Langkawi: Departure

Travel Period : 6th Dec – 8th Dec 2009

Day 3 – Leaving

After we left the beach, we headed for the swimming pools, hoping to go for another short swim with Dar. However, the pools appeared to be under a maintenance so we ended up making use of the bathing facilities at their restrooms to wash ourselves up.

While waiting for Cat by the pool, I noticed this unique looking bird perching on the tree.

Day03_BirdWe then headed to the resort’s main restaurant for a breakfast buffet. The time was 9.45am and we were told that the buffet would end at 10.30am. Seeing that we still had enough time to finish up our breakfast within that time frame, and since there wasn’t much alternatives, we decided to go the buffet.

The spread and taste of the food were alright and we were glad to have filled up our stomachs before our 2.05pm flight, which would be in another 3 to 4 hours’ time.

 "I demand food now!!"
“I demand food now!!”

Returning to our room to finish packing our luggage, we checked out from the resort by 12 noon. The check-out procedure was smooth and before we knew it, we were already on our way to the airport on a cab we had called at the resort, hired at the same price as when we first arrived from the airport — RM24. I had thought there would be extra surcharges but glad there wasn’t.

As the Langkawi Airport was rather small, there was nothing much for us to do after we had done all the flight’s check-in procedures. We were simply lazing around at the airport till it was boarding time, where we headed to the boarding area and waited even longer as the flight had been delayed. 🙁


It was around 2.30pm when we were called to board the plane. Coincidentally, we were washing Dar’ milk bottle and bringing him to pee at the restroom at that time, and we ended up being the last passengers to board the plane. It sure was a special experience to be walking towards an airplane outside the airport and no other passenger was present.


It didn’t take much longer for the plane to move off and prepare for its take-off, probably because the plane was already running late due to its delayed arrival.

As we saw Langkawi getting further and smaller while the plane took off, we knew it was a sign of the end of our vacation. Well, we were sad but contented that we had enjoyed ourselves over the past three days on the island.

Bye, Bye, Langkawi!

As the flight would stop by Penang first before transiting back to Singapore, we soon landed at the Penang International Airport.

After the passengers heading for Penang got off the plane and with the staff busying themselves with their tasks, I brought Dar for a short walk on the plane to stretch his limbs. Not before long, a new group of passengers boarded the plane and off we flew towards Singapore!

Dar actually fell asleep halfway through playing with his toy phone. With Dar sleeping in her arms, she found it difficult to have her meal but still managed to do it in the end.

At slightly past 5pm, we finally landed at Changi Airport and off we went straight back home for a good rest!

Some Flight Tips 

{ This was written in 2009, some information may be outdated }

1. Do not lock your check-in luggage! And don’t put valuables inside. We realised to our horror when we arrived at the resort that our luggage lock which uses number lock was totally wrecked! Now it’s spoilt and we might have to get a new one… argh. We guess that the security at the Changi Airport is so high that they broke our luggage to see what’s inside when x-ray couldn’t visualise properly (Maybe the toilet seat looked strange in x-ray? haha).

2. Bring a blanket for the children as the aircon can get quite cold sometimes. Request for a small pillow or bring one along since the child falling asleep on top of you can get quite uncomfortable in the cramped plane seat. We took MAS back and the air-stewardess kindly gave me a pillow to use which came in handy. I could put his head on the pillow while I ate my meal in the plane.

3. Dar wore socks to cover his feet. Should wear a sweater or overcoat for ourselves as it was cold at a point on the plane.

4. Strollers can be brought right up to the point just before we get on the plane so we could push Darius to the plane at the runway at Langkawi Airport.

5. There’s a small cafe in the Boarding area at Langkawi Airport once we went in but meals should best be taken outside (more choices) because our plane was delayed for 20mins even though we went in 30mins before. Dar had to drink milk instead to curb his hunger since he woke up at the wrong time. 

6. Advance check-in on departure can only be done online or at the Langkawi Airport. We arrived too early however thinking procedures might take long but it was quite fast so we waited for more than 1 hour to board.

7. Check-in times for Malaysian Airlines (our return flight) is at least 1hr-2hr before if directly over the counter. 45mins-2hr before for advance check-in online.

8. There isn’t much things to do in the small airport. Only a small shop for souvenirs which were expensive, small counters along the centre selling chocolates or luggage bags, Kenny Rogers restaurant and a small foodcentre. So don’t go there too early to board the plane.

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