Taiwan: Hualien Bay Morning Part 2 – Farm Animals

Travel Period : 30th Oct – 6th Nov 2012

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Day 8 – Our LAST Day in Taiwan

[ Morning At Hualien Bay Minsu ]

(花蓮- 洄瀾灣渡假民宿)


We walked into the big garden behind the back of the house. There was a nice long pathway of stones. At the sides were some crops plantation that Mr and Mrs Chen planted.


One of their two dogs greeted us when we headed back to check out the animals in the pen. They had such a variety that the place felt like a petting zoo!

Mr Chen was feeding the rabbits and he took them out for us one by one so Dar could touch them.


We had seen farm animals before but it’s the first time the three of us see a living pig! Two goats live with it in the big compound. We kept looking at its actions as it poke its snout through a small opening in the gate. So cute!


Thereafter, Mrs Chen opened the gate to the poultry and we went closer to take a look. She started feeding them and we stared wide-eyed at the HUGE birds they have. The chickens, ducks, geese looked well-fed, active and strong (the ‘kampung’ style, not like those kept in cramped cages for meat and kept very fat). The compound they were in were also very big and they just roamed freely. What amazed me further was that they even reared turkeys! They were even bigger, strutting about majestically spreading their tail feathers. Mrs Chen collected the chicken eggs too where we would be enjoying for breakfast later…

201211_HualienDay18 201211_HualienDay17

We didn’t want to go into the ground since it isn’t that clean. What if we step on bird droppings? Ha. Also, the crowd of fowls looked a bit intimidating to us.

To our delight, she noticed our interest and released these birds out into the garden so Dar had a fun time following a group of ducks. They walked funnily fast one behind another, always keeping in their line and extremely timid. Once we go near, they switched direction and swayed quickly away again. We kept laughing so much.




The turkeys came out too so we could have a closer look! It was the first time I see them as living too. They usually end up on table during Christmas dinners.

Blame our ‘city life’ in our country. We do not get to see these animals anytime we want and Dar wouldn’t know how they are in life if we hadn’t brought him to the zoo, local farms and farm trips overseas. This overseas trip to Taiwan, he saw sheep, horses and bees too in Cingjing Farm. When we plan places to go during our overseas trips, we made sure to always include educational places for him to learn. That’s why I had chosen this place for our stay in Hualien when I know they have animals but what I didn’t expect was, THIS much!

We had a good time interacting with the animals and was really thankful to Mr and Mrs Chen who made it possible. She even brought out the goats for us to take a closer look at them, chained to a bench. I’m still afraid of their horns though so we daren’t go close.

We started walking back to breakfast in the dining area and discovered that Ms Piggy was on the front porch! It had climbed up the stairs by itself. I couldn’t resist wanting to touch it. Mrs Chen told the piggy to lay down flat (trained!) and I got Dar to come over to touch it too but it got impatient and stood up very soon after.


With lots of giggles, we headed to breakfast laid out for us in the dining room. Of course, we washed our hands first.

Soon, it was time to go back on the train to Taipei to catch our flight and visit our last destination, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

For more details on our accommodation, Hualien Bay, check out this post!

We highly recommend this homestay for the incredible hospitality of the owners. They made us feel at home. Too bad we couldn’t stay more days in this lovely house.

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