Sydney and Blue Mountains Itinerary and Tips

Tour Sydney and Blue Mountains – 7 Days 6 Nights


Summary of Our Experiences

Date of Tour : 01 May – 07 May 2013 (Autumn)
Days Spent : 7 Days  ( Thursday to Wednesday )
Airlines: Scoot Airlines
Flight Hours: About 8 hrs
Time Difference: Sydney is 2 hrs ahead of Singapore
No. of Travellers : 2 adults & 1 child (5 yrs old)
No. of Locations Visited : 4 (Sydney City, Thirlmere, Katoomba, Leura)
No. of Places Visited : 25
No. of Homestay B&B / Hotel Stayed in : 2 (Mercure Sydney , 3 Sisters Motel)

Where We’ve Been


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Useful Info For Sydney Trip Planning:

Official Sites:

Places to Visit Reviews:

Cost of Transport

Railway Train Fares

  • Weekly MyMulti 3 (Unlimited rides for 7 days) — Adults ($63 each) / Child ($31.50): Total: $157.50
  • Weekly GatePass (Unlimited airport transfers for 7 days) — Adults ($21 each) / Child ($19): Total: $61.00
  • Single-trip GatePass (if not buying Weekly GatePass)— Adults ($12.60 each) / Child: $10.60: Total: $$71.60

GatePass is used for Airport Transfers, into Sydney City and out from Sydney City, involving International Airport Station.

More information: Travel Sydney by Public Transport

Blue Mountains Explorer Bus

  • Official Website
  • Route Map
  • Cost (Unlimited Rides for 2 consecutive days): AUD$100 for 2 Adults & 1 Child (Adults – $40 , Child – $20)

Cost of Mobile Internet

  • Optus Card: $20 to use for 10 days (Free unlimited Australian calls and 500mb data per day)

Cost of Accommodation

  • Mercure Sydney Hotel : 4 Nights -AUD $780 (Inclusive Continental Breakfast for Three)
  • Three Sisters Motel: 2 Nights – AUD $312 (Inclusive simple breakfast for three)

Tips on Travel in Sydney

1. Visa

  • A Visa is needed to enter Australia as long as we are not residents. We applied ours via Ja-Travel Agency at SGD$10 each.

2. Activities

  • If you have many days in Sydney and want to visit lots of places of attraction, it might be better to get an ultimate pass card, the i-Venture Card, to access all the attractions easily with a better price.
  • We did the calculations but found that it was better for us to buy individually or use the Combo 2 Attractions price, which worked out less than the ultimate pass card. We had limited days and didn’t need to visit so many places.

3. Travel By Public Transport

  • We travelled to various attractions in Sydney using public transport such as trains, buses, light rail, taxi and ferry. Navigation is made possible by the Apps- Google Maps.
  • More information on our experiences is in this post: Travel Sydney by Public Transport

4. Food & Drink

  • Food in cafes and restaurants generally costs at a range of AUD$16 – $19. Small eateries in Chinatown Area are cheaper.

5. Clothing for Hike & Walk About:

  • Bush Walk Hike on Blue Mountains: Wear comfy walking shoes with good traction as some areas are extremely steep and rocky.
  • Autumn in Sydney and in the mountains : Waterproof & Windproof Jacket with Hoods (Rain occurs) / Layer Fleece Sweater over normal clothing / Thick weatherproof pants
  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen / Sunglasses. The sun rays are often glaring.

:: Our Sydney and Blue Mountains Itinerary ::

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Day 1 – 01 May (Thurs) [ Arrival Sydney ]

1115 — Arrival in Sydney International Airport
1150 — Optus Shop at Arrival Hall ( Queued but gave up )
1155 —  International Airport Station, to buy Train Passes.
1200 — At Sydney Airport Link to take train to our hotel near Central Station.
1227 — Arrived at Central Station
1255 — Check in Mercure Sydney Hotel
1400 Walked to Broadway Shopping Mall to do our Optus Card
1500 Lunch at Ziggly Cafe in Broadway Shopping Mall
1630 — Walk along Circular Quay, alongside the Rock towards Sydney Harbour Bridge
1700 — Reached Sydney Harbour Bridge Stairs
1710 Walked the Sydney Harbour Bridge
1755 — Train to Town Hall and walk to Chinatown, Dixon Street.
1810 — Short walk in Chinatown.
1830 Searched for Kura Japanese in Haymarket and ate dinner there.
1920 — Walked back to Mercure Hotel at Central / Rest

