Good service provided by him and we certainly were very impressed!

In the mall, we were disappointed to find out this Tesco Lotus paled in comparison with the one at Chaweng, in terms of scale and choice. As a result, we called for the driver soon after and once again, he arrived promptly to fetch us back to the resort.

Back at the lobby, we still had time to spare. Instead of waiting at the rather humid lobby area, we went into the adjacent Reading Room which was air-conditioned. There were books and two Macintosh available for web surfing.

To Samui Airport

With such a nice environment to sit in, time passed by quicker and it was soon time to return to the lobby to take our free resort’s transport back to Samui Airport.

We bid the resort staff farewell, got on the mini-van and arrived at the airport about 20 minutes later.

After checking in our luggage, we were told to head towards the gates on the other side of the airport. Reaching there, we were quite surprised at how different the airport’s departure hall was.

Basically, it was an open area instead of being enclosed and air-conditioned, with shops lining up along the sides. The Swensen’s Ice Cream shop was particularly welcoming, given the hot weather. I guess that’s why the departure hall was designed to be in an open space, so that travellers would become very tempted to patronise the shops to take advantage of their air-conditioning? ^^|

The Strawberry sorbet was too sour…

Boarding at Departure 

As the time to report at the departure gates was nearing, we started to head towards the boarding area, where almost all the travellers taking the same flight as ours were already assembled there. The announcement soon came for us to board the trams which would bring us to the plane.

After we had boarded the trams however, the weather suddenly turned for the worse and rain began to pour. Instead of bringing us to the plane so that we could wait for the rain to stop in it, we were stuck on the tram instead for quite a while. The tram was humid inside because plastic sheets had been put down on the sides to shield us from the rain. It wasn’t a pleasant experience thus.

Fortunately, the rain stopped a while later and we could finally board the plane.

As the plane began to take off, it marked the end of our 5D4N trip at Koh Samui, the longest overseas trip we had with Dar so far. We had thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it was a memorable and enriching experience for our family of three! ^^