Sep 2014 – Travel to Vietnam


We are heading overseas for the last week of Sep. This time to Vietnam.

Having explored two continents outside Asia, I’m quite contented now with just exploring Asia for a while, especially South-East Asia, our neighbouring countries. Of all the South-East Asia countries, we had only been to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Why Vietnam?

I had “Ha Long Bay” on my travel bucket list for a few years now since I read about it, but had always end up travelling to further countries. Therefore, the moment we decided we want to focus on Asia, Vietnam came to mind. Vin also prefers natural scenery so he fully agreed with my choice.

After drawing the map of Vietnam and putting Hanoi in, I felt it looked like a mythical creature. According to legend, Ha Long Bay was formed because a family of dragons descended to protect Vietnam from invaders, hence the name “下 龍 ” (descending dragon). It is a UNESCO Heritage Site and one of my goals is to visit as many UNESCO sites as possible in my lifetime. This visit would thus strike one destination off my list.

Besides our main priority of Ha Long Bay, we are also curious about the history of Vietnam and the wars it fought, so we would be visiting the museums to learn more. Before travelling, I would often read up on the country and its past. This time, I read all about its road to independence and the life of Ho Chi Minh, on why people revered him. Notice the colours I used to create the above picture of Vietnam. Northern Vietnam contains a natural scenic site, yet it is also an area with long military history.


It is Summer there now and a last check with the weather indicates warm, humid and some thunderstorms. Oh well, we booked in this month because we wanted to celebrate Vin’s birthday but due to some activities, we had to push it back. I had also checked up on “best times” to visit and they listed September to October but looking at the reports, the weather is still in the summer mode and hadn’t change to cooler temperatures yet.

For this trip, I’m only packing light clothing since the place is even hotter than Singapore. I’m glad though, for a change from the packing of coats and long sleeves. It’s much easier and the luggage load is lesser.

Our Planned Itinerary Have

  • City sight-seeing of famous landmarks
  • Visiting historical and cultural museums
  • Walking around Old Quarters with street shopping
  • Shopping in a Megamall / Indoor play
  • Walks to the Lakes
  • Water-puppet show
  • Weekend Night Market
  • Trying local cuisine
  • Cruising 3 days 2 night in Ha Long Bay, a nature getaway from Hanoi.

Hope we could do everything as planned and the weather would not be too harsh on us! Pray…

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