Langkawi: Huge Fishes in Underwater World

Travel Period : 6th Dec – 8th Dec 2009


Driving towards the south-western part of Langkawi, we arrived at the Underwater World located near the famous Cenang Beach.

Once again, we were lucky to have found a vacant parking lot near the entrance after a car left just before us.

Entering the complex, Cat brought Dar to check out the large glass aquarium near the ticket counter while I purchased the admission tickets at RM38 per adult. Dar entered free.The premises were offering cheaper rates for Malaysian at RM28/adult. I thought this was a very good idea as it would encourage locals to visit the places of interests at lower costs. Why ain’t Singapore doing this for its citizens too? 🙁

Upon going through the gates, we came across some huge tanks housing some big fishes. Dar was quite interested in them and moved forward in trying to touch them.

Fishes that were as big as Dar
Fishes that were as big as Dar

Heading on to the next area, we arrived at a brighter place and spotted some flamingos in front. There were also some fishes and tortoises on display but those didn’t interest us much. We also saw a lone blue parrot and took some photos with it, though I wondered how these animals fit into the ‘underwater’ theme. ^^|


The next area brought us to an enclosed area showcasing the seals. Nothing much to see frankly, since there were only two of them and one was just lazing around. The glass was quite dirty/unclear too.

Next up, we came to an interesting section where we could see the penguins from either underwater or above ground. We started off with the former and entered a dark tunnel where we could see penguins swimming all around us! It sure was a very entertaining experience to see them flipping their wings and feet while swimming over our heads! Unfortunately the place was too dark and our photos weren’t really clear, except for a few:


When we came out of the tunnel (Dar was more interested in climbing up the stairs than watching the penguins), we checked out the above ground view, where many penguins were standing or moving about. It was a nice view to watch, though not as enticing as when viewed from below.

The area was at a lower temperature than the rest of the halls due to the penguins. We enjoyed staying inside for a while to enjoy the cool temperature. There was a penguin cut-out and we took a cute photo of Dar.


Someone helped us to take a group picture against the icy scenery. It is a special set-up specially for photo-taking.


After some time, we left the area and were surprised to reach a cafeteria. “Oh? Was this the end of all the exhibits in the Underwater World?” This was the first thought that came to my mind then.

When we looked to the right, we saw a mini art gallery and headed towards it, which led to more exhibition areas ahead. So this was just a mid-point resting area after all.

In this following section, a number of freshwater and marine fish tanks were on display. The marine tanks were of course more attractive with its variety of species.


While walking through this area, we noticed it was time for Dar to drink his milk. We prepared it on the spot and passed the Magmag bottle with straw to him and he obediently drank from it while being carried by Cat. As we had not brought down the stroller from the car boot for this Underwater World visit, we were glad that Dar could take his milk without needing to lie down on a surface.

As we moved on, we entered a section with even bigger fishes from the deeper oceans. We was amazed with the size of them. I believe some of the fishes had mouths so big that could swallow Dar up.


The next section was labelled as ‘Invertebrate Section’ (i.e. creatures without backbone) and consisted of many interesting sea creatures.


With that, we arrived at the end of the exhibits and came to a big gift shop. Although they were selling ocean related items, we weren’t very interested in buying them as they were not branded under the Underwater World. Instead, they were selling commercialised items that we could find elsewhere, like the penguin soft toy from the Happy Feet movie.


When we exited the place, we noticed the Zon Duty-Free Shopping Complex on the right, and went in to check out the place. There wasn’t much to see however, and so we left shortly after entering.

As we walked back to the car, we realised it was still too early for dinner (around 4.30pm) so we were considering where we should head to next.

After examining the map, we decided to drive to Kuah Town, the main town of Langkawi. We thought we could be missing out something if we did not at least visit the town while we were in Langkawi.

{This post was written in 2009 after the trip}

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