Langkawi: Day 1 Arrival

Travel Period : 6th Dec – 8th Dec 2009

Why This? 

[Cat] : After our first overseas trip with Dar and my parents to Genting Highlands in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we were more confident of bringing a toddler along and knew that Dar would behave well while travelling. It happened to be my birthday and looking at Langkawi Island, it would be a nice place for a short getaway for three days without taking too much leaves. A lot of places in December were also rainy or cold but Langkawi happened to have a dry season from mid November until mid April and has little rain. This made the destination good for sight-seeing and swimming.

 Day 1 


We awoke at 7.15am so that we could reach the airport before 9am for our 10.45am Air Asia flight out of Singapore to Langkawi. We had packed most of our luggage the night before so we just needed to pack in the toiletries.


We were excited as we approached the Changi Airport control tower on the cab since we had not been to the airport for quite a while, and getting here meant our long-awaited holiday with Dar was about to begin!

Upon reaching the Changi Airport Terminal 1, we were surprised to see quite a number of passengers already queueing up, waiting to check in their flights like us. It was still one and a half hours before our flight was to depart, so I was quite surprised there were many early birds like us.


It took us quite a while to finally complete the check-in procedures and deposit our baggage. As for the stroller, we were allowed to only pass it to their flight crew just before we board the plane. This would be helpful since we would be able to ferry Dar around on the stroller at the airport before it was time to board.

With only 45 minutes before our boarding time, we swiftly headed into the Departure Hall to search for a place to take our breakfast. Air Asia does not provide free in-flight food so we wanted to fill our stomach first before boarding the plane.

After asking around and walking for quite a distance, we reached the Burger King outlet and had our breakfast there. The location provided quite a nice view to the planes as we saw them arriving and leaving.


We shared our breakfast meals from Burger King with Dar while he drank his milk, just in case the food was not filling enough for him to last through the flight.

By the time we were done with our food, there were only around less than ten minutes before our boarding time. Quickening our pace towards the boarding area, we made use of the travellators to shorten our travelling time. We also placed Dar on it to see if he would want to walk on it. Initially, he was quite hesitant to move his feet on this ‘moving ground’ but with us holding his hand, he soon mustered up the courage to start walking happily on the travellator himself.

We were one of the last to enter the boarding area, but there was actually still quite some time before we could board the plane. We thus made use of the opportunity to let Dar walk around the place so that he won’t feel too restless during the 90-minute flight. Hopefully, it would also help tire him out a bit so he could fall asleep easily on board.

When the announcements came for the passengers to board, we chose to board last so as to minimise the time for Dar to be confined on the plane, in case he decided to get cranky. Fortunately, he was cooperative and we didn’t have much problem settling him down on board.

It took quite a while before the plane was cleared for take-off. Meanwhile, Dar had fallen asleep in Cat’s arms. He was about 18 months old at this time and we decided to let him sit on our lap instead of buying a separate seat ticket for him.

When it was finally time for the lift-off, we covered Dar’ ears with our palms in case the sudden change of air pressure caused discomfort in his ears.

As we saw ourselves leaving the ground and the horizon getting further from us, we were glad to be finally leaving Singapore and heading towards Langkawi for our 3D2N fun-filled holiday!


As we were admiring the clouds and taking a rest on board Air Asia‘s airplane heading towards Langkawi, Dar woke up halfway through the flight from his short nap.

He was a little confused on where he was and started to fidget a little, seemingly wanting to move around the seat. Worried that he might create a fuss, we took out our iPod Touch and played the Train Story video to him. He had liked this story since we first played to him at home on TV so we thought it would be useful for situations like this. True enough, his eyes were fixed on the screen the moment the story started playing and he watched it quietly.

Looking through the catalogue, we were interested to get a special Air Asia teddy bear as a memento for Dar’ first flight. However, despite us asking for it several times, the reply we got was always ‘okay please wait, I’ll come back later’ which the flight attendant never did.

It was only when the pilot informed us that we were about to land on Langkawi that I started pestering the flight attendant again for the bear, that she finally brought it over for us. Well, I didn’t expect much service from Air Asia, being a budget airline, but I had never expected that it would be difficult to even wanting to bring business to them by buying their merchandise.

As we braced for landing, we could catch a glimpse of Langkawi island through the window. Here’s where we would be for the next three days! Hooray! ^^


After we landed safely, we walked down the connecting stairs and landed on Langkawi Airport. As it is a small airport, we were able to walk on the landing area of the airplanes towards the arrival hall. That was quite a unique experience for us, to be able to walk along the parked airplanes. On the downside, the sun was really shining brightly and the weather was uncomfortably hot.

As we stepped into the airport’s lobby though, several locals came to us to sell us their car rental and taxi services. I had previously researched about car rentals at Langkawi and thought it would be better to check out the rates at the resort first before deciding on a deal. These free-lancers might be providing cheaper rates but the model and condition of their cars might not be comparable to those offered by the resort. Anyway, as I was intending to only drive around the island on our second day, I thought we would be in no hurry to confirm any deal yet.


We then headed to a Kenny Rogers restaurant at the airport for our lunch before we were to head for our resort. We ordered a quarter chicken meal with muffin, spaghetti and soup so that Dar could eat his lunch together with us too.For the side orders, I ordered two sets of their so-called ‘aromatic rice‘ and one set of whipped potato. We knew from our Genting trip that the aromatic rice was actually some very tasty rice which tasted like chicken rice and we liked it a lot then.

Mistakenly ordered ‘plain water’ which costs a few dollars!

Together with the chicken soup, vanilla muffin and whipped potato, we fed Dar with spoonfuls of the rice. He seemed to like it a lot and couldn’t stop eating.

After our meal, we headed to the Taxi counter near the exit of the airport, where we told the receptionist of our destination. She then informed us of the taxi fare required and handed us a receipt after we paid RM24 for the ride. I liked this arrangement as errant taxi drivers wouldn’t be able to cheat tourists of their fares.

As we stepped out of the airport towards our cab, a guy handed me his name card. He was offering car rental services too.

We then boarded the cab and off we go towards our Berjaya Langkawi resort, which would take a 15-minute drive from the airport. Dar was exceedingly joyous and excited, seemingly knowing that we were on a vacation. His good mood helped lifted ours too.

As for the scenery along the journey, it was quite typical of Malaysia and we spotted a few cows by the roadside.


{ This post was written in 2009 after the trip }

{ Next Post : Exploring the Resort }

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