Long Drive to Legoland Deutschland

Travel Period : July 2013

Location: Günzburg, Bavaria State (German: Bayern)

Our decision to visit Legoland Deutschland was only made just slightly more than one week before the end of our stay at Burghausen.

With Dar’s 5th birthday falling during our last week in Europe, we had initially planned to bring him to a Dinosaur Museum in Frankfurt.

Checking his reaction after hinting him, we expected Dar to exclaim in excitement at this museum known for many exhibits on dinosaurs. Instead, he gave a lukewarm reaction and didn’t seem excited enough.

Since we had already brought him to the Deutschland Museum and Transport Museum to fulfill his likings for trains, we could turn to another of his interests — Lego!

And that’s how Legoland Deutschland ended up in our itinerary.

We woke up early at Würzburg, where we would need to make a 194 km drive to Günzburg, where Legoland Deutsche is located. From Google Map Directions, it was supposed to take only 1h 35 mins via the Autobahn going vertically down from Würzburg.

Before that however, we needed to get a birthday cake. Actually, just a slice of cake for symbolic purposes since the three of us wouldn’t be able to finish one regular sized cake anyway. We walked along the street in front of our hotel, seeking out for confectionaries and finally found a slice of chocolate cake, perfect for Dar since that’s his favorite flavor.

That done, we began our journey towards the children’s wonderland!

Drive to Legoland

We were in high spirits at the initial part of the journey, anticipating the wonderful times we would have at the wonderland, especially with the cooling weather even in Summer.

It was a weekday and we believed traffic would be sparse and our drive there would be smooth. How wrong we were! (You may find our experiences and advices on self-driving in Europe as a foreign driver here)

Even before we arrived at that ‘Road of Dread’, our GPS had already warned us of slow traffic ahead of us. Despite arming with this foretold knowledge, we still had to stick to our original route on the autobahn since the GPS wasn’t unable to give us an alternative route.

The long and dreadful traffic jam was not due to abnormally heavy traffic on the autobahn, but because of a mass-scale roadwork which probably spanned across tens of kilometers!

Because of this roadwork, only two lanes out of the original four were opened, and because these lanes were re-drawn narrower than the usual width, average speed of vehicles dropped, making the journey through this entire stretch of road a slow and sometimes immobile.

We started to panic as it would be mid-afternoon by the time we reached Legoland and with the park closing at 6pm, we wouldn’t have much time left to do anything there!

Desperate, we decided to take the risk and drove off the tortoise-speed German Autobahn (what an irony that was, given that it was well-known for its no-speed-limit characteristic!), and try to rejoin the autobahn at an exit further upfront. We got onto the off-beaten road and tried to follow the road alongside the autobahn.

Just tens of minutes later however, we started to feel uneasy as the GPS did not register any possible route back to the autobahn nor our destination based on our current location. Does that mean that we were heading in the wrong way?

Worried that we might have just made things worse, we quickly did a risky three-point turn on the narrow, two-way busy road so that we could return to the autobahn once more.

Before that however, we decided that we needed to take a short break, to catch some fresh air after getting stuck in our vehicle for the past few hours. We found a petrol station and stopped there so that we could take a toilet and drink break. That certainly was a great decision as our minds and bodies were refreshed and we didn’t feel as stressed up as before.


What could be the worst case for us? Missed going to Legoland? If that’s destined to happen, then let it be and we shall be thankful that we were still safe and united as a family no matter what the outcome would be. We were on a holiday after all and we should always keep a positive mind and enjoy every moment we had together as a family, no matter how gloomy the situation might be.

With a positive mindset, we returned to the autobahn and drove patiently as the snail traffic moved slowly forward. When we made it to the end of the road works, it was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and our spirits lifted tremendously! From there, the rest of the journey was smooth as we headed for Legoland Deutschland!






In conclusion, we left at 10:05 am in the morning and arrived at 1.50pm! A 1.5hrs journey stretched to 4 hours due to the jam! That’s one main disadvantage with driving. We never know what awaits us on the road.

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