Taiwan: Cingjing Farm Green Green Grassland

Travel Period : 30th Oct – 6th Nov 2012

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Day 4 Morning Itinerary :

  • Nantou (Cingjing Farm 清境農場)
How We Got There :
Driver arranged by our home-stay drove us to the entrance of Cingjing Farm Green Green Grassland.


We woke up early (5 plus to 6 am) to try to see sunrise again from our balcony in Misty Villa but again, we still see nothing despite braving the cold air. The sky had already brightened but we did not see anything akin to a nice egg yolk. Oh well, I think we were  just not fated to see it during this entire trip as we would be heading to Taipei City soon.

Cingjing Farm 清境農場

<<Visited>> Green Green Grassland 青青草原 > Horse Skill Show > Walking Down the 499-steps trail 步步高升

#1: Green Green Grassland 青青草原


After we had our buffet breakfast, the homestay’s owner got us three seats on a small van and together with two other guests, the driver took us to the Cingjing Farm. He gave us instructions to return back using the 499-steps stairway later and walk along the sidewalk to reach the homestay. After stamping ourselves on the hand with the cute rubber stamp, we went into the Green Green Grassland, the first part of the farm and was greeted with the beautiful scenery. It was around 9.15am and the sun shone very brightly. We didn’t feel the heat yet however so we still kept our coats on.

We soon caught sight of the fake castle at the side while those who entered with us just kept walking ahead. We decided to explore that area first and walked down the slope. A sheep was standing there at the end of the path and we exclaimed in excitement, “A sheeeeep! Look, Dar!” (Can’t blame us for being like a frog in the well as it was the first time we see a sheep so close and freely roaming around by itself)



We wanted to touch it but was worried. A moment of hesitation and it walked away. We then tried to chase after it but gave it up when it went too far.

Only saw this later… Sorry sheep!

So we headed to the castle and found many sheep there in a pen. They were all eagerly putting their heads through the fences and trying to get food from us. Dar was a bit awed as they were almost as tall and some even bigger than him. One or two sheep even supported themselves so they were half-out of the pen. We were quite shocked over their aggressiveness, but we knew they were harmless so we decided to purchase the sheep feed to feed them.

Vin was not informed by the staff to catch the large amount of feed with a paper bag and once he deposited the coins, the machine churned out the feeds which just fell all over the ground. I had to help pick them up. The grounds were also littered with a lot of fallen feeds.


As we fed the sheep, we also tried touching them. Our first time ever! Their wool was rough but still felt nice to touch. Dar bravely fed them and laughed when he felt their saliva on his hands. We then took turns feeding different sheep, taking care to feed even those who were oppressed by the aggressive ones.

Taiwan – Cingjing
Fed A Sheep in Cingjing Green Green Grassland

The video I took of Dar feeding the sheep:


After that, we climbed up the castle to the top to look at the surrounding scenery and just enjoyed the breeze for a while. We left soon after and walking along the path, it got hotter and hotter so we had to stop and pack away our coats. The scenery was nice and we kept taking nice shots of ourselves. It was really a unique place as the surroundings seemed as if we were in a Western country and not in Taiwan, Asia.

Soon, we reached a place where there was an amphitheater for the sheep-shearing show and washed our hands at the washroom there. The show is only available during weekends and we were not regretful for missing it as coming on a weekday here would mean lesser people and thus, we could slowly stroll and take pictures without other people in our background. This was why we specially arranged all the visiting of scenic places on weekdays and also why we had been able to take nice photographs with no ‘walking backdrops’. Weekends would certainly be filled with bus-loads of tourists from tour groups.

We saw two horses and a pony being offered for a ride around the amphitheater for a small fee. I was tempted to take them as I had not been on a horse before but was worried that Dar might not like it. Hence, we gave it up and just went back to the grassland up there to look at the sheep.


There were a few sheep grazing and moving about freely while a few ladies gathered around them. We joined them and tried to woo a sheep over with the feed so we could take a picture with it.

We asked Dar to feed the sheep but this time, he was scared of it because it was not fenced up and at his height, they looked huge to him.

He did try feeding one but quickly ran away when the sheep aggressively tried to get more from him and followed him. This was really a wonderful opportunity to get so close to the sheep which we might not have in the future so I asked him to try touching the sheep while I fed it. We want him to get in touch with nature and animals always so he can see and feel for himself instead of just reading about them from books.


