Summary of Langkawi Experiences

Tour Langkawi 3 Days 2 Nights


Summary of Our Experiences

Date of Tour : 6th Dec – 8th Dec 2013 ( Low Peak  Dry Season )
Days Spent : 3 Days
Airlines : Air Asia / Malaysia Airlines Return
Flight Hours : 1 hr 30 mins
No. of Travellers : 2 adults & 1 child (1 yr 6 mths)
No. of Towns Visited :  2
No. of Places Visited : 4
No. of Homestay B&B / Hotel Stayed in : 1 (Berjaya Langkawi Resort)
Mode of Transport: Rental Car from Berjaya Langkawi Resort

Where We’ve Been ( Rented Self-Drive)

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Here’s to share about our experiences in Langkawi. Scroll below to read the list of items we packed for the trip.

{This post was written in 2009 after the trip. Some information may be outdated}

Tips on Travel In Langkawi

1. Food & Drink 

  • Food:

Food Court & Western Food, the Airport has Kenny Rogers (price of a 1/4 meal is still reasonable at RM16.90) and a foodcourt upstairs.
Chinese Food not readily available. We didn’t find porridge, only  fried rice, kway tiao soup, bee hoon soup, laksa and Malay food. There are Chinese restaurants around but in tourists spots or resort. We ate Chinese food at the Resort on the first night. Set Chinese meal with seven dishes was RM 96 for two person. Price was reasonable.
Seafood is expensive. A claypot of prawns or a dish of fish cost RM60 and above. Comparatively, also at the Resort, we ate chicken chop with salad and potato as sides for RM28. Fried rice was RM18. Even a local told us seafood is expensive in Langkawi. He told us that Cenang Beach is the best place for seafood.

  • Drink:

Bring water bottles or buy bottled drink at resort/places of interest/petrol station because it is not easy to find a place selling drinks or food.
—We bought our drinks and some tidbits from a Petronas when hubby went to top up the petrol. It was just roads and roads around the island unless one is at Kuah Town (the city of the island).
Pack biscuits or packets of fruit juice if there are no eatery around and give plenty of water because our boy was quite dehydrated due to the weather.

2. Sanitary Facilities

  • Clean and well-maintained FREE Toilets at sight-seeing places. Those that were maintained by cleaners cost 30sen. But if you walk abit further, you will often find a free toilet.

—Example, at Oriental Village. There was a toilet with a cleaner and we paid 30sen. But they also have a free toilet near a food court which was reasonably clean.
—At Datarang Lang (Eagle Square)in Kuar Town, there was a free clean toilet too but hubby paid 30sen at the mall in front to go to the toilet. So he didn’t need to pay at all if he had waited.

3. Clothing to wear

  • Repel the Mosquitoes with Long pants and shoes. At forested areas in the day or during the night, there were lots of mosquitoes. We regretted not letting our boy wear long pants and shoes.
  • Insect repellent lotion to cover his feet and toes too since he was wearing sandals. We also added mosquito patches for extra (not much use). He was bitten on his ear, one area we did not apply the lotion.

4. Weather

  • Hot! Hot! Hot! Buy or bring sun hats to wear (They have several hats sold there for tourists).
  • There was sparse vegetation around. I came back with heatiness as we didn’t drink enough water due to excitement in sight-seeing.

5. Traveling Time

  • It takes a long time to get from one location of interest to another. At least 30mins to 1 hour. In between was forests and roads. Example, we spotted chinese seafood restaurants on our way back to resort but it will take at least 30mins to drive back to it again.
  • Plan for entertainment for kids or if they are like Dar, tend to sleep in a car, then get some pillow for them. Plan routes along the way so you don’t waste time. We just went with a relaxation mind and didn’t do proper planning but could have done better.

6. Places of Interest Suitable For Kids:

  • Datarang Lang(Eagle Square)in Kuah Town: It’s a must go because without photos with the Eagle, The Lang, it wouldn’t seem like you have been to Langkawi. Sunset here was beautiful.
  • Underwater World: Go near evening because once you finished, Cenang Beach just outside will be a good place for night-sightseeing and eating seafood. We saw stalls and restaurants along the way but alas, it was only 4:30pm when we finished our tour of Underwater World and it was so hot!There’s a Zon Duty-Free Shopping Complex beside it but I didn’t find anything interesting to buy.
  • Oriental Village: Just okay… more for tourist to buy back souvenirs. But I gotten a good swimsuit there for only RM49.90, Dar’s tank top set for RM12 and a nice sunhat.
  • Bird Paradise Wildlife Park: Nice place to see animals and birds though we did not go as there wasn’t time.

7. Self-Driving / Car Rental

  • Rent on the first day so it’s easier to get around the island or you will have to wait for taxi. If you want to rent from the resort, the price will be higher but the car is better maintained. If you want to rent from other car rentals, can only get from airport. Take a taxi back to airport to get a car.
  • Get the pamphlet from the visitor counter, showing the map of Langkawi & places of interest (though printed in Malay for information). Though it’s vague but at least it helped a little when hubby drove.
  • Ask the locals because many locals speak perfect English.
  • It can get very dark at night and not easy to spot the sign boards. We made a wrong turn once while returning back to the resort.

