Kuala Lumpur: To Mid Valley Again

Travel Period : 9th Nov – 12th Nov 2011

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Day 3 Itinerary :

  • Berjaya Times Square  –>>
  • Mid Valley Megamall
How We Got There :
Took Imbi Monorail (next to the mall) // Alighted KL Sentral Station // 15 min walk to KTM Komuter Rawang Seremban line // Alighted Mid Valley station // Short Sheltered Walk to Mid Valley Megamall.

Knowing that our coach heading back to Singapore will be leaving at 1.30pm, Cat and I knew we had to plan well for our limited time ahead.

A mirror image of what we saw from our previous room
A mirror image of what we saw from our previous room

We woke up this day to a new scenery from our room, after we had successfully switched our room from the West to the East Wing the night before.

Having explored most of Berjaya Times Square and feeling somewhat disappointed in what it has to offer, we were planning to explore beyond this mall for the day. We were left with two options — Mid Valley Megamall or Sungei Wang.

After a short discussion, we decided to return to Mid Valley Megamall, where we had great fun and shopping the year before during our 3D2N trip there. After failing to find much things to buy at Berjaya Times Square, we had a stronger urge to go to a place of familiarity and shop to our heart’s content to make up for it.

From Imbi Station, we took the monorail to the KL Sentral, where we needed to transfer to the KTM Komuter Rawang Seremban line to the Mid Valley station. From the map, it looked like a simple transfer and it only involved a short walk. We had opted for train rides instead of taxis as we knew Dar enjoyed the rides a lot.

When we arrived at the KL Sentral Station and asked for directions from the staff to get to the KTM station, she pointed out that it’s simply across the road. We thought it would be just a matter of walking a short distance but it turned out to be a much longer walk than we had expected. The massive construction ongoing there didn’t help with our journey either.

After our tiring 15-minutes walk, we finally reached the KTM station which was quite bustling with activities, since KL Sentral is basically a hub with the various train lines intersecting at this place.


When we got onto the platform, we discovered there were already quite a crowd waiting for the train too. When the train arrived few minutes later, we scrambled to look for a car to get onto but found out that almost all of them were already being filled up quickly. When we were considering of waiting for the next train, we spotted a less crowded car and boarded it. We had folded the stroller before boarding to avoid any obstruction to the other passengers. As a result, I had to hold Dar in one arm while I held onto one of the poles with the other throughout the ride.

Anyway, we noticed some pink ‘women-only’ carriages on the train, which we had avoided. After we alighted from the train at the Mid Valley Station, we noticed some symbols on those car and realised that there were actually compartments in them which catered for the family members or partners of the female passengers. This was done so that family members and couples could travel using the same cars. By the way, these cars were full too when we were boarding the train earlier.

From the Mid Valley Station, we only needed to take a short walk along a sheltered walkway to reach the Megamall, a place which we shouldn’t be unfamiliar with. Nevertheless, it looked somewhat different from what we remembered from our previous trip, probably because the Christmas decorations weren’t up yet and most shops had not put up signs for sales.

We headed to the Jusco departmental store first since we recalled our great time shopping there. Not much have changed in there, except for the lack of the sales again. How we missed the great bargains we had experienced there last year!

Cat then shopped around the store while Dar and I hung around the amusement zone that was situated within Jusco itself. Dar was originally sitting in his stroller lazily but immediately perked up upon spotting the amusement zone. He then got off the stroller and aimed straight for the fire engine ride which he took last year.


Thereafter, he spotted a train ride and quickly got into it, role-playing as its captain while I was the passenger. He went on to try other big rides which we normally do not come across in Singapore.


It was a good thing that the place was devoid of people since it’s a weekday and school holidays probably haven’t really started yet, so that we could loiter in the rides without paying for them. This is because Dar would be jumping off them the moment I wanted to put coins/tokens in them.


After that, we met up with Cat somewhere in Jusco. Dar then started to doze off in his stroller while we shopped and managed to buy some clothes and shoes.


Later on, we headed to a food mall for our lunch. By then, Dar was waking up too so we could have our lunch together.

