Taiwan: [Food] Ita Thao / Sun Moon Lake

Travel Period : 30th Oct – 6th Nov 2012

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[   LUNCH   ]

Ita Thao Street Food

201210_Day2_ItaThaoStreetFoodDue to time constraint, we didn’t plan to have our lunch in a shop, but instead we intend to grab some snacks and eat them on the move.

Many of the street-side stalls were not opened that afternoon and we ended up buying some cheese meaty wrap that we saw at a stall. After confirming our orders, instead of just giving us those in the basket, the owner took some time to fry them again so the food would be warm and crispy for our consumption. What great service!

I was especially impressed with the wrap, which consisted of mushrooms, black pepper wild boar meat, veggies etc. The crust, though crispy, was however easily broken into pieces when we tried to pick it up using the toothpicks given to us, thus giving us a little hard time scooping up the disintegrated pieces into our mouths. Still, it was tasty and although we tried looking for it again during our trip, we weren’t able to find them again. 🙁

We also bought six tea leaves eggs as it was cheaper to buy more and it was nice to eat these hot eggs while the weather was cold.

We left some of the food for our ropeway trip, careful not to dirty the place. (no food and drinks allowed supposedly >_<) It sure was an unforgettable experience eating while we were high up in the air and looking down at the beautiful scenery.

[  DINNER  ]

Sun Moon Restaurant


This was an eatery which we made sure we wouldn’t miss out prior to our trip, after reading the rave reviews of its food on TripAdvisor. Before we left for our day trip at Sun Moon Lake, we even asked Greg to help us reserve a table at the restaurant for dinner.

When we came back from the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village and after washing up a bit, we headed to the restaurant, which was already quite crowded. When we mentioned about our reservation however, there was some miscommunication but since there were still empty seats available, we just sat down and checked out their menu.

One of the specialties in Sun Moon Lake is the President Fish (總統魚) but knowing that this fish has many fine bones (Taiwanese calls them ‘刺 chi’ instead of ‘骨 gu’ ), we decided against ordering it, especially when Dar would be eating it too. We also tried to avoid heaty and fried stuff when ordering, since Cat was not feeling well and we knew we had to take good care of our bodies too with the journey still long ahead.

We thus selected the two-person set meal which consisted of steamed chicken, some veggie soup, green vegetables and steamed fish, all of which were very very tasty! (Poor Cat lost her sense of taste at that time due to her blocked nose) The price was reasonable too at NT700 (abt SGD$29).

What amazed us was that the rice was ‘as much as you can eat’. Coming from Singapore where one bowl of rice often costs $1 in eateries… this was like wow! (This applies to other restaurants in Taiwan too where they don’t mind rice top ups and their home-grown Taiwanese rice is very delicious and fragrant)



The look of the green veggies surprised us at first but even though I don’t eat this type of vegetables much, I had found it tasty and crunchy too. In fact, this has become the best meal I had throughout our Taiwan trip! (I hope it’s not because I was too hungry then) Looks like the restaurant has indeed lived up to its reputation!


The owners, who were sisters, also gave us some free dessert after they knew we were staying at Doris Home. These jelly like desserts were made from red tea and tasted delicious too. One of my regrets would be that we were not able to dine at that restaurant again during our trip since we were checking out the next morning to head to our next destination.

{ Location right beside Doris Home’s backdoor}:

Address: B2, No. 125, 日月潭水社村中山路, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
Phone:+886 4 9285 6806

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  1. jess March 3, 2014 at 8:15 pm


    May I know where does this sun moon restaurant located? I cannot find any information. Thanks

    1. Cat March 3, 2014 at 9:03 pm

      Hi Jess,
      this Sun Moon Restaurant is 日月餐坊
      Address: B2, No. 125, 日月潭水社村中山路, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
      Phone:+886 4 9285 6806

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