Day 2 – 02 May (Fri) [ Fish Market / Sydney Kids Attraction ]

0930 — Breakfast at Hotel
1040 — Ships at National Maritime Musuem / Whales Exhibition
1410 — Arrived at Sydney Fish Market
1430 Lunch at Sydney Fish Market
1540 — Walk to Pyrmont Bridge to cross to Darling Harbour
1550 Wildlife Sydney Zoo
1720 — Walk to Darling Quarter Playground
1740 — Reached Darling Quarter Playground
1840 — Walk around Darling Harbour Restaurants Area
1945 — Reached Sydney Tower Eye
2120 Dinner in BBQ King opposite Paddy’s Market
2200 — Walked back to Mercure Hotel at Central
2216 — Arrived Mercure Hotel and Rest

Day 3 – 03 May (Sat) [ Shopping / Coastal Walk ]

0830 — Breakfast at Hotel
1000 — Walk to Powerhouse Museum
1012 — Reached Powerhouse Museum
1200 — Walk to Paddy’s Market
1207 — Reached Paddy’s Market and Shop
1325 Taiwanese Lunch in Chinatown, Dixon Street
1405 — Took Bus to Paddington’s Market in Utimo Road.
1435 — Reached Paddington’s Market
1600 — Returned to Hotel (Original plan should be Paddy’s Market –> Return to Hotel to put down purchase –> Paddington’s –> Bondi Beach as Paddington’s Market is close to Bondi )
1615 — Bus to Bondi Beach
1655 — Arrived at Bondi Beach
1723 Start Coastal Walk from Bondi Beach to Bronte (Too Late, ideal should be 4pm or earlier)
1810 — Reached Bronte Beach
1930 — Took Bus and Train / Returned to Darling Harbour
2030  Fireworks in Darling Harbour
2130 — Back to Mercure Hotel at Central / Rest

Day 4 – 04 May (Sun) [ Trainworks / Watsons Bay ]

0730 — Breakfast at Hotel
0921 — Train Journey from Central Station to Campbelltown Station
1040 — Taxi from Campbelltown Station to Thirlmere (Original Plan – Train from Campbelltown –> Picton –> Taxi to Thirlmere)
1115 Explore Trains at Trainworks Transport Museum in Thirlmere
1215 Day out with Thomas Section / Lunch at Thirlmere
1400 — Taxi to Picton Station
1448 — Picton to Campbeltown Station
1524 — Campbeltown to Circular Quay Station
1700 — Ferry to Watsons Bay (Original Plan -Was to have done this on the first day we arrived but lack time)
1730 — Arrived at Watsons Bay / Dinner
1830 — Ferry back to Circular Quay
1915 — Back to Mercure Hotel at Central / Rest & Pack

Day 5 – 05 May (Mon) [ Katoomba / Scenic World ]

0710 — Breakfast at Hotel
0750 — Walk to Central Station
0818 — Train to Katoomba Station in Blue Mountains
1020 — Arrived Katoomba Station / Bought Tickets at Blue Mountains Explorer Bus Company
1040 — Took Blue Mountains Explorer Bus
1055 — Arrived at Shuttle Stop
1056 — Short Walk to 3 Sisters Motel
1105 — Arrival and Check into 3 Sisters Motel
1210 — Walked to Katoomba Town for Lunch
1240 Lunch in Katoomba Town
1357 — Walked to Skyway East Station for Skyway
1420 Took Skyway Across Jamison Valley
1435 — Took Scenic World Cableway Down
1445 — Walked Scenic Walkway, experience Rainforest
1540 Took Scenic Railway, World’s Steepest Railway
1545 — Buy Souvenirs at Souvenir Shop
1610 — Take Blue Mountains Explorer Bus to Echo Point
1630 — Sunset at Echo Point
1700 — Blue Mountains Explorer Bus to Katoomba Town
1750 — Dinner at Unique Patissiere (Malaysian Cuisine)
1920 — Back to 3 Sisters Motel / Rest

Day 6 – 06 May (Tue) [ Bush Walks / Museum / Village ]

