Germany: Walks Through Burghausen Castle -1

Travel Period : 1st June – 12th July 2013

Location: Bavaria State (German: Bayern)

Burghausen Castle, located in Burghausen city, is the longest castle in Europe and a fortress bordering Germany. It is only about 15-min walk from where we were staying. We walked and cycled there a few times and still would not get tired of it because the area is really huge to explore. There are a total of 6 courtyards and we only managed to go through three of them in our first walk.

[ Getting There ]

Though it was cold at around 8 degrees when we first arrived in Germany, we were game on exploration and decided to just go Burghausen Castle after Vin knock off work on the 5th day. It was no longer raining so it was good for exploration.

On the way to the Burghausen Castle, walking along a path with slopes at some parts is already an experience in itself. The greenery at the sides with thick forest and the cool air was quite pleasant. We had to be careful of some muddy parts after the rain though.



[ Walk Through the 6th Courtyard ]

Entering the castle at the start, we couldn’t resist taking pictures of the architecture. They look so different to us city-dwellers where we are used to blocks and blocks of apartment buildings. This outermost courtyard houses the administrative offices, the officials’ residences and staff quarters.

1. Entrance to the Castle – Used to be the Tax officer’s residence / now for photography exhibit. | 2. A clock tower built in 16th/17th century

We both admire beautiful art and scenery so if we encounter them, we like to stop and look closely at the nice structures or paintings for a while. I enjoy looking at the calligraphic fonts they used on plaques to explain the history but too bad, they are in German and I could only make out the year.

[ The 5th Courtyard ]

The next thing we went to was the walls as the castle overlooks the Salzach river so the view would surely be impressive.


Indeed, it was amazing. I looked closely at the walls too (well, i like historical, vintage things) because the castle was expanded as a fortress in the 15th century and the structures are really ancient.

Walls that made it a ‘fortress’
love the wide open space

At the courtyard, there was another tower which is higher and gives great views of the old town below and Austria across the Salzach river. It was windy and peaceful and if you are not rushed for time, you could stand there for a long time admiring the scenery. I really love the abundant greenery all around.


Vin and Dar started playing catching in the beautiful courtyard with the little daisies and had a great time running. The good thing about this weather is, no sweat!


We had the entire place to ourselves because there was hardly anyone else visiting the place at that time (around 5pm). Dar laughed so much because he loves running in a wide open space.

Where does this lead to?
Aww…modern cars really spoilt the look of the ancient structures….

We also took a peek through the gates of the gothic chapel, Hedwig’s Chapel. It was completed in 1489.


[ The 4th Courtyard ]

Soon, we reached the 4th courtyard. This area houses the ‘Witches Tower’ – prison tower with cells and dungeons and a ‘Torture Tower’ with a torture chamber. We didn’t get to visit them though throughout our stay in Germany. I’m not sure but I think we need to join a guided tour to see it.

Admiring the OLD, OLD doors…
What we like to do – chase after Dar in wide open spaces! To the right: that tall building is the Aventinus House, former residence of the princes’ teacher.
A pic before we head back.

When we reached the bridge beyond the Aventinus House, we decided we had enough of the long walk. At this point, we had already walked for an hour!

Though we did dally a bit here and there but it shows how long the castle is as we couldn’t even walk until the end without spending some time. It was still very cold (We wore three layers) and walking took a lot of our energy in this weather. We would need to come back again another day to do the walk of the 3rd courtyard all the way to the 1st courtyard.

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[ History ]


(source: Pamphlet published by the tourism board of Burghausen)

It is the longest castle in Europe, spanning 1043m. The main castle in the first courtyard is the oldest preserved structure. The architecture was first constructed in 2nd B.C and continued to be re-modified, and expanded throughout the ages. This current form with 6th courtyards was constructed in the 15th century and began its use as a self-contained defence and residential castle. It ceased to be used as a fortress in 1809 and renovation works continued to this day.

Entrance Fee : Free
Opening Hours (First Quarter & Museum): Apr- Sep: 9-6pm | Oct – Mar: 10-4pm
Museum : 6.50 Euro


  1. Eric November 27, 2013 at 9:06 am

    I have a photo my dad took when in Burghausen, Germany at the end of WWII and I was wondering if you would be able to look at the photo and tell me if it was in fact taken at Burghausen Castle? Also, do you know of any other websites that may have photos of the castle?
    Thanks, Eric

    1. Vin November 28, 2013 at 5:20 pm

      Hi Eric,

      Sure, we would do our best to help with your request! I would be curious how Burghausen Castle looked like during WWII too! I have just sent you an email on how you may share with us the photo you mentioned.

      Before we went to Burghausen, we were also searching online for more information and photos about the place but unfortunately they were very rare (or maybe only in German).

  2. Rhodema Cargill November 4, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    I lived near Bughausen when I was 7. Probably around 1965. I attended an international school at the base of the castle and we often had recess in the courtyards. When I grew up I learned about WWII and was amazed that I lived there so soon after the war. I now wonder what happened in the area during the war. I have very special memories of my time there.

    1. Vin November 4, 2014 at 5:21 pm

      Hi Rhodema Cargill,

      Thanks for sharing about your experiences!

      The Burghausen Castle is indeed a very unique and interesting place, and we have many memories there too despite our relatively short stay. I do miss the place from time to time still. ^^

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