Germany: Legoland Deutschland

Travel Period : July 2013

Location: Günzburg, Bavaria State (German: Bayern)

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After the long journey from Würzburg due to a terrible traffic jam, we finally arrived at Legoland Deutschland at nearly 2 pm! As it was a weekday, there wasn’t a big crowd but it still took us a while to find a vacant parking lot nearer to the entrance so that we wouldn’t need to walk too much.

At the entrance, we made sure to take a photo of Dar with the big ‘LEGOLAND DEUTSCHLAND’ wordings. It was his 5th birthday and it’s unlikely we would ever get the opportunity to visit here again! I wonder how he would feel many years from now, when he sees this photo and remembers how we celebrated his 5th birthday. ^^


It is cheaper to buy the entrance tickets online (and even cheaper if one buys it earlier) so we had already bought ours prior to the trip. We just needed to show them to the staff at the gantry and yeah, we finally set our foot for the first time in a Legoland! (yup, we had not yet visited Legoland Malaysia even though it is near to our home country)

Although we were all excited to begin our exploration in the theme park (especially when we had already wasted so much time on the road), we wanted to give Dar a simple birthday celebration to commemorate this day first.

We took out the slice of chocolate cake which we had bought in Würzburg and placed a candle on it. Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn’t very cooperative with us, so it took us a bit of effort before we could finally light up the candle against the strong wind. ^^|


After his candle blowing and eating of his favourite flavoured cake, we could finally begin our tour!

Legoland Deutschland — Miniland

We headed off to the Miniland where countries, cities and locations were modeled using Lego blocks, such as Switzerland, The Netherlands, Frankfurt, Berlin, Venice and the Munich Airport.


Lucern, Switzerland
201307_Legoland Deutschland Airport
Munich Airport where we were on the first day of arrival in Europe

We were all fascinated with the beauty and accuracy of these models, especially of Venice since we were just there a few weeks ago. Dar was particularly interested in those with trains and trams moving around, such as The Netherlands. He even wanted to reach over the fences to touch them but were stopped by us (before any security personnel would chase us away). It was that irresistible to him! ^^|

201307_Legoland Deutschland Venice
We were standing there just a few weeks ago on Rialto Bridge, Venice!

Neuschwanstein Castle, the most famous landmark in Bavaria, Germany was here too. We pointed the different sections to Dar and was saying, “You remembered this… that?” There was even a detailed creation of the interior with those colourful walls and chandelier we saw!

201307_Legoland Neuschwanstein01

201307_Legoland Neuschwanstein02

Invalid Displayed Gallery

We spent quite a bit of time at this section before moving on to the other areas. Unlike most children, Dar wasn’t really interested in most of the rides as they looked scary to him (he had a scare on a roller coaster ride at another theme park we visited previously).

Theme Park Activities

Something caught his interest almost immediately though — the Junior Driving School. Several children around Dar’s age were driving different coloured Lego-structured cars around a circuit and Dar wanted to have a go at it as well. We thus joined the queue and his turn arrived after the two groups of children have gone in. I spotted one child jumping queue and went straight to the front (no, he didn’t have anyone he knew in the queue) and highlighted to the Legoland staff manning the station, but he just brushed my complain off. 🙁

A vest was given to each participating child for identification, and Dar quickly headed for the blue car which he had been eyeing on. Fortunately, he was at the front of the queue for his turn so he had no problem getting his favourite coloured car. ^^

And so he went, driving cautiously as he went around the circuits in laps, avoiding vehicles alongside him. We joked that he would be a careful driver when he grows up.

201307_Legoland Driving

Unfortunately, a kid who was driving in front of him, kept purposely move his vehicle so that Dar could not overtake him. In the end, their vehicles collided and it took a while before the staff helped to separate them. Dar didn’t let that incident affect him though, and continued to drive on as before.

The time was up very quickly and Dar wanted to go for another round by re-queuing again. Looking at the long queue however, we encouraged him to move on and explore the other sections instead.

Besides this, there was also a separate driving school for older kids. This looks very fun and how I wish I could be a child again! 🙁

201307_LegolandDrive For Older

Kids Dry and Wet Play

Our next stop was the DUPLO Playground meant for younger kids, and Dar was mesmerised by the small little houses and ran into them, pretending to be his home! He loves mini houses a lot! ^^


We also had the chance to board the DUPLO Express located just next to the playground, and had a relaxing ride on the railway.


Kids Canoe

Next to the playground was the Canoe X-pedition, a water ride meant for young kids too. Dar was very interested in the ride upon spotting it so we joined the relatively fast-moving queue and began his maiden canoeing activity. However, it actually moved very slow so he got really bored in the middle of it and couldn’t wait to get off!

There is a small pathway alongside the waterway so that parents can follow and watch over their children closely

Lego Factory

LEGO Factory was where one could see how the Lego bricks are made. We joined the queue and awaited for the timer above to finish counting. Before long, the timer reached zero and the doors were opened by a staff. We stepped inside and enjoyed a short movie on Lego bricks.

201307_Legoland Factory

When the show ended, the staff by the door handed us a Lego brick each as a memento. We walked out through another exit and found ourselves overlooking a small factory which was producing Lego bricks. There was information at each machine and although they were in German, we could still make out the meaning from the pictures.

