Switzerland: Dinner in Interlaken

Travel Period : 16 – 20 July 2013

Location: Interlaken, Switzerland

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Day 3 – Evening



Our plan after cruising on Lake Brienz was to walk around in the small part of Interlaken City, near the Interlaken OST Station and explore what they had. We arrived at a nearby building with supermarket, large parking area for coaches and noticed a Chinese restaurant where several Chinese were gathering. These few days, it had been rare for us to meet a fellow Chinese so if it’s frequented by Chinese people, the food must be to their liking.

Craving for rice and familiar food after having Swiss cuisine for the past two nights, we walked up the stairs to get to the entrance of the ‘Asia Restaurant’. We were led to a table and settled down quickly. The waiter kept giving us ‘curious’ looks. We wondered why.

As I looked at the menu, I was a bit shocked at the pricing. ‘Cantonese Fried Rice’ – CHF 28 (abt SGD$40). ‘Thai Fried Rice’ – CHF28. Meat Dishes such as ‘Diced Chicken’ – CHF 36 (Abt SGD$52 now). These prices are definitely considered way over because these are just simple dishes. I’m not too sure about the portion though. Maybe they are huge and could be shared by many people.

Fortunately, they had a simpler set with meat and rice at CHF 19.50 each. We ordered a sweet and sour pork and a curry chicken which came with rice to share with Dar. Total came to CHF39 which was still expensive to us but better than one dish at that price.


After a while, we knew why they were so curious about us. Many Coach buses arrived downstairs. Large groups of chinese people came into the restaurant and were led to huge tables at one side. Their meals were served fast, they ate fast and in a whirlwind, they were gone. The next batch appeared after that and did the same thing. We were the only three ‘individual travellers’ eating slowly and we couldn’t quite enjoy our meal in peace because of the crowd and noise. As we ate, we regretted, telling ourselves we should have chosen a smaller restaurant down Interlaken Town.

Given the high price, I would have felt like crying if the food tasted bad. Luckily, they were delicious and up to standard. We were finally satisfied with a full meal and walked around to look around the town.

Explore Interlaken Town

There was a bridge leading to a funicular so we walked across to check it out. It was closed by that time but we were not in the mood for funicular rides too. This was the Harderbahn to bring visitors to a station near the summit of the Harder Kulm, Interlaken’s mountain(1,321.31 metres). There’s a nice restaurant up there with cool views. 


The town consisted of some nice hotel structures and as usual was lined with little shops and restaurants along its wide road. It is different here from Wengen because we have to look out for traffic. There were not many though and few people were walking too.


We came across ‘The Beau Rivage’ and was impressed with the architecture even before we read its information on the wall. After knowing it was built in 1899, we were even more impressed. We didn’t go in though as it was fenced around and just hovered outside to admire the huge structure.


Due to the nice weather, we could see these nice flowers everywhere on the street. These flowers and the cool air makes walking around an enjoyable thing. There was not a lot of time to check out shops though as we still need to travel on train back to Wengen.


We came along this taxi and checked out the prices. Starting at CHF 6.5 and CHF 5/km thereafter. Wow…and there are complaints our local taxis are expensive?


We took the Berner Oberland-Bahn Train back to Wengen soon after and had an early rest. Tomorrow would be an entire day up in Jungfrau and we need the energy.


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