Sydney: Lunch at Sydney Fish Market

Travel Period : 1 May – 7 May 2014

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Day 1 Afternoon to Evening Itinerary :

  • Sydney Fish Market –>>
  • Wildlife Sydney Zoo  –>>

Getting There

From the Australian National Maritime Museum, we walked down to the Sydney Fish Market for around fifteen minutes. There was a traffic junction which we had to cross and a flyover. It is at Blackwattle Bay in Pyrmont and using Google Maps, we were able to follow the directions easily to reach.

Arrived at Sydney Fish Market

Walking into the Sydney Fish Market, we had to keep to the sides of the road to make way for the busy carts of seafood going in and out of the shops.

We turned into a shop, Claudio’s Seafood, first because I had read its recommendation on a blog. We came upon rows of fresh seafood kept in ice placed on stands. The aisle was narrow so we had to walk through fast to avoid blocking the staff busy pushing carts of seafood around.

We were here for lunch so I was a little confused. How do we buy our food? They were fresh? The staff just stood there behind the stands and didn’t offer any help. We didn’t know how to ask as a first-time visitor.

I told Vin, “I want warm food and a place to sit down comfortably.”

We thus walked one round to look at the interesting seafood on display —“Seasoned scallop”, “Sashimi Octopus”, “Grilled Eel”, before moving on to other shops. There was a building next to this with the interior full of seafood shops. The whole place was bustling with people as we walked. When we saw the reddish crabs and prawns displayed similarly in ice in different shops, I finally understood we were to purchase them like this – take-out or dine in, and eat them cold.

Besides this, one could also buy a crab dish from a stall by selecting the crab ourselves and telling them the cooking style we like. For example, ginger and salt , Singaporean chilli, black pepper. Noodles could also be added. Vin was tempted to buy a crab dish but we wouldn’t have time to slowly pick out the crab meat.

I was looking more for soft shell crab and lobster and wanted hot food so we settled on a BBQ shop, ‘Fish Market Cafe’.

There was a large variety with fixed platter options offered. We chose and mixed our own seafood platter instead. After looking at the variety, we ordered grilled Barramundi, lobster monray with cheese, calamari, soft shell crab and some fries.

While we waited at the table, Vin went to get our food. He came back with a huge platter. The fries were a last-minute addition by Vin for Dar.

I had heard Barramundi is a common fish in Australia so it’s a must try for me for this trip. Indeed, it was delicious and they marinated and cooked it very well. It was my favourite out of the platter.

The fried stuff like calamari was cold already so it was just alright. The soft shell crab was not bad too, large and crispy.

As the lobster ran out when we were ordering, we collected it later. This made it hot and fresh and together with the cheese topping, the lobster meat was very fresh and tasty. As we were sharing, I took out Dar’s scissors for cutting food and cut out the meat so it was easier to divide.

The seafood platter was really too much for us and we still had lots of fries and calamari so we asked for a packet to package our food if we want to eat them later.

With a full stomach, we headed to our next destination, the Wildlife Sydney Zoo at Darling Harbour. There was no time to fully explore the surroundings of the Sydney Fish Market where there are wharves outside but we were satisfied with this short exploration with lunch.

Why Visit? 

  • Sydney Fish Market (SFM) is the world’s second largest seafood market in terms of variety outside of Japan.
  • It is a working fish market and business begins in the early morning at 5.30am when seafood buyers arrive to check the day’s catch before the auction. Visitors to SFM have the opportunity to book a Behind the Scenes Tour and see all the action.
  • There are lots of fresh and huge seafood to taste and look at.
  • For more info:

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  1. Tommy May 31, 2014 at 9:44 am

    Hi Cat,

    It seems a lot more people during lunch time.

    We took the early morning Sydney Fish Market tour and had a early lunch and the crowd were lesser. 🙂

    1. Cat May 31, 2014 at 10:21 pm

      We wouldn’t be able to wake up so early! ^^ yup, it was crowded but there were still empty seats… I suppose people went outside to sit near the wharves.

  2. khaw xiao ming August 19, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    How much should I bring for a two weeks trip to sydney excluding hotels ?

    1. Cat August 19, 2014 at 5:26 pm

      Hi Xiao Ming,

      That’s tough to answer.. It depends on what you are looking for?
      If you are planning to spend on food, then you would need to allocate a bigger budget. We spend the most on food in cafes and restaurants because we specially look for ones with good reviews and they costs around AUD$16 at least for a set course each. Since we had three people, it’s a lot each time for our food.
      Even simple sandwiches are quite costly.
      Attractions entrance fee could be discounted so it’s alright and also many interesting places are free to look at. Transport fees are also okay due to the passes for tourists.

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