Taiwan: Cycling around Sun Moon Lake

Travel Period : 30th Oct – 6th Nov 2012

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Day 3 Itinerary in the morning :

  • To cycle along the cycling trail (Sun Moon Lake 日月潭) 

Morning Cycling Trip


All three of us woke up early in the morning at 6.30am (not an easy feat but we did!) so that we could go for a morning cycling trail before we were to have our breakfast and continuing on our journey to the next destination.

I had checked with Greg’s mother the night before that the bicycle shop just across her homestay would be opened at 6.30am and true enough, the hardworking lady boss of the shop had already arranged her bicycles nicely in her shop when we arrived.

Doris Home actually had two bicycles available to their guests for free, but since we needed one with the child seat attached, we only borrowed one bicycle from them (rode by Cat) while I rented the other for Dar and myself. Greg’s mother had also handed us a voucher which gave us an additional hour free when we rent a bicycle from the shop.


Dar was excited as he knew he was going on a cycling trip with us; he has always liked sitting on my bicycle back at home when we cycled to nearby places like Sembawang Canal or to buy meals. It’s also based on these experiences that we could trust him to sit properly in this child seat without any buckles.

Anyway, the bicycle I rented wasn’t exacly in tip-top condition, as there would be a loud shreking sound whenever I braked. We already noticed this when the lady handed us the bicycle but she insisted that it’s ‘normal’. Since I knew we would only be cycling for a short while and this didn’t affect our safety, I just let it be.

Greg’s mother had told us to follow the bicycle trail just behind her homestay the night before so we did as told, cutting across the deserted car park. We reached the start of the trail and was treated to a nice view of the clear lake. The sun was quite bright but it still felt windy and cool.


We then started to cycle along the trail which was set along the perimeter of the lake, allowing us to have nice views throughout our ride.





As we had planned to be back early to have our breakfast at Doris Home, we set the target of reaching a part of the trail with the dam before turning back, which was about a 20-minute ride at leisurely pace. We had heard from Greg’s mother that it was a nice place to act as a pit stop.



Indeed, it was refreshing to be stopping by the dam and admiring the scenery as we took photos and rested a bit before heading back to Doris Home. A wonderful way to start our morning at Sun Moon Lake, especially when we only had limited time to spare before heading to our next destination.



Doris Home 朵麗絲的家 (Travel Taiwan – Accommodation)


Breakfast at Doris Home that morning consisted of toasts, bacon and eggs with a nice glass of warm soya milk. There’s also some special things such as sweet potato with cheese and a delicious fruit/veggie/egg mayonaise salad.

Their soya milk was tasty and should be home-made (as I don’t really understand the process of making it). However, if soya milk is not your thing, you can also ask for tea or coffee instead.

We had our breakfast with the tenants from the other two rooms, one of whom were a family of three from Singapore too and had given us some egg roll they bought in Shueishe the night before. Nice to have met up with friendly people from the same country.

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