Koh Samui: [Food] Sabeinglae Restaurant

Travel Period : 9th June – 13th June 2011

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The setting of the restaurant was cosy and had a village-like feel to it, and the waiter who attended to us was very attentive and patient to our enquiries.

We ordered a bowl of Tom Yum Goong, a steamed fish, fried prawn balls and satay (the last two dishes were recommended by the waiter). We also ordered some drinks which came in tall, large glasses.

When our food arrived, something else had come along with it unfortunately — the flies. Since the surroundings mainly consisted of drains and vegetation, flies were quite abundant and they were really irritating, even entering into our glasses to taste our drinks on several occasions! Nevertheless, we had no choice but to constantly fan them away while we were eating our meal.

The experience would be better without the flies. We had to gobble up our food before the flies settle on them…

The food was quite tasty, especially the plate of fried prawn balls. The same couldn’t be said for the satay dish though as we felt that the ones at Lamai’s ‘Walking Street’ were better. The steamed fish was huge and tasted quite nice, though it was on the expensive side compared to Ninja Crepe.

After finishing our food, we went down to the lower deck of the restaurant to look at the coastline. The beach was mainly rocky and thus not suitable for swimming, with some construction work going on there.

Sabeinglae Restaurant
438/82 Moo1, Maret Road, Lamai Beach, Ko Samui 84140, Thailand

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