How To Fold and Pack Socks for Travel

I used to pack socks like what my mum taught me to do.

“Roll it up from bottom to top, use one end to turn over”, resulting in a huge ball.

This sometimes cause a strain on the elastic of the socks because one sock had to totally cover the other. The space they took up was also significant which was not useful for travel. However, if we do not put them together, one pair might be missing one sock and we have to look frantically for it among the clothing.

During our Europe Trip, we sent our socks to laundry services and they returned them all neatly folded in a way I didn’t know before. I quickly took them apart and studied how they fold the socks. That moment was like, “Wow?! Why didn’t I think of this?!”

From then on, I continued folding socks this way even at home to store in my cabinets and they are never lost.

How To Fold Socks For Travel And Storage

Steps To Folding Socks Explained:

(A Man’s Sock is Shown In the Pic)

1. Pic #2 –  Stack one Sock neatly on top of the other. Fold the Socks together in Half, with the Bottoms Touching the Top of the Socks.

2. Pic #3 – Fold it in half again to make it smaller. (Could also skip this step if the sock is not too big, e.g. child socks)

3. Pic #4 – Prop the Socks Vertical, putting your fingers into one hole of the upper sock.

4. Pic #5 – Using the other hand, turn down that small part of the upper sock in an inside-out, reverse way to cover all parts of both socks. The elastic of the outer sock would make both socks stay inside like a bag.

5. Pic #6 – You would get a neat, small and flat package of two socks in each other.

Result: These folded socks could stack one on top of each other in your luggage and save LOTS of space!


Packing Socks For Travel Using Small Items Bag

You could place them into these small items bag I bought in Daiso ($2 Shop). There are three zips for three compartments which allow me to compartmentalize my items such as socks, underwear, gloves or hat. As they are flexible and soft, I was able to fill it up with underwear for Vin and Dar, together with their socks in one of the trips. I filled up mine using another small items travel bag.

This way, it is easy to look for our underwear separate from our clothing (read how I pack our clothing). Everytime we need them for bath, I just have to spot these special bags in my luggage and pick them up to grab a piece of clothing.


Packing using a Compressible Bag

I bought this special bag from Daiso (SGD$2) during our last trip too and found it really useful to store socks.If you have a large quantity of socks to bring like we do, this is useful(We are often walking during travels and need to change out of our sweaty socks daily).

It’s alright to compress for socks since we do not need to care about creases.

1. Pic #1 –  I was able to place about 7 adult male socks, 1 female sock and 4 children’s thick socks into this bag. The front is clear packaging so we could see what we had packed easily. It is still rather bulky. Zip up the bag securely.

2. Pic #2 – Flip to the back of the bag to prepare for folding.

3. Pic #3 – Press down and start ‘rolling’ forward according to the direction of the arrow. (There’s a special opening at the bottom)

4. Pic #4 – Once you start rolling, air will be compressed out through the special opening. “WHOOSH!” You can hear the sound as you press down hard and squeeze them out. Turn over and you would see a compressed bag with no air pockets between the socks. It is now much thinner.

Result: You would get a thinner compressed pack of socks that save space in your luggage.


Hope these travel tips are useful for your trip!

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