The horse skill show was about to start soon on a scheduled timing (10.30 am) at the third part of the Cingjing Farm and it was already 10.10 am. Thus, we exited the Green Green Grassland to the second part of the farm which had shops selling local produce and small stalls selling food.

Vin bought a sausage to eat again while walking and shared some bits with us. We saw a bee shop on the way selling honey and had many bees flying over some containers just in front of the entrance. We didn’t dare go near.

#2: Horse Skill Show 马术表演


Soon we settled ourselves near the front and centre of the amphitheater to wait for the show and was rewarded when the host introduced that they had specially invited a team from Russia to perform today. The lead stuntman had performed several dangerous acts in major movies and was rather accomplished. He and his team showed several difficult skills with the horses such as standing on top, turning upside down, getting on and off the horse and even forming a pyramid on the horses while the horses were running fast. Everyone in the audience couldn’t tear their eyes off the amazing feats performed one after another and both Vin and I agreed that the brown and white horse were the best performers.

When the show ended, they allowed us to buy packs of carrot treats for the horses to feed them. We are always game for feeding animals and were the first to go up to the horse to feed it. After that, many people also stepped in to feed the horses.

It was such a wonderful experiences for three of us being so close to the horses and feeding them. Dar loves feeding and touching them and was not afraid at all.

#3: 499-steps Walking Trail 步步高升

After the horse skill show, we had reached the end of the farm and it was time to go back so we could check out and proceed to Taipei. Our driver would be picking us up at 1pm and we didn’t want to be late. Hence, we headed for the start of the long staircase downwards to go back. This trail was actually meant to be climbed from the bottom upwards because it is named “步步高升” which means the higher you go, the better you would be in terms of career or life. So if we walked down, are we going ‘lower’? *smile…


There were nice cherry trees along the path and even a butterfly garden along the steps mid-way but we were in a rush or would have enjoyed ourselves more by strolling.

However, when we reached the end of the steps after 20-30 min (we walked quite fast and counted the steps along the way with Dar), it was still a long way back to our homestay which made us wondered whether we had taken the wrong path.

When we could not walk anymore from hunger and tired legs (had not taken lunch), we called the driver to fetch our luggage for us and come down to meet us at the mid-point where there was a clinic. We quickly took his taxi to 7-eleven to get some bread and drinks so we could eat on the taxi.

[ Breakfast ]

Misty Villa, 雲濛仙境

More Experiences on Accommodation Details here : Travel Taiwan – Accommodation


We had our buffet breakfast here which is a restaurant managed by the homestay owner. It faced a nice scenery and the food had several items to choose from. I still love their porridge a lot which even when eaten plain was delicious. Fed Dar and myself as usual with porridge topped with some condiments, scrambled eggs, sausages, hash brown and ham. Chinese veggies were also available probably to serve with the porridge. Drinks were tea, coffee, orange juice, passion fruit juice and soya milk.

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  1. Koon February 27, 2014 at 8:01 am

    Coincidentally, you went to the same tourist attraction and minsu as me. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Cat February 27, 2014 at 9:15 am

      That Minsu is quite popular there. We also read reviews of it before choosing it. ^^

  2. Carine June 28, 2016 at 8:51 am

    Hi Vin/Cat,
    We (a family of 4 ) are planing a trip to Taipei this Nov end. We will arrive Taipei in the morning around 6am. Will need your kind advice for the followong:
    1. How to get to Cingjing Farm after we arrive at Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1
    2. The approx cost and the contact of driver
    3. The farmstay arrangement
    We are considering if we should go Alisan or Cingjing as we do not have much time, only 5 days in Taiwan and we will go for the more convenient trip.


    1. TY March 6, 2017 at 11:29 pm

      Hi Carine,

      Would like to ask if you were able to figure out the cost and contact of a driver? Thank you

  3. leann May 8, 2017 at 10:04 am

    Hi Cat,

    HOw do you book the driver from Cingjing to Taipei? TQ

    1. Cat May 8, 2017 at 11:19 pm

      Hi, Leann,
      The driver was Mr Zheng, a contact given to us by our homestay in Sun Moon Lake and we pre-booked him for around 4 days to drive us from Chiayi Alishan to Nantou Area to Taipei, exploring all the places we had planned.

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