Taiwan: Close to the Sea at Qi Xing Tan

Travel Period : 30th Oct – 6th Nov 2012

Day 7 Evening Itinerary:

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Qi Xing Tan (七星潭) 

a.k.a. Chishingtan Beach 


Qi Xing Tan is not really a pool of water as its name suggest. It is a costal stretch made up of stone pebbles, forming a crescent moon shape cradling the Pacific Ocean. Thus, it is also known as ‘Yue Ya Wan月牙灣’ (translated as crescent moon shore). It is named such because there used to be seven real pools of water in another location but the Japanese needed to use the site and filled the pools. The people were forced to relocate to the area now at the north of Hualien City. These people called themselves the ‘Qi Xing Tan residents’ and thus the area became known as ‘Qi Xing Tan’. 


Approaching the sea in the cab, we were really excited. Finally! We had been going to high mountains the past six days and were getting a bit tired of that.

However the moment we alighted, we were almost blown away by the strong gust of wind and water. It was raining! The wind was roaring and we couldn’t even walk properly in it. I tried to shelter Dar with an umbrella but it folded up on us and got spoilt. I quickly brought him to the washroom area and sought shelter there while Vin go ahead to try to take some pictures. Both of us couldn’t open our eyes with the strong wind. I felt disappointed that the bad weather would deter us from going near the coast.

Just when I thought we would be stuck in the washroom, the rain stopped and the wind wasn’t as strong anymore. Vin beckoned us to go to him. I took hold of Dar’s hand and pulled him slowly towards the coast, going down the stairs to the ‘beach’. Once we were there, the force of the wind was behind us and didn’t prevent us from moving forward. Whew! We could finally concentrate on the marvellous sea view in front of us.


The magnificent blue Pacific Ocean right in front of us!


A long stretch of pebble beach behind us! That’s the staircase with people (in the first picture above) connected to the carpark, shows how far and wide the stretch of beach is)


Trying to keep our balance with the strong wind.


Couldn’t resists picking and selecting the beautiful pebbles, each one unique with their own patterns. We took some home. 😛



HUGE waves were crashing on the beach. Quite terrifying to think we might be swept into the Pacific Ocean if we go too near. We love looking at the waves and just stood there for a while admiring them. Dar couldn’t walk with the strong wind and the uneven pebbles underneath his feet so we had to carry him.


Back at the car park area, there were stalls selling Taiwanese snacks such as hotdogs. Vin bought one ‘small sausage in big sausage’ or Dachang Bao Xiaochang (大腸包小腸). [forgot to take a pic] It is actually a pork sausage wrapped in a glutinous rice sausage. Both of which were grilled. The rice sausage may be slit open to be filled with peanut, some veggies and sauces on top of the small sausage. I didn’t try much but Vin didn’t like the ‘rice sausage’ part. Maybe that particular stall didn’t do it that well.



We laughed when we saw this vendor dressed up as ‘Lao Fu Zi’, a famous chinese comic character. He successfully attracted people to his stall to take pictures. We didn’t buy anything from him though as we were in a hurry to leave the place to go for dinner in Hualien City.

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