Sydney: Blue Mountains – Lunch in Leura Village

Travel Period : 1 May – 7 May 2014

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[ Lunch ]

Lilypad’s Cafe

Address:19 Grose Street, Leura, New South Wales 2780


After visiting the museum, we boarded the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus to our next destination, the Leura Village and casually asked the driver about “Lily’s Pad Cafe”, the place we had read about and wanted to try in the Blue Mountains.

He knew this place and pointed to us how to walk there after alighting. That is, straight up the slope into a car park area and turn right. We were glad of this because the café is quite secluded at the side of the road and not easy to spot for first-timers.


Walking in, we realised it was a cosy café with some outdoor seating and bustling with people. For a moment, I was worried there might not be seats inside. Fortunately, we manage to find the last two small tables near the door.

The food selection was interesting and they have a lot of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Vin was interested to try a pie. The staff told us we could choose from a selection of ‘salad for the day’ which comes with the meat dishes. As the portions of food are usually large in Australia, we knew we need not order another set for Dar and he shared our meal.

Our orders were :

  • Toasted Turkish Melts– $14.90
    -Honey Mustard Chicken, Fetta, Prosciutto, Slow Roasted Tomato and Caramelised Onion. I chose Gluten-free bread and roast veggie (salad sides)


  • Homemade Pies– $14.90
    -Chicken mushroom pie + charred potato with mint


  • Mocha Coffee – $3.80


Water was free from a bottle. We see this bottle used in all the places we had eaten so far in Katoomba. All from the same supplier?


We enjoyed this meal a lot. Somehow, the combination of the different ingredients made my sandwich very tasty. We don’t usually eat salads but the salads here were so tasty and uniquely different.

Vin enjoyed his meat pie and it was delicious too. In fact, he felt the portion was not enough and he could eat another because Dar shared half away. Yeah, Dar liked it too. (We were walking a lot the entire morning. ^^”)

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