201307_Legoland Factory Making

Make Your Own Lego Figurines

Exiting the factory, we arrived at shelves and shelves of different kinds of Lego parts, such as figurines, horses, weapons and tools for the figurines etc! It was like a Lego shopping heaven for Lego fans, especially when they had a promotion where we could create our own customised figurine complete with headdress, weapons/tools etc, and pay a flat rate for the final combination!

201307_Legoland Shop
I could buy them all if I had the monies! ^^

201307_Legoland SHOP2

This sounded cool and we immediately got to work to create a customised figurine as memento for our Legoland Deutschland trip. In fact, I was the enthusiastic one as Dar appeared to be busy checking out what were the different parts that were on sale.

In the end, we created a ‘knight’ sitting on a sturdy brown horse, armed with a shield, sword and helmet. I was inspired by the medieval castles and structures we had come across throughout our Europe trip, so this instinctively came to my mind when I was planning what to create. We then paid for the creation and headed for our next destination.


Train Ride Around Legoland

Being a train lover, it was no surprised Dar was next attracted to the Legoland Express, a train ride around the perimeter of the area. We knew he was afraid of taking the more exciting rides so we were perfectly okay with taking the train ride with him too.

201307_Legoland Train

It was a relaxing ride where we could see what we might have missed. Near the end of the ride, we went into the Hero Factory and witnessed an exciting ride where patrons were ‘captured’ by robotic arms and spun around in a high-speed thriller ride! Not for the faint-hearted definitely (i.e. also not for Dar)!

201307_Legoland Robotic

We soon reached the end of our ride and we alighted to carry on our exploration on foot.

Temple X-pedition

We arrived at the Temple X-pedition, an Egyptian-themed section where patrons could take an adventure jeep ride into the mysterious Kingdom of the Pharaohs for an interactive treasure hunt.

201307_Legoland Egypt

The queue moved fast so it was soon our turn as we boarded the jeep mounted with two laser guns. Dar and Cat took on one gun while I took the other. As the jeep began to move off to begin our treasure hunt, we came across many sections of the temple’s dark interior with spiders, mummies and trapped explorers within.

Armed with our guns, we started shooting at the targets and our successful hits would be added to our combined scores! It was a fun ride with a common goal to aim for, with Dar helping to aim and shoot at the various targets too!

At the end of our ride, we made our way to the exit and saw our photo appearing on a screen, and were offered to have it made into a photo frame made up of Lego bricks! We thought it was a special way to remember our date here so we agreed to the offer, and received a coupon so that we could collect our purchase later outside the Lego Factory.


We passed by more rides along the way but since Dar wasn’t keen on them, we didn’t impose on forcing him to go on them, especially when he was the Birthday Boy that day.

Knights Castle

We also came across a beautifully crafted medieval castle with its featured Fire Dragon ride. Initially, we had wanted to give it a go but after looking at how fast it went, we decided that it wouldn’t be suitable for Dar and left.


Adventure Playground

What caught his interest next was the Adventure Playground, a playground made entirely of wood and consisted of many levels and pathways for climbing, crawling and swinging. Dar has always loved playgrounds so it wasn’t much of a surprise that this attracted him much more than the rides.

Well, it’s actually quite ironical, since we had especially brought him to a theme park for him to enjoy the rides and yet we were still ending up at a playground, although I had to agree it was really a very tempting one to children (and adults too) due to its excellent design.

201307_Legoland Wooden Playground

There were indeed many different pathways where one could take to reach the upper levels, with different kinds of obstacles and multiple slides to go down on. There was even a ‘secret passage’ at the back of the playground which connected the ground level to the upper levels! It was a fantastic place for catch and hide-and-seek, so we had a lot of fun chasing and following after Dar, who was at his peak of enjoyment since we stepped into Legoland! ^^|

During breaks, we had ice creams bought from a nearby vendor. Happiness for both child and parents!

Taking a break in Legoland Deutschland…lemon ice-cream. Felt too sour though.

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We stayed at the playground for as long as we could, before we knew we had to start taking our leave to begin our 3-hour journey towards Freiburg, a 300km drive across Germany! We wouldn’t want to spend most of our journey driving in the dark so we had to make a move earlier for safety reasons. Upon arrival, we would just be staying a night there in a hotel before making our way to Switzerland the following morning.


Before we exited the theme park, it was hard to miss the large souvenir shop by the entrance/exit. Unfortunately, we did not find any ‘exclusive’ Lego sets which couldn’t be found back home, so we only bought a Lego keychain in the end.

201307_Legoland Shopping

We were sure Dar had a fantastic time here at Legoland Deutschland and today’s memory of his birthday celebration would be remembered by all three of us for a long, long time! ^^

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Official Website of Legoland Deutschland

Legoland Deutschland is a Legoland park in Günzburg in southern Germany, roughly half way from Munich to Stuttgart, which opened in 2002. It is 43.5 hectares (107 acres) in area, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bavaria. The Miniland contains Lego reproductions of various German cities and rural landscapes. It is one of Germany’s most popular attractions with millions of visitors each year.

Entrance Fee : About € 105.30 for 2 Adults/1 Child —Discounted Online Purchase and Weekday
Opening Hours: Check the Website as it varies. Weekends and Summer open longer until 7-8pm