Sydney: [Food] Chinese Food

Travel Period : 1 May – 7 May 2014

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Though we specially look for local food in the country we visit, it is nice to eat something we are familiar with as an alternative. For Day 2 and Day 3 in Sydney, we tried Chinese food and below are our experiences with two chinese eateries.


B.B.Q King

Address:18 Goulburn St, Haymarket NSW 2000

After a tour at Sydney Tower Eye, we went for dinner in B.B.Q King, a well-known eatery in Chinatown area.


The place was lively with people and many waiters rushing to serve or clear. Customers were talking merrily all around us. I always feel a little pressurized to step into chinese eateries like this. They want you to order immediately, eat quickly and clear the table for the next customer.

As I stared at the menu with a large variety of dishes, several pairs of eyes were looking at us, wanting us to hurry with our choice. I was really tired after the day of activities and my mind couldn’t think well to decide what to eat.

A large bowl of soup landed in front of us and we immediately raised a question to the waiter. “Is this for us? We didn’t order?” He responded that it is for us, FREE. Okay…we gave a smile and went back to food selection.


The menu did not have pictures so we tried to read the ingredients in each dish’s name. Roast is an obvious choice but we were deciding whether to order fried rice or not, because our boy is not good at chewing roast meat.

When we couldn’t make up our mind, someone finally came over and suggested that we could order the roast pork and roast chicken rice. There is no need to order three portions even though we have Dar with us because their portions were quite large. We nodded and just took his suggestion. They must be tired of us selecting for so long. Roast eatery, just choose roast!

We sat and waited patiently for our food which came in no time! (As I said, they serve fast and clear fast)


So the verdict? The soup was peanut soup and was quite tasty, especially we had just came in from the cold night. We were surprised because they were generous and gave us a large bowl. Normally, they would just give a small bowl each.

The roast pork and roast chicken dishes, when arrived, were indeed of generous portions too, as the waiter had said. We shared the rice by scooping our required portions into our own plates, before sharing the meat together.

The aroma from the roast chicken attracted us to start off with it, which were of the ‘smoky’ smell characteristics of Hong Kong Roast meat. It tasted very delicious for sure! Both the roast chicken and roast pork were juicy, non-oily and easy to chew, and Dar had an easy time eating them too.

We left satisfied with the meal. I couldn’t remember how much it was but I remember it was of a reasonable price range.


Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Gourmet

AddressShop 1, 8688 Dixon St
Haymarket NSW 2000

We were shopping in Paddy’s Market on Saturday morning and asked the Chinese owner which eatery is good. She recommended a Chinese dim sum restaurant in Chinatown’s Food Street. We headed there but the pricing of the dim sum put us off.

Walking further down, we saw this Taiwanese shop. Through a glass window, a lady was making some dumplings. I love dumplings and remembering our experiences with Taiwanese food, we stepped inside the small eatery immediately.

The staff greeted us in Taiwanese Chinese which made us feel at home and we were guided to a table. Speaking in Mandarin, we asked her some questions about the food.

As we couldn’t decide whether to order the pan-fried or cooked version of dumplings, we were glad when the friendly staff informed us that we could have a mixture for the set of 12 dumplings. I ordered a plum juice drink while Vin and Dar drank the soya milk with ‘you tiao’.

We then decided to try two dishes we had not eaten before. I noticed this glutinous rice with meat floss and gave it a try. In case it was not enough, we also ordered a beef patty.




We didn’t have to wait for long. We were quite pleased with the size of the dumplings, big with generous portion of meat ingredients. Taste wise, the cooked dumplings were alright but not fantastic due to the skin. We preferred the pan-fried ones where the crispy skin enhanced the aroma of the meat ingredients.

The Beef Patty was our first try and it was tasty too with the smell of onions, veggies and beef.

My order of the glutinous rice with meat floss was a disappointment though because the floss was hard and there was a piece of oil fritter inside which was hard too.

The soya milk (豆浆) was typical of a Taiwanese meal and comes unsweetened. We added in sugar ourselves to the level we desired. I love my plum juice drink which was cooling (although the weather was quite cold outside).

Overall, we were quite happy with this meal and the cost was AUD$26.50, quite reasonable. We were so full after this that we had a late dinner.

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