Sydney: Food – Western / Japanese

Travel Period : 1 May – 7 May 2014

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Lunch on Day 1

Ziggy’s Cafe

Address: Broadway Shopping Centre,
Level 2 Foodcourt, 1 Bay St, Broadway


Maybe it was due to the long walk to Broadway Shopping Centre, we got hungry and decided to ask the staff which eatery sells good fish and chips. We had earlier planned to go Watsons Bay to eat Doyle’s but it was too late for that due to time wasted.

They recommended us the Ziggy’s Cafe just across the shop so we headed over there.  I was quite surprise at the delicious looking pizza in giant proportions. We thought Dar might like the pizza so we went in to find a seat. As I passed one customer, I noticed the huge portion of food he was eating.

Settling down in the comfy café seats, we looked through the menu and Vin found ‘Chicken Schnitzel’. We were fond of ‘schnitzel’ when we were travelling in Europe so Vin ordered that and a ‘Fish and Chips’ for me. As we had noted that the portion was huge, we didn’t order the kid’s menu for Dar.

True enough, the meals came shortly and they were huge plates! The fries were large and fried just right. My battered fish was delicious too and I was able to share quite a lot with Dar. There was also a bowl of salad to complete the meal. We tasted each other’s dishes and the Chicken Schnitzel were exactly what we remembered about fried foods we ate in Europe, not too oily with crispness just right.

The unpleasantness we experienced earlier dissipated as we enjoyed our first meal in Sydney.

Other Western Food We Ate in Sydney:

  • Seafood Platter in Sydney Fish Market
  • MacDonald’s in Darling Quarter
  • Beach in Watsons Bay (The food’s quite bad so I shan’t intro here)

Dinner on Day 1

Kura Kura Japanese Casual Dining

Address: Level 2, 76 Ultimo Road,
Haymarket Sydney

We noted this restaurant based on a food blogger’s recommendation and many reviews saying that the food is good. For Day 1 dinner, we had intended to try a Thai restaurant but the long queue put us off. Therefore, we walked to this second alternative nearby.

The ambience and decor look good and we found a nice seat for three beside the window. There was a large choice of food which we need to order via iPad. There were so many choices that we took a while to decide.

Finally, I settled on my usual tempura udon since I wasn’t too hungry. Vin took a set meal to share with Dar like we usually do. Dar would eat the small bowl of udon with some bites of chicken and tempura from us.

The food took a long time to come even though this was a small place and there weren’t a lot of tables. We were almost the last few customers to enter this place so we wondered why. We even got up to ask about our order which they said would be coming soon.

I wasn’t satisfied with my tempura udon. The udon soup was nice but the tempura had too much batter and didn’t taste like the usual light crispy tempura batter I’m used to. As a frequent eater of Japanese food, if this is ‘good’, then I wonder what is ‘not good’. I had to discard the battered skin and eat the insides because the ‘skin’ just felt too much like ‘fish and chip’.

Vin’s chicken katsu wasn’t cooked well and had some bits of uncooked meat. If this happened in Singapore, we would have ask them to re-do again. However, it was late and we wanted to go back to rest. Based on how long they take to complete an order, we would already be in dreamland.

Overall, it was an average meal and we were quite disappointed. Maybe we didn’t order the right stuff that they were supposed to be good for, we thought. We left the restaurant feeling puzzled and thinking we might have went to the wrong place.

Walking across the street, we turned back and spotted the eatery downstairs with the name, “Kura Japanese Dining” and we were like, oh! It should be THIS one the blogger was raving about! We had entered the wrong one! However, a check showed they do belong to the same company so we are still puzzled why we didn’t find anything to rave about.

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