We then went to World of Cartoons and F.O.S to shop for Dar’ clothing, where we had managed to get a few nice ones for him. Thereafter, we went over to the MPH Bookstore, a place which we had missed during our last trip. It was a huge store and Dar was glued to the children’s section after spotting some Thomas & Friends books and started reading them. Seeing at how much he loved the books, we bought him one of the hard-cover books which consisted of several stories.

We then headed to Toy’R’Us and saw a small playground set up for the kids. Dar had fun there before we went into the store to check out for stuffs to buy. Alas, nothing really attracted our eyes.

Starting to feel tired, we were considering to leave Mid Valley Megamall, since there wasn’t really a lot to buy since the Christmas season sales have not  really started yet. Our shopping trip here didn’t turn out to be as fruitful than we had expected.

[ Back at Berjaya Times Square ]

We headed to the taxi stand at one end of the mall and as it was a Friday evening, the roads were quite badly jammed (though I’ve heard KL’s always jammed on the roads) so we only made it back to our hotel about 30 minutes later.

When I was paying the driver according to the meter, he told me there’s a surcharge of RM1 because we had used his car boot/trunk. I paid as told but later on, Cat and I were wondering if we had actually been cheated because we had not heard of such practice before. After checking the Web, we realised that there is indeed such a surcharge, such as this article has mentioned. This surcharge still sound strange to us though. ^^|

Reaching our room, we dropped our shopping bags and washed ourselves up a little. Our feet were weary after a day’s walk and we were too tired to go out again for our dinner. As a result, we decided to just buy back some pizzas and eat them in the room.

[ Disappointing Dinner ]

Remembering that there was a Papa John’s Pizza restaurant on the Ground Floor of Berjaya Times Square, I headed there to place our orders. As I didn’t know what was the size and quantity of the pizza(s) that I should be getting, I asked the staff for his opinion, telling him they would be meant for two adults and a child.

He responded that I only needed one smallest-sized pizza (6″), which took me by surprise as I had expected more. Even so, I trusted in his opinion since he should be very familiar with what his restaurant was selling. Moreover, I didn’t really know how big a 6″ pizza looked like so I followed his recommendation to order one pizza. To play safe, I even ordered another side dish of cheese sticks.

When my order was finally ready after about 15 minutes later, I was shocked to find out that the pizza was so small that it was only cut into 4 slices! How would this be sufficient for the three of us?? I looked blankly at the staff and asked him again if he was sure this would be enough for us, to which he nodded confidently again. I was speechless but not wanting to wait for another 15 minutes to make additional orders, I just took the food and headed back to our room, hoping that the side dish would help in making our ‘dinner’ more filling.

Cat was surprised and upset too when she saw the size of the pizza and after she had listened to my story. Looking back, I should have at least checked out the size of the pizza or asked how many slices was the pizza cut into. That could have prevented this from happening. Another lesson learnt too: Never trust the opinions of the (incompetent) staff and believing that they know best. 🙁

Giving priority to Dar, we gave most of our share to him to make sure he was quite full, while Cat and I were only half full in the end. Having no choice, we ventured into the Berjaya Times Square again, to find more food to fill up our stomachs and also to see if there’s anything we might have missed in the mall.

During our exploration, we went up to the higher floors as we were curious what were up there. Not surprising, several of the higher floors were almost void of activity as they were filled with vacant shop floors. Guess the mall management was not able to find enough tenants to fit into the enormous size of their mall.

Quite scary and dangerous if you walk alone there…

On the top floor, there was a bazaar going on and some talent show on a stage. The music was deafening though so we didn’t stay too close to the stage. The bazaar was disappointing too as most of the stalls were vacant too. So much for the ‘biggest bazaar’ words printed on the posters we saw throughout the mall. -_-|

Before returning to our room, we made sure we checked out some food stalls in the basement to help fill up our stomachs before we turned in for our final night in KL.

Overall, we enjoyed our times in the KLCC Aquaria and theme park more than the hotel or the shopping mall. It was a disappointing visit for us this time as we encountered plenty of bad and slow services.

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