Kuala Lumpur: Berjaya Indoor Theme Park

Travel Period : 9th Nov – 12th Nov 2011

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Day 2 Afternoon Itinerary :

  • Berjaya Times Square  –>>
  • Indoor Theme Park (Located on 5th Floor of the Mall)


When Dar woke up from his nap and finished his afternoon milk feed, it was finally time for us to bring him to the Indoor Theme Park in Berjaya Times Square. This was a key reason why we had chosen this hotel over others in Kuala Lumpur.

Before that, we wanted to change our room. When I checked with the hotel managers both during the night before and in the morning, both of them had told us that a room has already been arranged and reserved for us, and we should be able to move in by mid-afternoon.

When we called the reception regarding this matter, the receptionist said she would call us back with an update but after some time, we were still not receiving any call. Therefore, we decided to just pack our luggages and move over to the hotel lobby ourselves instead, since we were not intending to use the services of a bell boy anyway.

When we reached there however, we were disappointed to find out that the room was not ready yet as according to them, the guest currently staying in the room had opted for a late checkout. We were thus instructed to put our luggages in their luggage room and return to the lobby at least one hour later, when things would be ready. Not wanting to waste our time time just waiting there, we decided to go ahead with our plan to visit the theme park.

In the mall, we took the lift up to the 5th floor and got our complimentary tickets exchanged for the wrist bands to gain entrance into the park, before taking an escalator up to the 7th floor to the Fantasy Garden, which is catered to younger kids like Dar.

Let our wrists unite!
Let our wrists unite!

The park was pretty well-kept and spacious, especially when there was hardly any crowd. As a result, we did not need to queue much for all the rides we took that day.

We first headed to the Botanic Drive ride, consisting of individual 4-seater car rides, designed to be look like safari jeeps. Dar wanted to sit on our laps when we got onto the ride but we declined, convincing him to take a seat himself using the steering wheel as a distraction from his fear. Overall, it was a smooth ride which consisted of several rounds on a short track, though he wasn’t really interested in this ride. Therefore, we ended up only taking this ride once.


Next on, we headed for the ride which we believed Dar would like most — the Fantasy Trail, which is basically a train ride around the perimeter of the theme park. With Dar’s love for trains, no doubt this would become his favourite ride here in the park.


Similar to the Botanic Drive ride earlier, he insisted in sitting on our laps, refusing to take a seat by himself as he was afraid he would fall off the train. Seeing that this train ride has indeed no protective barrier around it with a low ledge, we agreed to let him sit on one of our laps for safety reasons.

As the train moved off, Dar started getting excited and happy, especially when we passed through the dark tunnels along the way. Surprisingly, he was not afraid of the darkness nor the creepy spiders inside the tunnels. Instead, he was getting fascinated with the train going through them since he had always been coming across them in books and shows.


Besides the train, we also tried out the Buddy Go Round ride, a carousel which consisted of those horse rides and capsules going round and round. We chose one of the capsules so that we could sit together while the ride went in circles. Dar was a little afraid while looking quite uninterested, except when the music was played, when he would be listening attentively. After that, he refused to take the ride again so that was the only time we got to sit on this ride.

Thus, Dar spent most of his time at the playground area, which consisted of a typical playground with ladders and slides, and another for younger kids with small houses and structures. Dar was very interested in the latter, especially so for the house, where he would be doing things like pretending to wash his hands at the sink and closing/opening the windows.


As the evening came, we decided to leave the park and go for our dinner. Dar was satisfied with his time at the theme park so he didn’t complain. After that, we walked around the shopping mall for some shopping time. We decided to keep our wrist bands intact in case Dar decided to return again before the day ended.

It was around 9pm and Cat wanted to do some shopping so we parted ways. Dar and I continue to explore other parts of the mall.

Then at about half an hour before the theme park was to close (it closes at 10pm), Dar and I decided to re-visit it again, after he told me he was interested to ride the train again. As a result, we quickly headed back to the main entrance on the 5th floor, hoping that we could still gain access into the park. Fortunately, all went smoothly and we were granted entrance by the staff despite it closing soon.

When we got to the train ride on the 7th floor again, we were surprised to see a few others waiting to take the ride too. Finally, we managed to take another two rides on it.

Just when we were about to leave the park, we came by the Crazy Bus ride, where the bus would move in an anti-clockwise fashion vertically. When we passed by it earlier in the day, Cat and I didn’t think Dar would like it as we thought he would be afraid of its movements.

At that time however, Dar told me that he was interested in the ride and so I decided to take a risk to ride it once with him, especially when there was no other patron for the bus ride then. Still, in order to play safe, I asked the ride operator to stop the ride in case Dar became frightened and cried to get off it. Fortunately, all went well in the end with Dar enjoying his ride, especially when I pointed out to him the various decorations we saw within the park when the bus reached greater heights.

[ Side-Story: Room Change Problems ]

We then met up with Cat and started making our way back to the hotel lobby, trusting that our new room would definitely be ready by now. We were even expecting that our luggages could have been moved into it by the initiative of the hotel staff. To our dismay however, we were informed that the room which was supposedly reserved for us was no longer available, as it was ‘faulty’, according to their words. Instead, they had assigned a ‘bigger, better’ (quoting their words again) Executive Suite to us.

As it was already past 10pm at that time, we only wanted to quickly settle down in a room so we could wash up and most importantly, shower Dar so that he could get his sleep. Nevertheless, we were still feeling very disappointed when we entered our new room. Yes, it did appear to look bigger at first glance (though I believe it was the same or even smaller than our previous Superior Room) but it lacked the many amenities which we would need as a family.

This room does not have a pantry which I had been using to prepare Dar’ milk and wash his accessories, no separation of the sleeping area from the living area, a huge empty space around the bed that serves no purpose, smaller shower and toileting areas, and no access to look out of the windows for Dar (blocked by tables and sofa).

As a result, I had no choice but to return to the hotel lobby again (nobody picked up the phone after I tried calling several times from the room) to highlight our concerns. Initially, the manager (it is always different managers attending to us as they are running on shifts) replied that they have no other Superior Room available but when I insisted on one, she checked her system again and all of a sudden, told me that there was actually still a room available. Why didn’t they just give us this room in the first place then? Sigh…

So after going through all this trouble, we finally managed to settle down in our new Superior Room, which to our relief, had exactly the same layout as our previous room in the West Wing. If we knew we had to go through so much trouble just to get our room changed, we would definitely have not asked for it.

We then proceeded to go for our showers and prepare Dar for his sleep. After which, we stayed awake a while longer to catch some nice shows on the TV.

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