Sydney: Blue Mountains – Leura Cascades

Travel Period : 1 May – 7 May 2014

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Day 6

To Leura Cascades 

After some quickening of pace on the return journey on the Three Sisters Bushwalk, we caught the first Explorer Bus of the day at 10.19am at Bus Stop 14. *sweat*

As usual, the friendly driver greeted us and we told him we were heading to Leura Cascades, so that he would remember to stop at Bus Stop 17 for us later. (check out the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus Stops )

Once again, we sat on the upper deck  (upon strong request from Dar ^^) and had a wonderful view of the scenery along Cliff Drive. Some of the trees were still in their autumn colours, despite the season ending soon.

Day6 BlueMountains_Leura Cascades Scenery

“Leura Cascades! We have arrived!” The driver announced as he stopped his bus at Bus Stop 17.

As we alighted, the driver left his seat too and was very kind to point out to us, where we should be heading to. He also suggested that we try to complete our two-way journey within an hour to make it in time for the next bus to save on waiting time, which would be arriving at 11:25 am.

After the bus left, we crossed the road and saw the prominent ‘Leura Cascades’ signboard. We walked along the road (note: watch out for passing vehicles!), crossed a bridge and came across what appeared to be a picnic area. As it was still quite early in the morning, dew was still visible on the playground and benches, making it unsuitable for activities until perhaps later in the afternoon when they would dry up.

Day6BlueMountains_Leura Cascades Entrance

Soon, we arrived at a car park where public toilets were available. A sign stood before us.

Day6BlueMountains_Leura Cascades Signboard

We took the path the left, since we were taking the Leura Cascades-Bridal Veil Falls Walk, which would ultimately lead to Gordon Falls, though we would only go as far as the Bridal Veil Falls before making the return journey back here.

Anyway, when we were selecting the bushwalks to take during the planning of our Blue Mountains trip, we made sure to choose only the easier walks, since we have a child with us (he’s good at walking but we didn’t want him to be too tired) and we wanted to conserve energy for the other activities during the rest of the day.


Despite our earlier walk on the Three Sisters Bushwalk, Dar was still feeling energetic and excited over this walk (that was probably just a ‘warm-up’ walk to him ^^|). As for us adults, our legs weren’t feeling as tired since we had a short rest on the bus earlier.

We started onto the path merrily and in high spirits.

Photo Spot

A short while later, we came across our first photo spot — a small but beautiful waterfall with a bridge above it (how matching they were together!). We wouldn’t miss the chance to have nice photos taken here with such backdrop! ^^


Having admired the views, we proceeded on the soil track, occasionally coming across muddy sections. We tread carefully to avoid them.


The track led us down several flights of steps (at this point, we tried not to think about our uphill return journey ^^|) into a creek with a series of small waterfalls along a stream by our side, as canopies of tree ferns arched around us.


 Leura Cascades – Waterfall 

At the bottom of the track, we crossed a wooden bridge to arrive at the bottom of the cascading waterfalls. Interestingly, we had to stand under a deep rock with some parts overhanging, to have a good view of this beautiful final cascade. It was a wonderful feeling to become a part of this natural setup as we paused and listened to the soothing sounds of water flowing down. ^^


Thanks to a family who arrived soon after, we managed to have a well-taken family portrait at this spot by one of the ladies. We were impressed with her agility in steadying herself while taking this photo, despite the slippery and uneven rocks she was standing/leaning on!


Walking Trail to Bridal Veil Falls 

Walking on a little further, our surroundings began to change — we were no longer walking on soil tracks with streams and hanging tree ferns. Instead, sunlight started to shine on us as we walked onto an open, rocky path. We now had an unobstructed view of the Blue Mountains and Jamison Valley! Wow!

For a moment, we felt like we were explorers venturing through a thick jungle for days. Finally, stumbling upon an undiscovered beauty after finding a way out of the dense vegetation! Nice imagination, yay? ^^

The views there were simply breathtaking!

All were well except for one thing: Despite the change of scenery, one thing had remained unchanged — the presence of flights of steps and stairways! ^^|


Were we going to stop here just because of these stairs blocking us? No way, of course! We had gone too far to be giving up now~ ^^

Our determination was very soon rewarded, as we arrived at a lookout point to have a spectacular sight of the top of the Bridal Veil Falls, nicely complimented with views down the canyon and across the dense canopy of rainforest below!

Bridal Veil Falls – Our efforts were not in vain… ^^

From this point onwards, we had a choice to continue on towards Gordon Falls via the Prince Henry Cliff Top Walk.


However, we were not going to take that option, since we already have other activities planned out for the rest of our day. Furthermore, the rest of the route would be harder and was meant for experienced walkers, as this signboard gently reminded:


We thus began our return journey on the same path that we came from.

We had to quicken our pace (uphill terrain!) and walked non-stop in order to reach Bus Stop 17 again before the next Explorer Bus arrived.

In the end, we were glad to just make it in time to board the bus, so that we could proceed with our next destination — the Leuralla Toy and Railway Museum. *breathe a huge sigh of relief

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