Sydney: Weekend Markets and Fireworks

Travel Period : 1 May – 7 May 2014

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Day 3 Morning to Afternoon Itinerary :

  • Paddy’s Market–>>
  • Lunch –>>
  • Paddington Markets–>>

[ Getting There ]

We took a walk to Paddy’s Market after visiting the Powerhouse Museum as it was very near.

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Paddy’s Haymarket 

It is easy to locate Paddy’s Market since it is located in this huge building called ‘Market City’. The building looked historical and before it was this huge courtyard where there were many seagulls. Dar couldn’t resist chasing them.

There were so many stalls inside the Paddy’s Market which is like our local Pasar Malam or night market. It was nicer to shop inside here though since it was cool. We walked around to look at a few stalls with interesting items. Most of the stalls sell Australian souvenirs and clothing.

We got four t-shirts for kids for $20 with some for our relatives. Out of this, we got Dar a Thomas and Friends shirt as we are planning to visit Thomas the next day. On further walking, I managed to find two nice bags around $20 each and a nice koala bear tissue box cover to purchase. We also bought a pair of sunglasses for Dar at $5 which came in useful when we visited the Blue Mountains.

One hour of shopping time was up and it was nearing lunch time. I would have stayed longer but we had a packed itinerary today. We had planned to go Paddington’s Market to take a look too so we had to leave. The whole place was so huge with so many stalls to look at, that we could spend half a day.

Just outside was the entrance gate to Chinatown. We walked into it to find the restaurant a Chinese store lady recommended us. However, we find the Dim Sum too expensive and decided to explore more options.

Finally, we settled on a Taiwanese restaurant which I reviewed in ‘Sydney Chinese Food’. It would be great to settle down to nice hot food in this chilly weather.

Paddington Markets 

Paddington Markets seemed to be located in school compound. I was curious about the handcrafted or designers’ goods I had read about and wanted to take a look at unique items. I felt there were not many stalls that day. We finished one round very quickly.

Most of the goods on sale were jewellery and clothing. I was quite impressed with a designer who created albums of art butterflies but it was not affordable for me. A stall with hand-made soaps had interesting ingredients(lime&coconut, salt&pepper). We also saw pots of nice bonsai!

Dar was happy to see a playground and quickly dashed to it before we entered the markets to browse. After forcing him to walk through with us and finding nothing to buy, he went back to play for a while more again. He had been bored of our shopping earlier so we let him have a bit more of kiddy fun even though we really needed to rush to Bondi Beach.

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Fireworks in Darling Harbour

Do you know one does not need to wait until New Year’s Eve or celebrations to view a spectacular display of fireworks? It is available in Sydney on Saturday evenings!

After our coastal walk, we went back to Darling Harbour and ate our dinner at MacDonald’s located at Darling Quarter. We were too tired to find other local foods to try.

Finishing our meal and walking out, we discovered many people in large groups all heading in one direction to the wharves. The fireworks were about to start at 8.30pm and we had to hurry.

We managed to reach a point to watch the fireworks under an overhead bridge. Dar refused to get nearer because he was uncomfortable with the loud noise so I stayed with him on a concrete platform while Vin went nearer to photograph the fireworks.

We were delighted when it went on for quite a while (15~20mins?) with different displays. Really spectacular!

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