Langkawi: Lunch at Oriental Village

Travel Period : 6th Dec – 8th Dec 2009


The Oriental Village wasn’t on our original itinerary and it only came to our minds when we were looking for a suitable place to eat our brunch (breakfast + lunch).

The village was situated very close to our resort so it didn’t take us much effort to find it. The car park was quite packed so we expected a hard time finding a parking lot. Luckily, we were able to spot a vacant lot soon after.

After parking the car, we placed the sleeping Dar gently on the stroller and pushed our way towards the village’s entrance.

This was a ‘village’ specially created for the tourists, consisting of nicely maintained buildings and souvenir shops to buy things from. Located at the foothills of Mt. Machincang, the backdrop scenery was quite impressive.


We had read that there is a Japanese restaurant in the village so we headed towards the Mizumi Japanese restaurant for our meals.

Nice couple time together…

The ambience, food and pricing were quite reasonable, though we couldn’t say the same for the service provided by the staff. They weren’t helpful nor friendly, but we didn’t bother ourselves much on that and just focused on our food. It was good to have some quiet, peaceful time while eating as Dar was sound asleep. On the other hand however, it would also mean that we had to find another eatery for Dar’s lunch when he woke up later.

Finishing our meal, we proceeded out of the restaurant and were ready to start exploring the place. Suddenly, Dar opened his eyes and woke up. We had to stall our exploration plans then to look for a place to eat.

Soon, we spotted a food centre (like our food court in Singapore) and thought it would be a good place to get some suitable food for Dar. The service was very slow as we ordered a bowl of Kway Teow with soup but it took a long time. Time slowly trickled away… Guess we couldn’t expect too much when we are in other countries. We also should have brought a pair of scissors to cut the kway tiao up because I was painstakingly chopping at the kway tiao with a soup spoon into small bits so Dar could eat. Then, we have to wait for him to slowly finish the food.

There was a free toilet next to it when earlier, we paid 30 sen to use it at another location in the village! While waiting for each other, we spotted these goats and deers in a fenced up area.


Finally, after all the time wasted, we began our exploration of the village.


Dar was full of energy and walked around excitedly. We had to watch him closely due to many tourists riding the ‘Segway’ that they had rented from one of the stores in the village.

Very curious about it...
Very curious about it…

At this point, we decided to go on separate ways, with me and Dar exploring the place while Cat checked out the souvenir shops. It would be difficult to navigate inside shops with Dar and the stroller.

We spotted some ducks by the lake and Dar was interested in them, observing them through the fence.


He then started to wander off and walk around the village while I followed behind to see what he’s up to.

Wandering all by himself...
Wandering by himself in front…
checking out the shops by walking to it. didn’t bother to wait for me to guide him..

After some time, we regrouped with Cat, who was interested in getting a hat and swimwear from the stores. However, as the staff were mostly not very helpful and didn’t allow for trying on of their clothes, we only managed to buy them from one of the shops with better service.

We got some ice cream and shared them with Dar, but he didn’t really like it, turning his head away when I tried to feed him some. We also bought local tidbits at three packets for RM10 for our relatives back home.

The Langkawi Cable Car Station is the reason why tourists flock to this village but we didn’t take the ride. The cable cars would take passengers high up to the mountain where the view would be spectacular.


There are also other activities in Oriental Village but we didn’t do them due to our limited time. Check out the activities there on this official page.

With that, we completed our tour at the village and headed back to our vehicle for our next planned destination — the Underwater World.

{This post was written in 2009 after the trip}

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