Kuala Lumpur: Aquaria KLCC

Travel Period : 9th Nov – 12th Nov 2011

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Day 2 Morning Itinerary :

  • Berjaya Times Square  –>>
  • Kuala Lumpur City Centre (Suria KLCC Shopping Mall –>> Aquaria KLCC)
How We Got There :
Took Imbi Monorail // Alighted Bukit Nanas Station // Walk a short walkway to Dang Wangi Station along the Kelana Jaya Line // Alighted two stops at KLCC Station // Short walk to Suria KLCC Mall

We were glad to see an energetic and healthy Dar in the morning as he woke us up at his usual waking time of just after 7am.

We had set our alarm at 8am the night before to take our buffet breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant over at the West Wing but looked like the alarm wasn’t necessary. It was another long walk from our room in the East Wing, which further affirmed our need to change our room by this afternoon to avoid more inconveniences like this.

How Far We Had To Walk

When we arrived at the Big Apple Restaurant where we were to have our breakfast, we were glad that things went smoothly and we were directed to a table by the window, where we could have a good view of the city. Food wise, the variety was just alright, though we did feel sick of having the same food for breakfast over the next few days.

Our plan for the day was to visit the Indoor Theme Park in Berjaya Times Square first thing in the morning, believing that it would open at 10am, same time as the shopping mall. Alas, when we arrived there, we were surprised to find out that it would only open at noon! We should have checked their opening hours the day before when we were passing by there… As a result, we had to think of an alternative plan for the morning.

Fortunately, we had already discussed on several places that we could visit during our 4D3N stay, which includes KLCC, Sungei Wang and Mid Valley Megamall (yes, we were tempted to visit the place again after our last trip there). In the end, we decided to visit KLCC first as we would like to bring Dar to its aquarium, Aquaria KLCC.

After asking for directions from a hotel manager to get there, we headed to the Imbi Monorail Station which was situated just next to Berjaya Times Square and is accessible via a bridge on the First Floor of the mall at the East Wing.

Dar was very excited upon knowing that we were going to take the monorail, especially after watching them moving on the tracks from our room’s windows the day before. After we bought the tickets (RM1.60/adult, free for Dar), we went through the ticket gantry and walked up the first flight of stairs we saw, only to discover that we were on the wrong platform.

We thus had to walk down the stairs and go through a short tunnel to get to the opposite platform. However, Dar thought we were going to abandon our plan to take a monorail and started whining and protesting, despite us explaining to him that we were still going to take the monorail. He must be really looking forward to be riding on it.

All smiles again after we got onto the correct platform

The monorail didn’t take long to arrive and was only relatively crowded. Although I was carrying Dar in my arms, we didn’t have difficulty getting a seat. Similar to all our subsequent rides on monorails and trains there, we were glad to disvoer that people on board were always very proactive in giving up their seats to us.

Anyway, what I liked best about the monorails was its air-conditioning. Despite how hot it was in the outdoors, the temperature inside the vehicle was always very cooling and comfortable, even if it was crowded.

We alighted three stops later at the Bukit Nanas Station, where we had to walk along a long sheltered pathway after leaving the station to make our way to the Dang Wangi Station along the Kelana Jaya Line. Our ten-minutes journey was littered with dust and carbon monoxide due to the many vehicles (often old and poorly maintained ones) passing by. The hot weather didn’t help in making our journey easier too. At the end of the path, we crossed an overhead bridge and arrived at the station. Its platform reminded us of that in Singapore.


We took a short ride of two stops before we arrived at the KLCC Station. After that, we took a short walk to get into the Suria KLCC Shopping Mall. This mall reminded us of the shopping malls we see along Orchard Road and so we weren’t really interested in exploring and shopping there.

After asking the security guards for directions, we headed towards a very long underground tunnel inside Suria KLCC. When we reached the other end, we saw a sign pointing towards the car park and we had to walk through before reaching Aquaria KLCC. We also saw some construction ongoing for a new and more convenient pathway so future visitors will have a smoother journey there.


I bought tickets for all three of us, since children above the age of 3 need tickets to enter too. At the entrance, we were approached by some staff for photo-taking. We agreed since it’s obligation-free and we wouldn’t mind getting our family photo as a souvenir if it turned out o be nice.

Our time in the aquarium was pretty fun and interesting, and we were surprised to learn that the place houses more than just aquatic creatures, such as reptiles and spiders.


We went through the underwater tunnel twice. It was a nice experience.


At noon, we caught a ‘feeding show’ where a staff in divers suit fed the fishes and turtles in front of a viewing panel. What a magnificent view it was as he was swarmed by the fishes and a huge stingray.


Satisfied and somewhat tired after our stay of nearly 2 hours there, we started walking the same route back to the KLCC Station and made our way back to Berjaya Times Square.

Dar was tired after our morning trip and long walks. Furthermore, we had not brought along his stroller, so we didn’t stay at KLCC and visit the Twin Towers. We had our lunch before heading back to our room so that Dar could finally have his afternoon nap.

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