Czech Republic: Cityscape of Prague At Petrin Tower

Travel Date : 13th July 2013

Location: Lesser Town, Prague, Czech Republic

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After visiting Prague Castle, we hopped onto the tram 22 again and headed back down to Ujezd Tram Station (past the one we boarded just now for Prague Castle). We walked up a little to take the funicular railway to Petrin Hill.

First, we were surprised to see a beautiful landscaped garden and had a short stroll through it. There were many colourful species of flowers so we walked around to look at them in full bloom.

Soon, I have to hurry them along as we were in a rush for time. We headed to the Petřín Lookout Tower which is 60m tall and built like the mini version of Paris’s Eiffel Tower. It was actually quite late in the evening by then but due to the sun setting around 9pm in Summer, we still had to wait for the night cityscape.

There are 299 steps in a winding staircase up the tower but we did not take the climb. Instead, we headed to the counter to purchase our entrance ticket with a lift ride. It costs extra to take the ancient lift but we wanted to get to the top as soon as possible.

Taking the lift was an experience in itself as it’s quite small and there are no windows. The three of us plus the operator were crammed inside. However, we reached the top pretty fast so it was only a short time inside.

Stepping out, there were windows all around the narrow tower top. There were a few tourists around each window so we went to one and stood there to look at the cityscape of Prague. We could see the Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle and St.Vitus Cathedral. Petrin Hill is 318m high and with the added height of the lookout, it was good enough to have a beautiful view across.

We decided to just stay there and wait until the sun sets to capture the night scene. In between, we walked to different windows to look out to different areas. The wind was really strong so we were in jackets.


The scenery changed to night while we waited.

We found an interesting modern view which was a huge contrast to the historical old towns.

After viewing the change of scenery to night, we were ready to leave. This time, we decided to walk down the Petrin Lookout Tower instead.

It was quite steep and due to the strong wind, we had to hold on very carefully and place our foot cautiously. I was quite worried about Dar and held onto him to prevent him from walking down too fast and tumbling. However, we did not regret descending this way as the view we saw was gorgeous! Instead of being blocked by the window grilles, we had the scenery right in front of us through the spiralled staircase.

Midway, we reached a lookout terrace with a telescope and stood there for a while to take a beautiful night scene picture. St.Vitus Cathedral looked great with the lights.

When we reached the bottom and looked up, we realised the tower was very prettily lit!

At the bottom of the tower was a gift shop and a small exhibition area with Merkur Toy exhibition. There were some trains and a model of the tower. However, it was quite late by that time and we only managed to look at some things before they announced it was closed. 

We went back down by the Funicular again and it stopped at one point to let passengers come in. It’s a stop for the Nebozizek Restaurant which offers a great view of Prague while dining. We hadn’t eaten and was discussing earlier whether we should visit the restaurant but decided eventually that it was too late and we might not be able to get back in time for the funicular back down. It would be risky to walk all the way down the hill in the dark!

Finally, we crossed over to the Tram Stop and took a tram back to the Lesser Town Square (Malostranské náměstí) to find our dinner. Unfortunately, most restaurants were closing so we couldn’t taste any local food. We ended up in a simple fried and grill burger shop, ordering Fish and Chips for our dinner.


It was a regret that we didn’t have more time in exploring Prague as we spent lots of time driving and getting lost in finding our accommodation on our first day. We would have wanted to try its local cuisine too. If we had more time, we would have likely spend at least two full days in Prague, slowly exploring the various historical places and tasting the local food. It was a beautiful and memorable city to us.

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