Koh Samui: Laem Sor Pagoda

Travel Period : 9th Jun – 13th Jun 2011

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[ Getting There ]

We drove southwards along Route 4169 towards Laem Sor Pagoda and turned into Route 4170 which would lead us to our destination, according to the map. The drive on this road was very smooth due to the lesser number of vehicles. The scenery along the way was also more rural and natural compared to the areas closer to Lamai and Chaweng.

We knew we had to turn into a small road along the way but despite looking for the sign post closely, we still missed the turn the first time round. Realising that we were travelling further from our intended place, we made a 3-point turn to backtrack along the road until we finally found the entrance into a small road named ‘Soi Laem Sor’. Throughout our drive, we had not come across any sign to the pagoda so this place wasn’t a well-known place of interest for tourists.

This road was much narrower and lined by many tall trees. There was no further road signs along this path and we were starting to wonder if we were going the right way. With the sun setting soon, we definitely wouldn’t want to end up getting lost here!

Fortunately, as we kept on heading straight while keeping our fingers crossed, we were finally relieved when we spotted the golden pagoda in the distance. Phew!


We parked our car at a small parking area just outside the temple and started walking in, spotting some roosters, cats and dogs along the way, which got very much fascinated with.

This place was quite void of visitors, thus confirming that it wasn’t as popular place of interest among visitors. Furthermore, this place wasn’t easily accessible. Because of this though, the place gave us a serene and peaceful atmosphere while we were exploring the area freely.

Next to the pagoda and temple is a beach, thus providing us with a picturesque view of the sea beside the pagoda. As for the pagoda itself, I had thought that it was painted in gold but realised it was in a mustard colour indeed. Well, this colour wasn’t as impressive looking as it was to be in gold but guess there was a reason for the color.

We stood there at the fence, looking at the calm sea for a well. The view brought a sense of peace and quiet to us. It felt we would disturb the surroundings if we even talk. Dar walked freely around the place, exploring it. It was all fenced so we just kept a close eye on him.

The sun was setting so we had some photography fun by taking some interesting pictures. Frankly, there was nothing much to do there as we are not Buddhist and do not intend to pray. We just wanted to come here to take a look at the architecture of the temple.

There was a family living beside the temple, probably care-takers of the place. Dar found their cat and stroked it. A little child was eyeing him cautiously afraid he might hurt the cat but he was so gentle with it.

Cleaning his hands with anti-bacterial wet wipes thereafter, we went back to our vehicle and planned to head for the other pagoda within the vicinity. This pagoda we were intending to visit possesses the same name too so it may be a little confusing to the visitors. Unlike the one we had just visited though, this pagoda is situated on a hill and will thus offer an even nicer view from its vantage point.

As we left the temple and drove on the small road again, we came across a junction and turned into it, only to hit another intersection. Unsure of where to go next, we decided to head back to the temple again to seek for directions. When I spoke to a local lady sitting there about our destination, she took a look at our car and immediately discouraged us from going up the hill, as she felt that only 4WD (4-wheel drive) vehicles would be able to go up its steep slopes.

Hearing that, we were a little disappointed but knew that we should listen to her advice. We thus decided to call off our plan to go up. Anyway, looking towards the direction which she had pointed out, we could vaguely see a temple on a hill not far away. So it seemed that the pagoda was accessible via one of the roads at the intersection we came across earlier.

Having completed our sightseeing here, we hit the road once more towards our next destination — Nathon!

{ This post was written in 2011 after the trip }

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