Back! Highlights of Sydney Trip

We are back from our short 7 days 6 nights trip in Sydney, Australia. We thought there wasn’t much to do initially and booked our air tickets early. As we firmed up our itinerary, we started complaining, “If only we had more days!”

We had to give some locations a miss as we had a lack of time but overall, it was a fun and enjoyable trip of sight-seeing and escaping into the mountains.

I also had a good photography fix because there were just so many nice locations and sceneries to shoot! We were really lucky to have many days of sunny blue skies and white clouds.

As we continue to finish our write-ups on Switzerland (about four more posts) and do a summary itinerary post on this Sydney Trip, here’s some photographs to show some highlights of our trip. We would be blogging about them with more photographs to show later on! Stay tuned…

Great Moments

  • Completed almost all of our planned sight-seeing in our itinerary.
  • Tasted several good food that I specially selected from good reviews.
  • Saw and walked on many things we didn’t see before, such as ships, submarine, trains, bush trail, cliff rocks, coastal rocks.
  • Learnt many things from educational visits to exhibitions and museum.
  • Experienced a late autumn with autumn colours. (We tried to in Taiwan but it was only the beginning and was still quite warm).
  • Tried one of the steepest railway in the world.
  • Saw some amazing scenery from up high and took several scenic photographs.
  • Nice and Friendly Australians who provided us lots of help with information or volunteer useful help.

Bad Moments

  • When we couldn’t find the place we want successfully and needed help from asking.
  • Wasted time when the transport we were waiting for is not on time or limited by scheduled timing.
  • Tasted food that was not nice.
  • That it turned dark too fast at 5 plus pm and we lacked time to finish our sight-seeing.
  • When we argued what to order or where to eat
  • Constantly watching over our active boy who would wander away from us and scolding him for not listening.
  • Rude staff who replies condescendingly when you ask too many questions (just because we are Asians?). Surprisingly, we encounter them often at tourists spots when they are supposed to be the one offering help.
  • Temperatures at 11-17 Degrees Celsius for a day in Sydney and dropping to 10 in the evening in the Blue Mountains. We didn’t expect the temperature to drop so much all of a sudden and the clothes we prepared were not adequate. I thought it would just be cool at 19-22 degrees and I had checked the weather forecast before we went. We ended up wearing four layers and it was still cold.

Highlights of Sydney















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