Kuala Lumpur: Day 1 To Mid Valley

Travel Period : 19th Dec – 21st Dec 2010

It was 3.30am on Sunday when we woke up to wash up and pack in our toiletries, before waiting for the arrival of my in-law’s car. Waking up so early and waiting excitedly for our trip inevitably reminded us of the time when we went to Genting Highlands together more than a year ago. Dar was just over one year old then.

This time round however, we would not be following them up to the highlands but had instead arranged with her father to drop us off at the Petronas petrol station along the Kuala Lumpur – Seremban Highway (E2), just after passing by the Sungai Besi Toll Plaza from the south. According to my Malaysian colleague, this petrol station is a common place where long-haul buses drop off their passengers so we shouldn’t face much problem catching a taxi into Kuala Lumpur city from there.

Learning from our experiences in Langkawi, we brought along Dar’s pillow and blanket so that he could sleep more comfortably for the trip, both in the car and at the hotel.

The journey up North was smooth and we arrived at the Petronas petrol station at around 9am after a 4-hour car ride. Once I alighted from the car, I caught a taxi a distance away and quickly waved at it. The driver was very alert and reciprocated by driving over.

We were fortunate to have found a patient, friendly and knowledgeable taxi driver who waited for us without complains, was chatty and provided important information about the city and advising us on where to board our taxi at on our return trip.

We reached Mid Valley Megamall 20 minutes later and were dropped off in front of Boulevard Hotel‘s lobby. There are three main hotels in Mid Valley Megamall and after reading user reviews and considering our budget, we knew this was the hotel for us. Anyway, the taxi ride costed RM12.60 by meter (we have learnt prior to our trip that we must insist on boarding a taxi with the meter running to get fair, reasonable rates) but as the driver had no change for our RM50 note, I headed to the hotel’s check-in counter to get some change to pay him.

Meanwhile, the hotel porter helped carried our luggage while we proceeded to check ourselves in back at the counter. We had arrived very early and it was only 9.30am then. Knowing that the official check-in time is 2pm, we had expected to wait till then before we could get ourselves a room. Surprisingly, the hotel staff promptly handed over our room’s key cards and informed us we could head for our rooms immediately! We were impressed by their efficiency and great service and were glad to have made the right choice in our hotel selection.

As we made our way up to the 21st floor with the porter, we were briefed that our key cards would be required to access any of the hotel room floors when using the lift. We appreciated this security measure put in place by the hotel to prevent unauthorised personnel from loitering around the hotel rooms.

As we opened our room’s door, we were pleased to see a cosy and spacious Superior Room unfolded before us. We had opted for a King Sized bed (another option was two Single beds) so that Dar could sleep together with us at night. The toilet was also very clean, spacious and well-equipped.


The window could only be opened using a staff key so it was safe for Dar to stay near the windows

Dar quickly made his way towards the window where we could have a good view of part of the city. What’s wonderful was that the window was low so that Dar could have no problem seeing through it himself and admiring the beautiful scenery. Very thoughtful design!

From our height, cars were the size of peanuts and a monorail track was visible on the far right. Dar would keep saying ‘the train in coming/went off’ whenever he spotted a monorail moving along the track. He sure has very good eyesight and a pair of sharp eyes!

An office building was a distance in front, separated by the hotel’s swimming pool below. On our left is the Mid Valley Megamall and on the our right lies The Gardens Mall.


201012_Midvalley02As Cat and I was trying to identify each of the buildings we saw, I was trying to figure out where Cititel Hotel was, since it was our original choice of hotel. We had decided against it in the end however after reading some user reviews about it and were advised that it’s worth spending slightly more for a room at Boulevard Hotel instead. When we finally realised Cititel Hotel was the rather old-looking hotel to our left, we sure were glad to have made our hotel choice. ^^|


Unfortunately, no matter how hard we tried, we were unable to locate KL’s landmark icon — the Petronas Twin Towers. We were probably too far off from there and facing a different direction.


After Dar had his milk feed, we changed his clothes and were all ready to head out for our breakfast and the first day of our shopping trip at Mid Valley Megamall! We couldn’t wait to see how the shopping mall looks like and what were awaiting us ahead!

[ Accommodation ]

Hotel: The Boulevard – St Giles Premier Hotel
Room-type: Superior Rm
Website: http://www.stgiles-hotels.com/TheBoulevard/

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