Langkawi: The Eagle Soars in Kuah Town

Travel Period : 6th Dec – 8th Dec 2009

We drove straight to Kuah from the Underwater World, following Route 167 instead of heading north past the airport and then going eastwards. This shorter, direct route would save us traveling time.

Still, it took us about an hour before we finally arrived at Kuah Town. We headed for the jetty which we knew was a famous landmark there. Instead of illegally parking by the road side (which was already packed with many cars), we decided to drive into the legal, paying car park instead as that would save us the hassle to search for a parking spot.

As Dar was asleep, we decided to eat some light snacks first since our dinner could start rather late. Seeing the shopping mall across the road, we wanted to find out if there was any suitable eateries in there. However, as the traffic lights were not working, we ended up having to jay walk across the road. Fortunately, the car drivers were generally courteous and gave way to us as we pushed the stroller across.

When we entered the shopping mall, we were disappointed to discover that it was smaller than it had appeared from the outside. There were only a few shops and led to the jetty directly.

In the end, we returned to the KFC restaurant we spotted earlier and took some light food there instead. We also packed a cup of whipped potato for Dar to eat when he wakes up.


When we took out our iPod Touch, we were surprised that a free wireless network offered by KFC was available. We managed to log onto the Web for a while to update a short entry on our blog before heading towards the Dataran Lang, or “Eagle Square”.

As we passed by a public toilet, we decided to stop and wash up a bit first to freshen ourselves. While Cat was inside, I woke Dar up since he had slept for quite a while. Also, I wouldn’t want him to miss anything since we had arrived at Kuah Town.

He didn’t complain but seem to have difficulty keeping his eyes opened initially. It was until he realised that he was in an unfamiliar place that he started to open his eyes wide to check out his surroundings.

We then carried him out of the stroller so that he could walk along with us, which he did so happily.

A huge eagle statue unfolded before our eyes as we walked forward. According to local folklore, Langkawi derived its name from the word eagle or “lang” while in old Malaysian, “kawi” denotes reddish-brown — hence Langkawi actually means “reddish-brown eagle”. As a result, this eagle statue has become a well-known icon for Langkawi, just like Merlion is to Singapore. We were glad we had made the trip here or we would feel we had missed out something when we left Langkawi.


Spectacular sea-view

As the sun began to set and an orange glow filled the sky, we were dazzled by its beauty and took the opportunity to snap some photos. Quite a number of people were also there enjoying the view with us.



We spent some time at the statue watching the sun moved to the horizon, which later resulted in us having our dinner at an even later time.

As we headed back to our vehicle, we walked past the Eagle Square where Dar walked merrily on the vast open space.



Returning to our vehicle, we started to head back to our resort for some washing up since we were feeling uncomfortable from our entire day out in the sun. It wasn’t going to be a short journey though since our resort is located at the northwestern part of the island while Kuah Town is on the southeastern side. The journey took us around another hour.

Anyway, our parking fee at the Eagle Square for more than an hour there was RM2. A reasonable rate as compared to that of the town area in Singapore.


{This post was written in 2009 after the trip}

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