Sydney: Ferry Ride to Watsons Bay

Travel Period : 1 May – 7 May 2014

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Getting There 

We took a train all the way from Picton Station to Circular Quay Station. Though we were feeling tired after the long journey, we were determined to take a ferry ride to Watsons Bay and view the Sydney Opera House along the way. This was something we had planned on the first day of our Sydney Trip but wasn’t fulfilled due to time wasted.

As it was the weekend, the ferry timings were more frequent so we could come back from Watsons Bay at night. Otherwise, there are no ferry coming back from Watsons Bay after 4.45 pm during the weekdays.

Windy Boat Ride

The wind was very strong as we stepped outside the back of the ferry onto the open deck.

The sun was setting and the warm glow lit up the Opera House giving a nice image. As the ferry moved, we captured a nice picture of the Sydney Opera House with us standing in front of it.

Sydney Opera House

We moved back inside and found a seat by the window where Vin and I took turns to go to the front to take a look at the scenery we were approaching. The waves were choppy but the ferry was still stable and didn’t shake much. It was just like a ride in a train. Lucky for that, as I didn’t prepare anything in case Dar throws up.

It was a nice sunset view of never-ending sea with buildings in the far distance. It would be romantic for a couple if the wind wasn’t so strong and blew our hair messily about.


Finally, we arrived at the dock of Watsons Bay and saw Doyle’s Takeaway in front. There were still a lot of people in it. We had read about their famous ‘Fish and Chips’ and wondered whether to settle here for dinner. The next ferry would be an hour away.

Making up our mind, we checked out the beach at Watsons Bay and walked further to the elaborate Doyle’s Restaurant and sat down to look at their menu.

The decor was nice and we were glad to be out of the cold windy night and into the cosy environment. However, the expensive pricing put us off. I think it was about $40 for a plate of Fish and Chips! I gasped as it would cost a lot to order for the three of us. We decided to head out and check out other restaurants around the area. Unfortunately, Doyle’s Takeaway closes once Doyle’s Restaurant is opened, so we were left standing in the cold with a hungry stomach.

We still had an hour to wait for the ferry and we were beginning to grow grumpy. I walked up a bit further and found a beach café which had some indoor sitting (too windy and cold to be outside). They too had fish and chips and grilled meat dishes. The service was alright but the order took a long while to come. We were worried we might miss the ferry and even went up to ask. Fortunately, it was ready right after and we had only about 20 mins to eat.

As for the food, it was not up to par. The fish was overly cooked and oily. I regretted ordering from here and we should have waited to go back to Sydney City where I had originally planned to eat at Moo Gourmet Burger. Still sad now that I hadn’t tried them. It was not a cheap meal too but was less expensive than Doyle’s.

I would say to only come to Watsons Bay early for Doyle’s takeaway or skip eating here altogether. Unless you are bringing your girlfriend for a romantic dinner in the nice Doyle’s Restaurant. There are better options in Sydney City.

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  1. Daphne September 25, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    Hi 🙂
    I was reading your Sydney trip posts and would like to check if you had made use of the $2.50 Family Funday Sunday tickets for your ferry trip?
    I saw from your photos the ferry looked quite empty, is it not that crowded on weekends?

    Thank you..

    1. Cat September 30, 2014 at 1:07 pm

      Hi Daphne,
      We didn’t use any special ferry tickets and just bought it from the counter directly. Yes, it was not crowded at all then as it was around 5-6pm. I think there were only about 10 other people with us. Most people would have gone earlier because the Doyle’s (cheaper) fish and chips shop closed soon after we alighted…the more expensive restaurant opened after that.

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