Sydney: Blue Mountains – Food in Katoomba Town

Travel Period : 1 May – 7 May 2014

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Yellow Deli

Address:18 Goulburn St, Haymarket NSW 2000

After checking in our room and settling things down, we headed out for lunch. We checked out Shuttle Stop and they mainly only sell Fish & Chips and burgers, so we decided to return to Katoomba Town for more variety instead.

It was a long, 15-minute walk back to Katoomba Town but it was an enjoyable walk with the nice scenery and cool air.

We soon stood in front of Yellow Deli, a famous eatery in Katoomba, where we ate our lunch.

Cat had read good reviews about this restaurant so we told ourselves we must try out their food. The place was already full when we arrived, so we had to wait for quite a while before they could find vacant seats for us.

Meanwhile, we were making ourselves cosy by sitting near the fireplace beside the entrance. We ain’t sure if it’s a real fireplace but it did feel warmer there. We loved the rustic decor which resembled a hobbit-hole from Lord of the Rings..heh.

We were then led to our seats on the upper floor, where we could overlook the main porch of the restaurant. There was actually another corridor leading to more seats in another room but I felt the ambience there wasn’t as nice as here.

We then started to browse through the items on the unique, hand-written menu. We were a little overwhelmed at first but after consulting with one of the staff at the counter earlier, we already had an idea over what we would be ordering.

We ordered: Smoked Chicken / Roasted Beef Sandwich / Pumpkin Soup. They come with tapioca chips and a pickle. The pumpkin soup comes with bread. We could add $1.50 to change the sandwich bread to gluten-free bread. Total: AUD$30.50.

Our orders took quite a while to arrive but when it finally did, it was well worth the wait! ^^

I especially loved the pumpkin soup (I can still remember its taste while writing!), which was served in a portion large enough to be shared between us. It was very tasty and we couldn’t stopped drinking it, even though our sandwiches had already arrived. The ingredients used in our sandwiches tasted fresh and delicious, and we were glad to have chosen one of their tried-and-tested recipes (if we had chosen to ‘create our own sandwiches’, I doubt our ingredients would blend in as well ^^|).

We were sitting under orange light so the food looked all orange

With our stomachs filled, the walk back to the motel was easier. Our next destination thereafter was the Scenic World’s Skyway East Station, which was just a short but steep walk from our motel.

Dinner 1st Night

Unique Patisseri

Address:18 Goulburn St, Haymarket NSW 2000

This last bus of the day took us to its last stop across Katoomba Railway Station, where we walked back to Katoomba Town for our dinner. We were cold and hungry and the thought of eating delicious, warm food in a cozy environment kept us going.

Our first attempt to reach Unique Patisserie resulted in us walking past it, due to its dim storefront and signboards. Feeling something was amiss, we backtracked with the use of Google Maps to finally locate this restaurant, which is also a confectionery (maybe that’s why we had missed it!).

It was crowded and all seats in the main area were taken up. The friendly boss then took us to another ‘secret’ room at the back and let us wait there while she helped us clear a table after the previous occupants left.

Unique Patisserie serves Malaysian cuisine with quite a wide variety of food:

We ordered: Chicken Corn Soup  /  Sweet and Sour Fish Battered  / Vegetarian Spring Rolls / Fried Rice. Total bill came up to AUD$38.30.

Food was indeed delicious and we had a satisfying dinner, indulging in the oriental food which we were starting to miss after arriving in Australia. One of the dishes even came with a beautifully hand-crafted crane using a carrot. The owner’s effort to make the dishes look presentable and appetising was commendable.

Leaving the restaurant, we tried to look for passing taxis but found none, so we (ambitiously) decided to just return to our motel by foot. Little did we expect it to end as one of our most unforgettable walks (note: NOT in a good way). It was a really chilly and dark walk, and I had to carry Dar for the later half of the journey as he was freezing too, despite the thick layers of clothes he was wearing. We were so worried that he would fall sick (fortunately he didn’t).

We were thankful and relieved when we finally completed the ‘what-seemed-like-ages walk’ and leapt into our warm and cozy room, thanks to the heating conditioner! We promised ourselves never to attempt such a feat again! (we could have easily called for a taxi at the restaurant, just spend about $6-8)

On the bright side, the night skies there were really beautiful as we were far from the city lights and the skies were littered with countless stars! It had been a long time since I had seen so many stars in a night sky.

Dinner 2nd Night

Sanwiye Korean Cafe

Address: 2/177 Katoomba St Katoomba, NSW 2780

This was our last night in the Blue Mountains and after touring Leura Village, we took the last Explorer Bus of the day back to Katoomba Town, like the night before. Fortunately, it didn’t take us long this time to locate this restaurant, which decor and menu resembles more of a fusion between a Japanese and Korean restaurant. It was actually just located right after Unique Patisseri, which we ate at the night before.

We found ourselves a spacious seating area by the windows next to the main entrance.

We ordered: Fried Rice Omelette with Chicken  /  Chicken Bulgogi with Rice  / 2 bowls of Miso Soup. Total bill came up to AUD$35.00.

The food arrived promptly and the hot miso soup helped warm up our cold bodies and Dar could savour his Fried Rice Omelette, while Cat and I enjoyed our slightly spicy Chicken Bulgogi with rice. We liked that it was stir fried with vegetables so we could have a more balanced diet.

Remember the lesson from our chilly walk the night before, we called for a taxi and arrived at our motel within minutes comfortably.

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