Austria: A short visit of Innsbruck

Travel Date : 23rd June 2013

Location: Tirol, Western Austria

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To Innsbruck 

After leaving Italy, we were once again on the highway to Austria.

It was late afternoon and dark clouds started gathering above us. On the way, we saw a road accident and traffic slowed. There was no casuality but the car was badly damaged. It was then that we started thinking that self-driving might be quite dangerous too. We were blessed not to meet any mishaps driving from Germany to Italy. (Read our tips on driving in ‘Self-Drive Tour in Europe‘)

Soon, a downpour started and we had to drive under low visibility. Fortunately, Vin had driven this way before and had no problem navigating. As Innsbruck is in a valley, we caught a glimpse of the city against the Nordkette Alps as we drove down. It was gorgeous!

Scenery & Sights 

We found an underground car park and went in. The car was quite big so it took some time to maneuver so we do not hit the sides of the entrance. When we opened the door to the outside, a gush of strong cool wind blew at us. It was drizzling and very cold!

innsbruck stormy
The glass structure: Where we walked out, carpark underground.

Quickly, we put on our raincoats and stepped out. It was interesting as this morning, we had walked around sweating in sunny Verona and now we were standing there shivering with the strong wind and slight rain. Our shorts looked funny for this weather. According to Wikipedia, in summer for this area, the nights always stay cool, being 12 °C (54 °F) on average, but sometimes dipping as low as 6 °C (43 °F).

We can’t linger long in our inappropriate light clothing. We need to do a quick exploration, eat our dinner and head back to Burghausen, Germany where we were staying.

Still, we were excited to discover this scenery right before us and stood for a while there, just staring. It’s such an amazing combination of old architecture against an Alps backdrop. In Winter, Innsbruck turns into a Ski Paradise and is the entrance to various resorts by cable car.

Crossing the bridge to get to the Old Town, we were once again admiring the European architectures. They painted the buildings in bright colours and lovely murals. Though we have seen quite a number of European Old Towns, Innsbruck appeared to be ‘prettier’. Roads were smooth and walls painted well. It has to be, as a tourist spot. There were lots of tourists with different nationalities around us. Finally, we do not stand out as much.

A group of uniformed persons marched past us suddenly. We were not sure what they were doing but it added more flavor to the historical feel.

We walked around the streets, took some pictures and started hunting for a restaurant to eat our dinner. Read the ‘Side-Story’ of our poor experience .

family pic in Innsbruck, Austria

Back To Germany

After dinner, it was still pouring heavily with poor visibility, so Vin and our friend went back to take the umbrella from the car while Dar and I waited in the hallway of a building. By now, the temperature had dropped to low and I was really chilled. I was worried about Dar and tried to block him as much as possible. They came back with two umbrellas so we could cover a little and walked across the bridge back to the car park.It was a long freezing walk, with only partial cover by umbrellas. A wonder we didn’t get a cold after that.

Fortunately, we had travelled long enough to learn that the weather changes quickly in Europe and always carry our raincoats in the bag (We love our Uniqlo raincoats, foldable into a small bag). Otherwise, we would certainly be much worse.

Due to the delay in dinner, we had to drive in the dark and rain for a few hours before we finally reached Burghausen, Germany, near midnight. It was really a crazy long day. Italy to Austria to Germany.

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In Summary, this was roughly the route we took from Burghausen, Germany to Italy and back. We relied totally on the GPS to give us the best route.

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