0840 — Breakfast at 3 Sisters Motel
0925 — Walk to Echo Point
0945 — Take Bush Walk – Three Sisters Track to Three Sisters Lookout
0955 — Reached Three Sisters Lookout (Standing on one of the Three Sisters’ Rock)
1010 — Walk back to Echo Point
1020 — Reached Echo Point
1027 — Took Blue Mountains Explorer Bus to Leura Cascades
1030 — Starting Walk down to Leura Cascades / Bridal Veil Falls
1126 — Back at Bus Stop
1130 — Took Blue Mountains Explorer Bus to Leuralla Toy and Railway Museum
1133 — Arrived at Leuralla Toy and Railway Museum
1135 — Explored Toy Museum
1205 — Took a walk in Leuralla Beautiful Gardens
1230 — Watched the Trains move at Outdoor Railway Museum
1310 — Took Blue Mountains Explorer Bus to Leura Village
1320 — Lunch at LilyPad’s Cafe
1440 — Shopping at Leura Village
1610 — Blue Mountains Explorer Bus to Chocolate Gallery
1620 — Playground fun at Chocolate Gallery
1640 — Back to 3 Sisters Motel to put down our purchases
1730 — Blue Mountains Explorer Bus to Katoomba Town
1745 — Dinner in Sawyne (Korean Cafe)
1810 — Back to 3 Sisters Motel / Rest

Day 7 – 07 May (Wed) [ Departure ]

0700 — Breakfast at Hotel
0720 — Taxi to Katoomba Station
0740 — Train from Katoomba to Central Station in Sydney
0925 — Arrived at Central Station
0950 — Transfer to Airport Link
1000 — Arrival at Sydney International Airport
1220 — Back to Singapore
1840 — Arrived at Singapore


  1. Tommy June 7, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Hi Cat,

    Thanks for mentioning our blog!

    Great work for the comprehensive information compiled, it will certainly be helpful, especially for first time travellers! 🙂

    1. Cat June 7, 2014 at 10:41 pm

      Hi Tommy,
      You are welcome! Your blog was so helpful to me when I was planning the trip! Am only returning the favor. 🙂

  2. Nolan June 11, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    Thank you, this has helps be stacks! Very informative!

  3. Claire July 20, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Thank you for posting this Sydney itinery. It’s very detailed and informative, i appreciate it! Am heading to Sydney this coming Aug with my family so these are really useful in helping me plan my own itinery. Thank you once again!

    1. Vin July 21, 2014 at 10:00 pm

      Hi Claire,

      We are glad that you have enjoyed reading our itinerary and find it useful! Have a wonderful trip ahead! ^^

  4. Fran March December 13, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    Thanks for all the helpful info. I was wondering how much time did it actually take to do all at scenic world. Would also like to do walks to 3 sisters and Leura cascades/ bridal veils falls. Is it possible to do all of the above in a half-day time frame? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    1. Cat December 15, 2014 at 11:39 am

      Half a day might be too tight to do all the activities… Of course depending on whether one wants to slowly take in all the nature and do casual walks with plenty of stops.
      We were there at Scenic World after noon and was there for a few hours, taking the rides and exploring the Scenic Walkway (rainforest). In fact, we wanted to do more but time was so tight as we wanted to go Echo Point for the sunset before 5 plus pm.(the sun sets early then)

      I would suggest different days to do the activities because the bush walks are quite tiring too, up and down steps and slopes with rocky terrain. It’s difficult to walk fast too because of the narrow paths and steepness. We stop frequently to take in the view too and take photos. So lots of time needed.

  5. Sherlynn April 30, 2015 at 9:24 am

    Singaporeans need visa to enter Sydney? Can we do it on arrival?

    love ur website btw! 🙂

    1. Cat April 30, 2015 at 8:47 pm

      Yes, we need it. I think it’s possible to do it on arrival but we didn’t because there maybe lots of time wasted in the queuing, registering and payment. I rather spend more time on the holiday.

      1. Sherlynn May 5, 2015 at 12:29 pm

        icic. thanks!! 🙂

  6. Patsy October 11, 2016 at 12:43 pm

    Hi Cat

    Thanks for the good information on Sydney.
    Intend to go Sydney in end November 2016 for 6 days?
    May I know how long is the train ride from Central Station to Blue Mountain?
    Do you know whether any train service to Hunter Valley?

    1. Vin October 11, 2016 at 2:44 pm

      Hi Patsy,

      The train ride from Central Station to Katoomba Station (Blue Mountain) would be 2 hours. Note that the frequency of the train is few during off-peak hours so remember to plan ahead.

      During peak-hours, there are express services which will shorten the time needed for the train ride.

      We are unfamiliar with Hunter Valley.

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