How We Pack Our Bags II

We have been busy packing these few days as our flight to Europe is near.

I mentioned getting ‘pack-it’ cubes for our luggage in my previous post. We found them in Daiso, a Japanese store (where every item is sold at $2). These $2 cases were quickly snapped up by people preparing their travels in June because we bought some to try it out about three weeks ago and couldn’t find the covered type we want the next week we went again. Fortunately, we managed to find more of the wire mesh type and after packing, we were really grateful for buying these.

They only come in one colour, pink, so I differentiated our clothing by light pink and dark pink cases.

I saw the advantage of using these when I started packing. I was able to squeeze a lot of clothes inside the bag and still keep them within the confines so they reduced space in our luggage. I could stack the cases on top of each other in one side of the luggage. Yesterday when we wanted to transfer the clothing from one suitcase to the next to balance out the weight, we realised another advantage. If I had just packed all the roll-up clothes right into one luggage, I would need to take each individual clothing out when we move to another and it would mess up my packing again.

Travel Items We Considered Useful

1. ‘Pack it’ Wire Mesh Case – It’s soft so the sides and top could be pushed a little. With this packing and rolling, we were able to fit about 12-14 tops & at least 3 bottoms each for two adults and one child into two luggage, one big (28″) and one medium (24″) (note: this was for our seven weeks Europe Trip). However, as we bought a small new one for our weekend trip (20″), we decided to distribute the weight and spread the clothing into the three luggage. There was still ample space for our other stuff, sleepwear, inner clothing, thick jackets.

Seven pieces of our little boy’s clothes could fit inside one.


2. Long Wire Mesh Pack – This is another type of wire mesh pack which is longer and perfect for packing Vin’s long sleeve shirts and long pants. Able to fit in eight shirts and two long pants after rolling. (Note: These type of packing needed ironing when we reached our hotel)


3. Small WhiteBoard & Waterproof Case for Stationeries –  Bought a small whiteboard for the trip so Dar can draw on the flight and while on the road. This type of waterproof case (slightly smaller than A4) with two zipped compartments from Popular bookstore fit the board exactly. I also managed to pack whiteboard markers, a box of 24 colour pencils, one square blank sketchbook, twist crayons and drawing pencils inside.



4. A4 Clear Zip Lock For Documents – Bought this from Daiso at $2 for our printed documents to keep them waterproof. One can use a ziplock bag too but we thought 6 cases for $2 is quite cheap and the size at A4 fits exactly.


5. Luggage Tags – We have three luggage this time with us and I read that it’s better to have colourful tags and at least two tags on each luggage so we can identify it better. If you have a stroller, it’s good to have luggage tag on it too. The last time we took a flight, someone had exactly the same stroller as us and even though we tried tying a string and wrote some note on it (we didn’t have a tag), the person still took the wrong one when we waited at the conveyor belt. We had to look for each other to exchange.


6. Bag for Wires / Adaptors/ Charges – This time, we got a proper bag for it. It is the covered type of ‘pack-it’ bag from Daiso. Unfortunately, when we tried going back for more, we couldn’t find it anymore. The mesh version would not be so good because the wires would get tangled in the ‘holes’. This covered type with a good canvas-like material is really value for money. Of course, one can also use a big ziplock bag for this purpose but a thick ‘bag’ would protect our electronic stuff well.


7. Travel Potty Seat For Children – We got the Cushie Traveler Folding Potty Seat which could be placed on top of the usual toilet seat so the child is more comfortable in seating and we do not need to hold onto him. It’s really good because it’s foldable and we could carry it in our backpack while we were out and about. It was more hygenic for Dar to use outside and easily washed with detergent. Get it from Niche Babies, located in Square 2 in Singapore.


8. Safety Whistle – Read that it’s good to have one for our day pack in case we are alone somewhere, need help, get lost in a rural area, being harassed by animals?… blah. 

9. Compass – As usual for directions in case we are in a rural area by ourselves.

10. Duct Tape – For sealing any broken items just in case.

11. TSA Approved Cable Locks or Combination Locks – If we ever need to lock our day packs in a non-secured environment.

12. Small alarm clock – We had always been using our smart phones for alarm but this time we thought of getting a proper small one so we do not need to recharge our phone that often. Just in case, we could not find a compatible socket to charge.

13. Plenty of Ziplock Bags  – We got a pack of small ziplock bags from Daiso too, to pack medicines in its own pack separately from tablet/cream ones. The last time we were on a flight, a bottle of flu preventive medicine exploded out of its bottle due to air pressure and caused all the other medicines in the same pack to be smeared with the liquid.

Passports and important documents are best packed in ziplock bags too in case of rain while carrying them in a daypack.

14. Lip Balm – The weather is often drier outside of our home country so we would need to constantly apply it to our lips.

15. Wet Wipes for Hands / Mouth – Anti-bacterial wipes good for wiping our hands or boy’s dirty feet when water is not available in sight.


  1. David August 8, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    Fun Taiwan travel photos & sharing, Vin & Cat!

    Yes, a whistle is a useful item we can travel with.
    I shared a simple yet travel-savvy personal kit we can make ourselves:

    Well done! 🙂

    1. Cat August 8, 2013 at 5:50 pm

      Thanks for reading! Putting a travel kit together is a good idea. Thanks for sharing. We do have those items but they are mainly just scattered and kept in the backpack.

  2. Catherine August 28, 2013 at 11:44 am

    Thanks for this post – came across as I’m also researching for a trip to Taiwan with a 2-yr old… with lots of things that she will need… the packing tips are great!

  3. Celeste March 18, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    I love how detailed and helpful your “tips” articles are!

    1. Cat March 18, 2014 at 8:04 pm

      Thanks Celeste! Am glad it helped. Which tips are you using for your packing? and any additional tips to share?

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