Taiwan: Hualien Bay Morning Part 1 – Sea-View

Travel Period : 30th Oct – 6th Nov 2012
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Day 8 – Our LAST Day in Taiwan

[ Morning At Hualien Bay Minsu ]


We awoke early to a nice morning with a sea-view through our window.


Our itinerary for the morning would be to go across the road to the sea, come back to play with the animals the owners have in their backyard and eating our breakfast.

This time we got a good look at the Hualien Bay Minsu and the garden was really lovely. Mr Chen told us proudly that they did the landscaping design themselves. We were impressed and envious. At that moment, we wished we have a house like that too with a garden when we retire. Grow our own vegetables and keep a few animals in a big garden with a pond… ha. Although we are not really the farming type,it does sound nice as a retirement plan isn’t it? We could only dream…(impossible to do that in Singapore)


We walked along the driveway chatting to Mr Chen who pointed to us the entrance to the beach. We looked at each other…er…Sure or not?!

Still, we entered the place a bit apprehensive and discovered a natural path with twigs and leaves criss-crossing each other. We had to bend ourselves a little because they were quite low over our heads. We remarked to each other that it’s like a scene from the movie, Totoro! (the character was led into a tiny clearing by spirits of the forest)


We took our time to walk inside, enjoying the cool morning air and the interesting vegetation. We did check the ground constantly though for fear of stepping on any creatures.

Soon, we reached the exit and saw the sandy ground. We could hear the waves and smell the sea. Whoa…


Excitedly, we walked up to the breakwater and took in the sight of the magnificent sea. I always like to look at the huge waves.

First sight of the sea
First sight of the sea

There was a slight breeze blowing and we continued walking along the breakwater to get close to it.

Someone fishing...
Someone fishing…
Cool walk
Cool walk
Strong roaring waves that could swallow us up
Strong roaring waves that could swallow us up.

[Video] – of the Waves in Action

Here’s the video of us admiring the thundering waves…

Beside standing there to admire the waves, we also looked at the stones around us. Again, this place is like Qi Xing Tan, full of pebbles in soil instead of sand. We had to hold onto Dar so he would not trip on them while walking through. Many of them have a nice natural design. Some were even marble stones washed ashore. We didn’t see any living creatures though.

Small cute stones
Small cute stones
Natural designs on rocks & pebbles.
Natural designs on rocks & pebbles.

After spending an hour, we decided to walk back so we could check out their farm animals. We knew this particular house was our starting point so we walked towards it to go back. I walked down and realised…. There’s NO Entrance!!!

We panicked a little. “Wasn’t this where we came out from?”” Wasn’t that the house?” “Erm.. let’s walk further right to look for the hole” – we told each other. We walked and tried again…still nothing and it’s much further from the landmark house now.


Finally, we decided to walk back left and ta-dah! The entrance was to the left of the house.


We knew because of the cleared ‘sandy’ ground in front of it. How did we remember? We checked the picture we took on our camera! (scroll up to the first pic where I just walked out.)

The rest of the areas in front of the long wall of plants were messy and full of sharp twigs. Not possible for people to walk on. It was a really worrying moment then! If we can’t find our way through, we would have to walk a long way down the breakwater again and after that, go on the road to walk back to the Minsu. Then, we might not have enough time to look at their farm animals.

Lesson Learnt: 
do MARK the place when you exit areas with dense vegetation. Maybe with some stones or twigs nearby.
do TAKE a picture of the place when you exit to remember how the place looks!

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