Koh Samui: Night Market & Dinner

Travel Period : 9th Jun – 13th Jun 2011

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When we returned to the streets of Lamai, we decided to bring along our stroller, even though we already knew that the roads could be difficult to navigate and even dangerous due to the traffic (other roads not involved in the ‘Walking Street’ were still open to the vehicles). Dar was reluctant to walk, especially after he had gotten his new toy train to play with, as he would rather be constantly fiddling with it, complaining the moment we took it away from him.

Anyway, to minimise the danger and inconvenience, we would be very selective in deciding when to put him in the stroller and when to carry him in our arms.

As the skies began to darken, we walked on and passed by some bars. Just beside them were some food stalls which were set up along the roadside. We were already satisfied with the local delights we had tasted earlier at the ‘Walking Street’ so we weren’t keen to patronise them. Furthermore, we would be having our dinner soon so it wasn’t wise to fill our stomach with food at this moment.

We were feeling thirsty though and got ourselves a cup of mixed fruit juice from one of the stalls, which tasted nice with a mixture of sweetness and sour. Dar seemed to enjoy it too!

Moving on, we arrived at the ‘Lamai Night Plaza‘, with its neon signboard brightly lit up at the entrance. It is a section of the ‘Walking Street’ (Night Market) with sale of local and international products.

As we turned into the alley, we were surprised that the crowd there was quite pathetic, with only a few tourists walking about and browsing through the numerous stalls lined up there.

As for the stalls, many varieties of wares were available, such as footwear, clothes, watches (mostly imitates), accessories for mobile phones and souvenirs etc. As we walked pass the stalls, we felt uneasy being one of the few visitors there, though we were glad that the stall owners didn’t really harass us or were being pushy.

In fact, we were sympathetic to them since they must have spent time and effort setting up their stalls to have such a poor turnout in the end. Maybe they had already expected this since this was their low season for tourism? ( this was in early- mid June)

At one of the stalls, we were interested in getting one of the nice pairs of sandals for Dar but they didn’t have his size. When we passed by a shop selling souvenirs later on, some magnets in the form of mini slippers caught Cat’s attention. These magnets had famous brand names of beers and soft drinks written on them. After chatting with the stall owner, we realised that they were hand-made by him (probably using discarded tin cans?). Innovative and great workmanship!

With that, we completed our visit to the night plaza and were deciding where to go next. With fifteen minutes more to 8pm (our arranged dinner time), we decided to venture just a little further.

When we came to a cross junction, we spotted a ladies’ footwear shop. We had not noticed this shop in the day as it was not brightly lit up like now. There were quite a wide choice of different footwear in the shop and Cat was quite spoilt of choice.

Satisfied with her purchase, we headed back towards the resort. We were slightly late then and we quickly headed back to our room to keep the stroller before heading to the restaurant.

Seeing us, the staff courteously led us to our reserved seats and remarked that our food would be served in a minute. When we made the reservation earlier in the day at the lobby, there were two menus to choose from and I chose the one with Tom Yum Goong (we could drink this for every meal in Thailand!).

Anyway, unlike the daytime when we had our breakfasts there over the last few days, the restaurant possessed a completely different mood in the night. The dimly lit lights helped bring out quite a romantic ambience.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we spotted a few 孔明灯 (Sky Lanterns) rising to the skies from a distance. They were actually hot-air lanterns that rise to the sky after being lighted, usually for the owner to hope that the wish written on the lantern will come true. We did notice these lanterns for sale at one or more places which we had visited over the past few days.

The food soon arrived and unlike what we had expected, the various dishes in our menu were placed in small bowls and arranged neatly on a tray. At first glance, it appeared that the quantity was too little to serve the two of us, though we later realised that they was actually adequate event for the three of us. Interestingly, the white rice was served wrapped in a cone-shaped banana leaf.

Near the end of our meal, some loud noises were heard from a distance and when we looked towards that direction, we saw some fireworks lighted up on the other side of the island. Someone had probably bought some local fireworks to light them up for fun.

That was how we passed our final night in Koh Samui, and we made our way back to our room to sleep on the bed for one last time. It’s packing time the following day in preparation for our departure!

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