Langkawi: Resort – Water, Sand & Sun

Travel Period : 6th Dec – 8th Dec 2009

Day 1

Reached our Resort Accommodation

After a rather bumpy cab ride with many swirling roads, we reached our accommodation for this trip — the Berjaya Langkawi Resort.

We had specially selected it to be our resort because of its forested, natural feel, which would hopefully bring us further away from our urban life throughout this trip. A small open-air vehicle took us up to our chalet from the lobby of the main entrance.

Even though we knew they were individual huts on the hillside, we were still surprised to see it placed on stilts, surrounded by natural vegetation and some wildlife.


Entering it, we found a clean, spacious air-conditioned room with a nice bathroom.There was a balcony too with mosquito net all over the windows.

Dar liked the wooden planks floor of the chalet and immediately stamped around while holding on to the bed, utterly delighted.

View from our hut

Explore The Resort 

After settling down in the chalet by unloading our luggage and changing to a more casual attire, we decided to walk to the main area of the resort which was quite a distance away. We chose to take a walk this time to famarilise ourselves with the surroundings. There were a lot of stairs however and we ended up having to carry Dar which was rather tiring. Hence, from then on, we took the shuttle service every time.


Along the way, we spotted a huge lizard and a few monkeys with markings at the eye area. There were also a lot of pretty flowers and plants to look at. We saw the beach but decided not to go to it yet since we were intending to take a quick tour around the resort. It was almost Dar’ nap time so we would want to return to the chalet soon to make sure he had ample rest before joining us for a swim later in the evening when the sun would not be so strong.

Walking up the road from the beach area, we reached the swimming pools. There were both a children’s pool and a general pool. The children’s pool looked kind of small and pathetic, but guess we would have to make do with it.

Day01_Resort05 Day01_Resort06

With that, we returned to the chalet and patted Dar to sleep. It wasn’t an easy task, probably because it was a new place to him. Cat also decided to take a short nap from the tiring journey from Singapore. As for me, I was still feeling fresh so decided to take a walk along the beach, carrying the camera and snapping some shots of the place:

Car Rental 

I then returned to the lobby, where I checked out the car rental rates from the resort. Unfortunately, there was only one remaining model for the car which would cost RM200 per day. Well, it did exceed my expected budget (RM100 to RM150) so I didn’t take up the offer.

The cab driver had earlier recommended his so-called trustworthy friend if I needed car rental services, so I called up the person named Zamzuri. Through the phone, we confirmed the deal of RM120/day and he promised he would drive the car over to our resort tomorrow by 9am.


With that settled, I went over to a souvenir shop by the lobby to purchase a 24-hour pass for Wifi Internet access. Costing RM15, we would be able to surf the web wirelessly using our iPod Touch even at the comfort of our room.

Evening Swim

Soon Dar woke up and we ready ourselves for the swimming pool and beach.

We packed our swim bag with towels and upon reaching the children’s pool, we took Dar’s hands and walked him into the water.

It had been sometime since he went to a swimming pool and he was frightened of going into it. We calmed him down by singing him some songs and got him submerged bit by bit.Gradually, he became accustomed to the waters and started having fun with splashing the waters using his hands.


However, Dar had this tendency of wanting to drink the water from the pool and we had to stop him several times before he would drink them without us noticing. I did taste a little of the water and unlike those in the public swimming pools in Singapore, there wasn’t a Chlorine taste to it. Probably that’s why Dar thought it was just ordinary drinking water. Later on, we gave him his drinking bottle to drink water from it for when he was thirsty.

After staying there for some time, we went over to the main pool and put Dar in our mushroom-shaped float. We had bought it since a year back but had only used it once. Its appearance was a little exaggerating so we did feel a little embarrassed using it. Still, since we had already brought it along and this was a resort after all, we proceeded to let Dar float around with it.

Dar was uneasy while in the float, wanting to crawl out of it by leaning forward. We had to hold onto him so that the float would not topple over. He kept whining in it and we had no choice but to take him out of it. There was also a mini-waterfall at the pool and we tried moving him close to it and see if he liked it. Unfortunately, he didn’t enjoy the sensation of water splashing down from above his head.

We decided to go down to the beach then and was treated to a glorious sight of the sun setting!


With Dar still in his full body suit, we guided him to the patch of wet sand where the waters had started to subside due to the emerging low tide.

We were glad that he didn’t really seem to mind walking on the sand, probably because he loves walking so much that it didn’t really matter what surface he was on. Although we had wanted to let him play with the sand using the toy beach tools we brought, we decided to do that another time. So in the end, we just settled for a good walk by the beach and enjoyed the scenic view of the beach at sunset.


We then returned to our room for washing up and ready ourselves for dinner. We regretted not bringing our toiletries to the area as there were shower facilities at the swimming pool. That would have saved us time in not waiting for transport back and forth.


Back to the lobby, we chose to have our dinner at the Oriental Pearl Chinese Restaurant. Its set menus start from RM48 per person and we thought it was reasonably priced, since each menu consisted of a minimum of seven dishes.


We were given the choice of outdoor and indoor seats, and we decided to sit inside the air-conditioned restaurant for comfort. Although the outdoor seats were more romantic, there might be risks of getting mosquito bites.

The dishes took a while to arrive but when it did, we were pleased with the spread of food. The fried rice and sweet and sour fish were especially nice, though there was a little of that ‘frozen chicken’ taste for the chicken dish. We were relieved to see that Dar was enjoying his meal too.

Day01_Dinner02Dar only started to get restless after we had finished our meal and having our desserts. We allowed him to run around the restaurant as long as he was not making a fuss. The staff was alright with Dar wandering around too since there was only one more family beside us.

( Side-Story: A Bump )

After we returned to our room and bathed Dar, we let him move around on the bed while we were settling down ourselves. We were used to him being on the bed at home so we thought he should be pretty safe there too.

Unfortunately, while I was in the restroom, I heard a loud thud followed by Cat calling for me. I immediately rushed out and saw Dar lying on the ground with him facing down. Cat had saw him slipping off the edge of the bed and landed on the floor with his head first, like a rocket. She tried to grab him before he fell but was just a moment too late.

We noticed a cut and bump on his forehead as he cried out loud after we picked him up.

Though he stopped crying after we coaxed him, we were still very worried if any serious head damage had already been done, since he went down from the bed with his head hitting the ground first. Fortunately till this date, he had behaved normally so there should not be any complication from the fall.

Since this incident, we have been very careful when he is on the bed, making sure we watch him attentively.

{ This post was written in 2009 after the trip }

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