Langkawi: Sunrise & Beach

Travel Period : 6th Dec – 8th Dec 2009

Day 3

Day03_ResortSunrise1Reminding ourselves the night before that we mustn’t oversleep again like on the 2nd day and miss out on the sunrise, we were glad we snapped out from our sleep the moment our alarm clocks rang (well, except for Dar). Cat and I walked to the balcony door so that we could go out to the balcony to check out the sunrise. However, much to our disappointment, no matter how hard we tried to slide the door open, it just refused to budge stubbornly. Having no choice, we quickly proceeded to wash up so that we could head for the beach before precious times were lost.

The door that refused to budge T_T

Making our way to the beach on foot, we were welcomed by a beautiful and scenic beach, as the rising sun shone warmly on it. Despite it already being 8am, the sun had only just risen. The sun also usually set later at 7pm.



It was low tide then so we could easily walk to the wet sand and sat Dar down on it. Despite this being his first time getting so close to the sand of a beach, Dar didn’t complain at all. We were glad he did not mind sitting on a wet, soft surface. Playing with the sand and water on the beach with him this first time was a very memorable and meaningful experience for us.

We handed him some beach toys and he immediately tried scooping up some water and sand before pouring them away again. Looks like letting him play with these toys during his bath times had been good practice for him. At one point, one of the scoops slipped off from his hand and landed onto a small stream of water flowing towards the ocean. As the floating scoop made its way along the stream, Dar got up from his sitting position and crawled forward to try retrieving it. I was surprised that he didn’t mind getting himself dirty and took the initiative to get back his toy.


When he got back his scoop, he continued to experiment with it, this time using a small pebble he found on the beach. He would pick up the pebble, place it into the scoop before pouring it out to land onto the sand. He would then repeat this same action. After some time later, we carried Dar up from his sitting position so that he could stand on the sand. We then walked him deeper towards the sea before sitting him down again, this time with the water reaching his waist. We noticed that the waters were clean and clear, with hardly any sea creatures in it. That’s why we felt safe letting him venture into the sea.

Clear waters and clean sand

We hoped he enjoyed the experience of the waves washing up onto his body.

We made sure we were always close to him, supporting his back in case he fell backwards. With each gentle wave washing up on him, he would startle slightly but he did not complain at all. We also took turns to go have a dip in the deeper parts of the beach. It was a fantastic feeling to be able to swim in a limitless pool of water with hardly anyone else in sight.

Dar ignoring my plea for help…

We had enjoyed this early trip to the beach thoroughly and were glad we took the effort to wake up early for this. We actually wished we could stay for another day so we could go down to the beach again the following morning. 🙁

"Erm...where's everybody?"
“Erm…where’s everybody?”

{ This post was written in 2009 after the trip }

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