Koh Samui: Lamai Beach

Travel Period : 9th Jun – 13th Jun 2011

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I woke up at around 7am after my alarm rang, wanting to catch a glimpse of the sun rise at Lamai Beach.

When I reached the beach however, I felt disappointed because like what I’ve expected, there wasn’t any spectacular sun rise, unlike what we had experienced in Langkawi. The sun had already risen up quite a bit on the far East behind some hills so I had woken up late. Nevertheless, looking towards the direction from where the sun was rising, any beautiful view of a sun rise would have been blocked off by the hills anyway.

In the next half an hour or so, all three of us were already at the resort’s restaurant having our breakfast. We had planned to head straight for the beach right after our breakfast, after returning to our room to pick up our beach bag and dressed ourselves in swim wear.

Being our second last day here in Koh Samui, it’s about time we started hitting the waves!

Our plan for the day was changed to include fun times at the Lamai Beach and exploring the town, since we had not been able to do so since we arrived here. Also, since Lamai’s ‘Walking Street’ is held on Sundays, we should be able to finally experience what this ‘Walking Street’ was all about, provided it wouldn’t rain again. *prays*

We found two sun beds which were not occupied (many guests reserved their beds by placing their beach towels on them). A resort staff was helpful by dropping by to help open the sun umbrella to provide some shade for us.

After applying sunblock lotions on ourselves, I brought Dar down with me first into the shallow parts of the beach. We had thought with the warm-up session with our plunge pool the day before, Dar would be comfortable with water play. Unfortunately, we were wrong and once again, he started whining and resisted going into the sea.

While we tried our best to ease Dar’s fears, a slightly bigger wave came by and splashed onto his face, making him drank in some of the salty sea water accidentally. Just as we were anticipating a louder cry or complaint from him, Dar started laughing instead!

Following this, his mood immediately changed, with his fears vanished suddenly! Come to think of it, this was exactly the same behaviour when we were at the plunge pool, where he only started enjoying after drinking a little of the pool water.

Hmm… So from that point onwards, it was all fun for our family of three, with Dar walking about in the water merrily. He would enjoy walking to and fro between us and occasionally leapt forward into our embrace when he got near. He even dipped his head into the sea water several times!

Some time later, I decided to go for a swim further down the sea while Cat helped look after Dar.

This beach has many rocks at the areas just a little deeper in. Upon realising that, I thought this was a bad thing since it would make swimming difficult and dangerous.

The part of the beach which was rocky

However, my perception immediately changed the moment my head went underwater while with my goggles on.

Besides being able to see the rocks quite clearly due to the clear waters, I was surprised to be seeing quite a number of fishes swimming freely among the rocks!

That had really amazed me as I had not expected fishes to be living so near to the shores. Moreover, these fishes were quite beautiful in shape and colour, especially those clad in blue or yellow. I also managed to see schools of small fishes swimming around, rock-like fishes and even a snail-like creature crawling along one of the rocks. I believed I had managed to spot some live corals too.

I would have expected such scenes to be found only on islands off Koh Samui, like the Koh Tao island, which is well-known for its snorkeling activities. Little did I know I was able to get a similar experience (of course this shouldn’t be as impressive compared to Koh Tao’s) right here! Though we didn’t have any snorkeling goggles, our swimming goggles managed to serve the similar purpose of allowing us to open our eyes to see what’s in the sea. We just had to catch our breaths now and then.

After I swam back to Cat, I told her what I’ve seen and we switched roles so she could go swim around and check out the marine life beneath while I looked after Dar.

She enjoyed the experience too though she had accidentally brushed her feet against one of the rocks, which was rather painful. Luckily there wasn’t any bruise.

Feeling we had stayed in the waters long enough, we got back to our sun beds and made our way to the outdoor shower area, where we used the sprinkler to wash the sand off our feet. We then returned to our room to have our showers, before preparing to head out again, this time to explore Lamai Town!

{ This post was written in 2011 after the trip }

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