Kuala Lumpur: Indoor Fun in MegaKidz

Travel Period : 19th Dec – 21st Dec 2010


We made our way into MegaKidz, an indoor playground and entertainment centre for children at around 5pm. It is situated on the 3rd floor of Mid Valley Megamall.

Entry fees are charged by per child basis, with cheaper rates for toddlers under the age of 2 and each child can be accompanied by a maximum of two adults. Every person who entered the place would be tagged by a wrist band, like those used in amusement parks and water theme parks.

Kudos to the staff there who were quite flexible to our needs — Cat had planned to stay for a short while at the centre to accompany us before leaving the place to continue her shopping. We thus requested that she only wore her wrist band later when she had returned since it would be weird for her to walk around the shopping mall with that around her wrist. The staff agreed and she could enter without her wrist band first.

Upon payment, we were given a large basket to put our shoes and belongings into. The basket would be safely kept at the counter and could only be accessed by mentioning a 4-digit pass code to the staff. This code was set by us when filling in the registration form. Sounds like a good system but somehow they misplaced my pass code or something and they authenticated me using Dar’ particulars in the end instead.

There were a couple of children playing at the centre then and although some of the kids did get a little too rowdy and noisy, we knew this was expected since we were in a kids’ paradise.

The main play area consisted of a large network of tunnels connecting the various structures which were protected by nettings. The paths would either end with slides (both opened and covered), a ball pit void of any ball (removed due to hygiene reasons?) or a small structure.

We intended to start Dar off by climbing up one of the structures but he resisted strongly and headed off to a toy house instead, which was equipped with windows and cabinets. He became very fascinated with them, opening and closing the windows and cabinet doors.


It took us quite a while before we successfully convinced him to climb into one of the netted structures, although he was still resistant initially. Since I didn’t see any rules prohibiting adults to enter the structures, I followed him in and he became more open in exploring the area.

Unfortunately, many of the steps to the later platforms in the structures were too high for him to climb easily so I ended up assisting him by pushing his body upwards. Tough job for the daddy!

Squeezing through the tunnels wasn’t an easy task for me!

He had no problem with climbing through most of the tunnels though, except for the one leading to the slides which was a little steep.

When we reached the slides, Dar didn’t dare to slide down himself, probably due to the height. I had to let him sit on my lap to slide down which he enjoyed very much. After that, he kept wanting to climb up the slippery slopes of the slide. I stopped him since it was dangerous with other kids sliding down, not to mention that a ‘No Climbing Allowed’ sign was hanging just above the slides.


Meanwhile, Cat bade us goodbye and left the centre, indicating she would return later to meet us for dinner. We could also stay in touch with each other using mobile phones.

Thereafter, we continued to climb the various structures and through different tunnels, which were all connected to one another.

Later on, we went high up to one of the structures and slid down one of the taller, covered slides. It was more slippery than expected so I tried to slow ourselves down along the way. Dar appeared to enjoy it but somehow, he didn’t want to have another go at the slide afterwards.


Dar also explored an area meant for younger kids, consisting of small houses and low slides. He wasn’t very interested in them, perhaps except for a toy clock on one of the walls.


We then decided to check out the air-filled castle where many children were bouncing up and down happily. When I placed him standing near the side of the castle, he kept staring at the kids around him, who were jumping and laughing non-stop.

I then supported him under his armpits to bounce him up and down, which led him to get very excited and elated. From that point on, he would keep urging me to bounce him even more. I also tried to make him jump by his own but was unsuccessful.

When the castle was more empty, Dar attempted to walk towards the far end of the castle but he would give up the moment he started losing balance and run back to me halfway through in a laughter. It was after I counted the steps he took together with him that he started gaining courage and successfully walked to the other end at one go!


While he was exploring the castle at the other end, two rowdy kids leapt in, pushing each other and doing rough play. Before I could react and stop them, one of them hit his arm onto Dar’ face, knocking him down!

I immediately gave them a good scolding, while ascertaining that Dar was okay as he walked back to me. There were clear rules depicting no pushing and rough play allowed on the castle and they were obviously taking the rules in their own hands.

Their maids came to their sides promptly (actually the rules also stated that no adults are allowed on the castle), not to reprimand them but just to make sure they were okay. Both kids were rather old already (lower primary students I guess) so there’s no reason they wouldn’t be aware of the danger they were posing to other younger kids. One of them even stared at me angrily after being scolded by me. What an unapologetic and spoilt brat! Hmph! 🙁

Fortunately that didn’t spoil Dar’ mood and he continued to move around the various structures happily. Meanwhile, I noticed that was a counter near the cafeteria offering free cups of juices. I picked up a small cup of orange juice and let Dar taste it. He was skeptical at first but after taking his first sip, he started saying ‘yummy!’ and kept coming back to me for more! 😀

When we went back half an hour later for another helping, we realised the counter were already closed. We were both getting thirsty so I bought ourselves a bottle of the orange juice at RM4.50. Ended up, Dar finished most of it as he eagerly drank up his yummy drink. When it was my turn to drink, he would keep stretching out his arms for the bottle and whining for his drink back. |-_-|


Anyway, there was also a free mini cinema for kids in the centre but filming was only done during the afternoon so we didn’t manage to catch any. All these facilities should keep children entertained for a long time, which helped supported the other service provided by the centre – babysitting. Parents can actually leave their children in the centre while they continue to shop, with rates for half-day and full-day care.

At around 7pm, both of us were getting tired. When I took out the mobile phone to try giving Cat a call to meet up with us, I realised that the phone’s battery was dead! I was actually holding on to my father-in-law’s phone as he had forgotten to bring his charger along. I thus offered to pass my mobile phone and charger to him so that our two parties (Cat, Dar and I in KL and Cat’s parents in Genting) could continue to keep in contact. This would be very crucial when we were making arrangements to meet up on our way back.

I decided to wait a little longer at the centre while hoping she would return. When she didn’t thirty minutes later, we decided to leave the place and return to our hotel room to give her a call from there.

On our way back, we heard some caroling and I looked down to the Ground Floor to see a group of people singing beautifully. Meanwhile, Dar caught sight of a kiddy ride and boarded it promptly. Wanting to get back to the room as soon as possible, I tried to carry him down but he made a fuss over it. At that moment, a woman who was standing next to the kiddy ride and looking down at the caroling turned around and she was none other than Cat!


She was surprised too when she realised it was us and had turned because she heard familiar voices. She was on her way back to MegaKidz but was distracted by the caroling downstairs. If not for Dar fussing over the kiddy ride, we would have missed each other narrowly!

We had a good laugh over our coincidence and headed off to the Food Junction food court for our dinner.