Never Italian Restaurants Again!

This story happened in Austria – A short visit of Innsbruck where we had our dinner:

We walked around to check out the menus of different restaurant before we tried an Italian restaurant again. We were thinking this was in Austria. The Italian restaurant should not be too bad right? (After our poor encounters in Italy, we were quite worried). People were sitting outside but we did not want to risk getting wet halfway if the rain turned heavier. We entered and asked whether there were seats in the upper level but they told us, “It’s full. No more.” We were shown the narrow four seats near the door when anytime someone comes in, a gush of cold wind blew at us.

We ordered spaghetti as usual and this time, I wanted to try lasagne so the person took our orders. The spaghetti soon arrived for our friend, Vin and Dar. I sat there waiting for my order. They were halfway into eating when we decided to check why my order of lasagne took so long to come.

The person who was not fluent in English took some time in understanding and finally said, “Lasagne no more.”

We blew up. “Why didn’t you tell us earlier when we ordered?!”

He shrugged and just kept apologizing and saying no more with no explanation why he didn’t say earlier. He had taken our orders and just went away without telling us that they couldn’t sell it. He made me sat there dumb and waiting for the food that would never come. What kind of service was this?

The day before, we had lunch in an Italian restaurant in Venice, they gave us spoons to eat spaghetti and it took us some time to make the waiter understand our English, that we need forks!

Just the night before, we had also entered an Italian restaurant & bar in Mestre and the person gave us a wrong order insisting twice that the  fried pork cutlet they gave me was chicken! They also billed us a cover charge of $1.70 each even for Dar, a 5 yr old, which was ridiculous. Can a 5 yr old drink beer?

This evening, we encountered this poor service again! We were really frustrated to the max and vowed never to step in an Italian Restaurant again.

It took a while before my order came so we were delayed in our dinner plans, resulting in us leaving the place later. Meanwhile, it started pouring heavily so we couldn’t go outside too. We didn’t bring our umbrellas and raincoats would not be sufficient in that heavy rain.

As we ate our dinner, a group of Westerners came in from outside to hide from the pouring rain and immediately, they were shown the way to go upstairs. Immediately, I felt a sense of indignation. They had said earlier, “Upstairs full. No more.” What was this situation now when at least six people were heading upstairs and many more afterwards?

This was the kind of service they dealt to us Asians. Often placed near the front door with the cold wind and rain blowing in at us, serving us the wrong orders, making us wait for an order that couldn’t even be placed and thought we had not eaten spaghetti in our whole life?

This is only one of the many episodes we encountered in our Europe travels due to us being Asian Chinese. It was so bad that I wouldn’t think of my Europe travels as an extremely nice memory. It makes me think twice about going back to those places again. We love the architecture, the surroundings and food, just not the people.

I wish these rude people had enough knowledge to understand that if we were not in a tour group and travelling on our own, it means we are as knowledgeable as they are or even more. As tourists, we were spending to boost their economy and wanted to taste their food to know more about their culture. We could have just chosen to grab some sandwich and not get these kind of poor service. It was a great disappointment to be treated as if we came from a backward place and not fit to eat among their own.

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