Sydney: Playground Fun at Darling Quarter

Travel Period : 1 May – 7 May 2014

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Day 2 Evening to Night Itinerary :

  • Darling Quarter Playground –>>
  • Sydney Tower Eye –>>
  • Dinner  at BBQ King

Getting to Darling Quarter

After visiting the Wildlife Sydney Zoo, we were deciding if we were to keep to our original schedule of visiting the Kids Playground at Darling Quarter, since the skies were starting to darken (the sun goes down at slightly after 5 pm at Sydney during the month of May!).

“Should we still go to the playground for Dar? Or should we just head straight for our dinner?” We were pondering as we stood outside the zoo.

In the end, we chose the former as we didn’t want to disappoint Dar, and knew he would love having fun at a playground despite after a long day. We were still not hungry too as we had a hefty seafood lunch at Sydney Fish Market earlier.

We made our way towards Darling Quarter using Google Maps and it took us quite a while before we finally found the place. The surroundings were already dark but we didn’t feel unsafe at the playground area, since there were still many children and parents there. Also, restaurants and cafes were lining up in a building just beside the park.


The first thing we saw were the swings. Although some teenagers were already swinging there, there was still one empty swing so Dar quickly jumped onto it happily. Swings and slides are Dar’s favourites in playgrounds, so we were off to a good start!

Dar had fun at the swings before we moved on deeper into the playground.

Slide !

The 3-metre high Big Slide caught Dar’s attention immediately and he urged eagerly, “Can we play this? Can we? Can we?”, to which we nodded. This part of our itinerary is specially catered for Dar so he is now the ‘boss’! ^^|

Putting down my bag and having Cat watched over it on a bench, Dar and I made our way to the Big Slide. As we reached the rear of the slide, I was expecting a ladder but instead, there were only shallow steps carved out from this rock structure.

“Erm… Is it safe for him…?” I thought with a sense of worry, but Dar was already quickly making his way up the steps! I hastily followed behind him in case he slipped and fall, but he surprised me by easily reaching the top. “My little boy has grown up…” I thought to myself with a mixture of feelings. ^^

“Whooosh!” Dar exclaimed excitedly as he slid down the wide slide, with other children also making their way down by his sides. I was grossly overage for this of course, but had to slide down after him too to follow him.

After a few successful climbs and slides, I stopped myself from following him (though he loved it and thought I was playing catch with him ^^) and just watched him from the sides. His track shoes with good traction had helped in his climbing too.

When I felt we had spent enough time there (of course Dar would never agree on the ‘enough’ part), I beckoned him to move on to explore the other parts of the playground.

Race !

Just in front of the Big Slide was the Slide Hill, which consisted of two lower slides built on a hill-like structure. We would race up and down the slopes before sliding down and do the chase around the hills again.

With our ‘chasing’ moods in a high state, we continued to run on in the park and reached a huge, circular space where we ran to our heart’s content! Dar was laughing merrily all the way and with the weather so cooling, we didn’t break any sweat and only rested when we started to pant and got breathless (not sure if it was due to exhaustion or from laughing too much ^^).

We started to make our way back to the Big Slide area. On our way back, we arrived at the ‘water’ playground which was, erm, without water. Someone had probably forgot to turn on the tap? Or had the management decided that it was cold enough in the night (it was autumn then) so they’d rather not risk any child getting wet and catching a cold?

Anyway, the creative Dar made up his own style of play by asking me to chase after him while we leapt over the dry streams and climbed up and down the mounts. Of course I slowed down to prevent him from getting too excited and run too quickly, as the lighting were dim and the terrain was uneven. Still, we both had a great time there, and safely too!

We then returned to the Big Slide where Cat was, uploading our photos to our Instagram.

Spin !

Dar spotted the Supanova, which was a big ring that could be rotated by pushing or pulling. Dar was enthusiastic to give it a try and climbed onto the ring, holding it tightly for his dear life. I then started pushing the ring, slow at first and gradually increasing the speed, while he enjoyed the spinning sensation. A few other children saw us and joined in too and we had fun together for a while.

With that, we decided to call it a day (or night) as we prepared to leave for our dinner. Dar was of course reluctant to leave but we could see he was tired too, and we still had many days of sight-seeing ahead of us. We couldn’t afford to overtire him there.

We then washed ourselves up using the handicapped toilet at the park (no other toilets was available and nobody was using it), before heading to the dining establishments of Darling Harbour to fill our stomachs.

[CAT]: Our plan was to eat at Hurricane’s Grill Darling Harbour, but it was a crowded Friday Night with a waiting time of at least 1 hour! We gave up on waiting and headed to Sydney Tower Eye nearby for a short visit, before going near Paddy’s Market for dinner for a chinese meal.

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