8. Washing Up

  • Wash up sweaty/dirty arms and legs with hose beside the toilet bowls.
  • Bring along washing items to give face a quick wash or change clothes because it’s hot and everybody will be sweaty. Time Saver as it’s a long way back to the resort if you want to see more places of interest.

9. SunRise & Sunset

  • Sun rises late at Langkawi. Go to the beach early in the morning around 7am because by 9plus, the sun will be high and hot.
  • The sun only sets near to 7pm. Often we admired the sunset unconscious of the time til it was already 7:30pm way past our boy’s dinner time.
  • Restaurants close at 10-10.30pm. Not much nightlife unless at Cenang Beach.

10. Low Peak Season

  • Low Peak means lesser tourists and you could enjoy the private beach to yourself
  • Shops might be closed however and shop staff looked bored and disinterested in serving.

What we could have done better:

1. I forgot to bring along my boy’s favourite pillow, bolster and sleeping bag and we had a hard time getting him to sleep in the unfamiliar surroundings right on the bed. He woke up several times crying in the night as a result. Sometimes for no reason (maybe nightmare), sometimes for the need to pee.

2. Bring along his shoes too as sandals wasn’t suitable for some nature walk as we had to cover his feet & toes with insect repellent too. Similarly, let him wear long pants when we venture into the forest.

3. Bring along some bathing lotion to give ourselves a quick wash after the long hot day on the sight-seeing day and a change of clothes, instead of returning back to the resort and wasting time cleaning up. The places for sight-seeing are rather far from each other. We missed the night scene at Cenang beach and missed eating seafood at restaurants along the way because I felt uncomfortably sticky and didn’t want to stay.

4. Organise better which places to go to first so we do not waste time in travelling from one end to the other.

5. Spend some time during the first day sight-seeing too instead of staying at the resort as there was not enough time on the second day.

6. Get car rental right on the first day itself so it’s easy for us to leave the chalet as and when we like and early in the morning the next day.

7. Take bathing items with us to the pool so we could bathe and change there instead of waiting for the shuttle service to bring us back each time to our chalet, wasting time. I bought change of clothes to change out of our swimwear first but did not know we could shower thus did not bring bathing lotions along.

8.Wake Dar up for meals even though he was sleeping so we do not need to find another time to feed him again or miss a feeding place when he wakes up at the wrong time.

9. Take a 4D3N trip so we could enjoy the sea better. And go more places to sight-see. Two of the days during our trip were spent in air travel.

10. Bring along a scissors for cutting up Dar’s food so we do not need to waste energy ‘chopping’.

What was in our luggage?

(for two adults & a 18-mth old):

Air Asia allowed up to 15kg for check-in luggage which is cheaper if we pay in advance for the Supersize Luggage option. If we exceed that limit when we check-in, extra cost would be incurred. Hence, we packed light for this trip and managed to pack about 13kg.

For hand-luggage, up to 7kg was allowed and we had a backpack and a black pull-along small bag adhering to the size requirements stated.

In our main check-in luggage was:

– Clothing for three days for the three of us. Dar had more pants than tops packed in case he dirtied them with leaked diaper. Long pants for me should have been packed for the night or forest walks to avoid mosquitoes. Was wearing 3/4 pants.
– Bathing lotions & Toiletries for him and us in travel sizes. Kodomo laundry detergent in small bottle. Plastic bags.
– A small zipped bag containing medical stuff for emergencies like waterproof plasters, panadols, po zai yun for tummy upset.
– Diapers to last for three days. Some training pants which weren’t used in the end.
– Deflated Float with small air pump.
– Small tin of oatmeal cereal.
– Toilet insert was packed last on top of everything.
– PSP (PlayStation Portable) which came in handy when we played some songs missing from the iPod Touch.


In our Backpack for the plane trip & around the island:

– Two Magmag straw bottle, one for milk/juice, one for water. One Magmag sprout tip bottle for milk. Subsequently, when we arrived, used one of them to contain the cereal for a while.
– A milk powder container with three compartments.
– A Transparent Clothing bag we always bring around for trip outside home. Containing Dar’s extra set of clothing, a bib for milk drinking, a waterproof bib for eating solids, an overcoat in case it gets cold, a small zip-lock bag and a face towel.
– A waterproof bag for clean diapers.
– Plastic bag/waterproof bag for wet diapers.
– Warm water in a small thermos flask, lukewarm water in water bottle.
– A feeding spoon and a small bowl.
– Ziplock bag of raisins to add to cereal.
– A small airtight container of biscuits.
– Tiger Balm brand mosquito patches for pasting onto our clothes (alas it did not work well and we were bitten) & Insect repellent lotion for body (worked better)
– Socks for his feet on the plane so we could remove his sandals and keeping his feet warm.
– His toy phone and two story books (never used in the end).

In our hand-carried black bag:

– A set of clothing each for three of us. Packed separately into this bag in case our main luggage got lost during the plane trip.
– The Swim Bag (items inside was listed above).
– A tin of 400g milk powder.
– Dar’s toy sand kit in a big bucket (didn’t turn out useful except for the watering bucket).
– Camera tripod.

Vin’s waist pouch:

– Our passports and important documents.
– iPodTouch and ear-piece.
– Our mobile phones.
– Wallet and currencies of both countries.