Sydney: Blue Mountains – Leura Village and Chocolate Gallery

Travel Period : 1 May – 7 May 2014

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Day 6 Afternoon to Evening

Leura Village 

[ By Cat ] Leura Village has a big supermarket where we could buy fresh foods, fruits, dry goods and drinks. We went in there and brought some bottled drinks and chocolate milk for Dar. Soon, we walked into the main shopping areas to look at the shops and stuff available. Below are a few things we were interested in and took notice or bought from.

#Gift Shop

When we proceeded to the main area of the village, we came across this gift shop. They sell unique gift items and from here, we bought a photo album with a Sydney decorated cover. This prompted me to print 180 photos selected photographs once we get home and insert them into the album.


It is one thing off the load of my mind now. Our past trips are still stuck in my scrapbook photo layouts and not printed yet. It would take ages to get to them.


# Candy Store

It’s a must to step into this store – The Candy Store because they have a large variety of sweets available. Some of them are rarely found elsewhere because they belonged to the ‘older’ times. We saw some candies we were familiar with as a child and many of them were rock candies with interesting flavours.

Vin bought some rock candies and chocolates back to share with his colleagues. Though we enjoy looking at the candies, we are not really big fans of sweet things. Dar is not a typical kid who enjoys candies. He just walked around and looked at the displays but was totally not interested in asking us to buy for him.


#Toy Store

With a kid with us, we definitely have to enter a toy store. This toy store sells toys that were more of board games and complicated games with figurines. He’s not into such games but it was interesting for us to browse through because it was the first time we came across such games.


#Wall Art

We found this wall art and just had to take a photo in front of it. Such a beautiful painted forest with the blue mountains!


There were many more stores such as clothing stores, book stores and furniture stores. We only did a quick browse through and went on to the next. They didn’t interest us enough to buy anything. To do some shopping for ladies’ clothing, I noticed several small stores selling unique tops and dresses. Sweaters, knit wear and scarves for the cold weather could also be found. Of course, the price range is also higher.

Chocolate Gallery 

[ By Vin ] Despite being welcomed by a ‘We Are Closed’ sign during our first visit in the early morning, our curiosity made us return to the Blue Mountains Chocolate Company once again, after we visited the Leura Village.

Stepping inside, we entered a cosy looking shop with refrigerated chocolates of wide variety on our right, and packets of chocolates displayed on several shelves on the left. Several customers were seated and enjoying their relaxing afternoon with the chocolates and drinks that they had bought. We browsed through the chocolates on sale and although some of the flavours do sound unique, their expensive price tags deterred us from buying anything.

We believed we could have bought chocolates of similar quality at Leura Village (there’s a famous chocolate shop but we didn’t go near to find out), maybe at a more worthy price.


Looks tempting but it comes at a price

Moreover,despite having a staff standing behind the refrigerated cabinets, we felt we were invisible to her as there was no smile nor acknowledgement of our existence. She didn’t bother to introduce any chocolates to us when there was a sign outside saying, ‘free chocolate tasting’. That further discouraged us of giving any business to the shop. Since chocolates are known to be a kind ‘happy food’, shouldn’t the customers feel welcomed in a chocolate shop?

There was also a large glass window which provided a clear view of the kitchen area where chocolates were made and courses on chocolate-making were conducted. There was nobody in there at that time though so we did not get to see anything.

Feeling disappointed, we left the shop. Ironically, once outside, this chocolate company was more ‘welcoming’ and entertaining (at least to Dar), with its nice wooden playground fitted with tree house, a slide and a swing. He immediately looked into our eyes for approval and with our nods, he zoomed towards the playground at lightning speed! We couldn’t blame him since it was the first time we came across a playground after arriving at the Blue Mountains. ^^ So despite the disappointment with the shop, at least our walk there (albeit a short one) wasn’t futile with this playground.


With this, we completed all our posts on our Sydney Trip 2014!  As readers can feel from our posts, we had a great time sight-seeing and enjoyed ourselves more in the Blue Mountains than in the city. I think it’s because we are nature lovers and love scenic mountainous regions.

We would surely be back to Australia in the future to discover other wonders of nature!

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