Sydney: Blue Mountains – Echo Point

Travel Period : 1 May – 7 May 2014

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Day 5 Blue Mountains Evening

Echo Point Entrance 

We alighted at Stop 14 – Echo Point Lookout from the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus. It is a must for every visitor to the Blue Mountains to visit Echo Point for the wonderful scenic views.

(Upper Right): We were not yawning. Instead, we were pretending to holler for echoes ^^


This was the first scene we saw as we approached the railings. There was a long signboard explaining the sight we were looking at. We did try to identify and spot from the shapes but it was difficult as with our naked eye, they all looked the same. I think we need binoculars for this.

Three Sisters

The main attraction of Echo Point is actually three rocks called “The Three Sisters“. These rocks have interesting shapes and a legend behind it. According to an Aboriginal legend, they represented three sisters who were turned to stone. Under the bright evening sun, they lit up in a golden colour which looked very striking.

With the help of another tourist, we manage to take a family portrait with The Three Sisters as backdrop. It was really difficult to open our eyes due to the glaring sun rays. Dar had his sun glasses crooked and we didn’t notice. It looks ‘sunny’ but in reality, it was still very cold with a strong wind blowing. As you can see we were all wrapped up to our necks and Dar had to cover his ears and wear gloves.

To the Bottom Level

We could walk down a ramp to a level below where a clearer view of the Three Sisters could be seen. This was where we were standing coming in from the entrance. 

Upon reaching the level below which required some walking down and up, we did saw more of the entire Jamison Valley due to the close proximity to the mountain edge. It was gorgeous! We felt as if we had climbed up to a mountain and was standing there at the edge embracing the view (actually, we just sat in a comfy air-conditioned bus to arrive here)

[VIN]: After this, our original plan was to alight at Stop 16 where we would take a bush walk from the Honeymoon Lookout to the first rock of the Three Sisters, and then back up to the Echo Point Lookout. We scrapped that plan as we knew the sun was setting fast and we could end up getting stuck along the trail after the sun had set and the air chilly, like what we had encountered at Bondi Beach. We thus returned to Bus Stop 14 to wait for the next Explorer Bus.

This last bus of the day took us to its last stop across Katoomba Railway Station, where we walked back to the Katoomba Town for our dinner in Unique Patisseri.

Echo Point in the Morning

The following day, we walked back to Echo Point in the morning from our motel, to continue our bush walk trail to The Three Sisters Rock.

The Three Sisters didn’t look as attractive in the morning sun compared to the evening sun. We were lucky to have caught the golden look of it yesterday evening.

[ Info ]

Read the official website for more about The Three Sisters.

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