Japan Memories #5: Ginza and Toy Park

Travel Date : 25th March (Sun)

Ginza (銀座) is a district of Chūō, Tokyo and an upscale area of Tokyo with many department stores, boutiques, restaurants and coffeehouses. Ginza is recognised as one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world.

Ginza Sight-Seeing


We went back to our hotel to put our anime stuff before going to Ginza in the late afternoon. Arriving at Ginza Station, we made our way to the Sony Showroom.

Ginza is a nice place with many upmarket boutiques and branded shops. Each brand has its own building, for example, a whole building of Gucci. The streets are orderly and one would not get lost since they connected. There wasn’t a crowd so we could walk leisurely.

Streets of Ginza at Night

1) Sony Showroom

Based on what we read in guides, I thought the showroom would be more spectacular but I felt a little disappointed. There was surprisingly no gaming stuff too. Was hoping to try PSP.


This was certainly a disappointing trip, where all we saw were the usual stuff we get to see in Courts back home. LCD TVs, video cameras, VAIO Laptops, digital cameras. Really not worth making the trip just to go there.

They probably removed their PS3/PSP stations due to youngsters staying there to play games, thus disrupting other customers? Also, there was not much items for foreigners and the prices aren’t cheap either. Not going to recommend anyone going there.

2) Hakuhinkan Toy Park


Finally, visited a place on my wishlist…the Hakuhinkan Toy Park! It was indeed huge with many storeys and there were so many toys and cute stuff to look at.

We bought some stuff from there, plastic miniatures of food, a bear and 4 postcards.


A cute display we saw outside the Toy Park Building



The Toy Park took too much time and we were drained after that. Looking around, we located Fujiya Building and went up to a restaurant to eat. This was our first restaurant meal in Tokyo.

Fujiya Restaurant sells mainly “Japanese Yoshuku” which means western-style cooking and lots of yummy looking desserts.

I ordered an omelette rice set with beef while Vin ate omelette with ebi (prawn). {No Food Pics cos we were not keen on taking photographs of our food then…}

One thing that is good about Japan, is the plain water served the moment you sit down to eat. Usually, even in small eating places, they will give you a flask of water which you can keep refilling. The water is refreshing with ice cubes and deeply needed after a long tiring walk!

There are no seats along the streets. Hence, if you need to rest, you have to eat in a restaurant. Yup, and no seats in shopping centres either!


I recalled the name of the Fujiya Restaurant listed on the Frommer’s Travel Guide, so we decided to take the lift up to the restaurant to check out its menu. Nice displays and reasonable prices. Furthermore, it was getting late and we were already very hungry, so this was definitely the place for our dinner.

We had to wait for about ten minutes before we were served, since there were others waiting too before us. This was probably the first eatery that we got to see Japanese women in it.

When we finally seated and food was served, we enjoyed it thoroughly! Kudos!

More Info: Fujiya Website

Add: 104-0061
Tokyo Ginza, Chuo-ku, 6-9-3 Fujiya Ginza Building 3F

Some Sights of Ginza:

Even the Police Station has a nice structure!
A showroom with a nice sports car

Convenience Store


On our way back to the hotel, we bought drinks at a nearby convenience store called “Lawson“. It became our favourite place to go for snacks and drinks daily because they have such a large variety of unique drinks. I love the milk tea especially! The milk was so creamy and tasty, different from those in our home country.

As we were walking back with the carton in my hand and drinking from a straw, I suddenly remembered that Japanese people do not eat and drink while walking! If you need to drink, stop beside a rubbish bin so you can immediately chuck the container or can into it, right after drinking/eating. It’s one of their social etiquette. Oh dear. No wonder we had invited some queer looks when we passed by a few people just now. I stopped, closed my drink first and brought it back to the hotel room to drink.

Our Planned Itinerary:

(Afternoon to Night)

  • Sight-seeing in Ginza
  • Visit Sony Building (nearest to Ginza Station)
  • Visit Hakuhinkan Toy Park
  • Dinner in Restaurant in Fujiya Building
  • Night walk in Ginza

(This entry is from our Travel Scrapbook of Japan in 2007)

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