Sydney: City View through Tower Eye

Travel Period : 1 May – 7 May 2014

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Day 1 Night Itinerary :

  • Sydney Tower Eye –>>
  • Dinner in BBQ King –>>


With our dinner plans squashed at Darling Harbour, we decided to take a bus from Darling Harbour to Sydney Tower Eye, which was in Market Street. It would be quite near to Paddy’s Market so we could get dinner there. If one goes by train, it is a short walk from Town Hall and St.James station.

There was the usual security check before we went inside to board the lift. There was no placement of baggage so we just took our things with us.


As mentioned earlier in our  Wildlife Sydney Zoo post, we bought the tickets together with Wildlife Sydney Zoo as a combo attractions package. Hence, we only need to scan them and enter.

Cinematic Show

Before going to the lift area, we were asked to enter a cinema for the 4D Cinema Experience.

The engaging film experience is taken to the fourth dimension with evocative in-theatre effects including wind, bubbles and fire – a perfect way to get to know the inspiring city of Sydney – Sydney Tower Eye Website

At first, we were worried Dar might not like the effects and want to be out. Fortunately, we went ahead and the film was nice, introducing Sydney Harbour and scenic views across Sydney with some water splashing and lighting effects. It was not very memorable though as there was no story plot and was short, but we all enjoyed it.

More importantly after a long day of visiting attractions, we were feeling a bit tired and this perked us up! 🙂

Up the Lift to Tower Eye

Stepping inside the lift which was quite small and capsule-like ( though just right for the three of us), we noticed a video screen above the door of the lift.

It says to wave a ‘Hi’ to other passengers on another lift.

As we looked at the screen to do our wave, we laughed. The couple in the other lift didn’t know we were looking at them and were smooching! For a moment, we felt like voyeurs and awkward.

I guess the motive for this was to prevent us from feeling claustrophobic as we would be sealed for a while. We looked on with a smile, wondering when they would discover us. Suddenly, they looked up, discovered us and we waved to them. I think they must be feeling like O_O”.

Next time, please look around the lift for any cameras before you do anything!

Night City View 

The lift soon arrived at the top where the doors opened to a dark area. I had thought it would be like those city towers we usually visit which would have plenty of information boards, some mini exhibition and lighting. It was instead dark all around as we walked, with only lights from souvenir shops and main entrance/exit area.

If we want to learn about the places we were seeing, we could use the Touch Screen Displays in front of the windows. Dar interacted with them with Vin keeping an eye on him, while I walked around to look at the city lighting or get some shots. It was not easy to get proper shots because the reflection of the lights on the windows kept interfering…so I would have some mysterious object floating in the city view.

Sydney Cityscape View

Sydney Cityscape View

Sydney Cityscape View
Sydney Harbour Bridge

It’s a small tower so a walk around in a circle doesn’t take very long. Interestingly, there were ‘spyscope’ for us to take a closer look at a building down under. It was not very clear though and took some adjustments which made us dizzy.

I checked out souvenirs from a shop but didn’t find anything interesting. I think we were there for about thirty minutes and left in search of dinner.

In summary, I had expected something much better due to our past experiences with city towers.

Other City Towers We Had Visited:

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